Why is the TSA using Muslim female security agents to screen passengers?

Radio Talk Show host, Mike Gallagher, today, told the story of a woman who was distraught over being subjected to a pat down, in which her breasts were fondled, by a  female Muslim TSA agent in a headbag that covered most of her face.

The woman, traveling with her two small children, was pulled out of the line for an embarrassing pat down in full view of the other passengers (Phoenix airport, I think). She nearly cancelled her trip after the public humiliation she suffered at the hands of an enemy of America.

If you are ever in this situation, demand to be checked by a non-Muslim TSA agent. If they ask why, say you fear she might be wearing a suicide bomb, and you don’t want her touching you. And say it in a loud enough voice that everyone in line can hear you. 

Isn’t flying today trying enough without having to deal with this crap?