GOOD NEWS FLORIDA District 22: Allen West-type candidate running for Allen West’s seat in the US House

Because of redistricting, former state Rep. Adam Hasner is running for the 22nd Congressional District seat now held by Allen West in South Florida (who is running in District 18), and has been named an honorary chairman of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s national ‘Jewish Americans for Romney’ coalition.


Allen West has endorsed Hasner for his old seat. Even better, the Leftists seem to hate Adam Hasner as much as they hate Allen West. From SALON, we are pleased to read, “Congress’s anti-Islam caucus will likely grow in November, and Florida’s Adam Hasner may be its worst new member.”

After redistricting made West’s 22nd Florida congressional district slightly more liberal, he moved to the 18th. Running in his place is Adam Hasner, the former Florida House majority leader. Hasner has already earned top-flight endorsers, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Florida Gov. Jeb BushHouse Majority Leader Eric Cantor and West himself, as well as several major conservative organizations.

As the Florida Independent noted in September of last year, Hasner has been involved in a “long-time crusade against the threat of Sharia law in the U.S.” In 2009, he appeared on a panel in D.C. with Pamela Geller and Frank Gaffney, who both have endorsed Hasner. Robert Spencer, another key figure in the Islamophobia cottage industry, called Hasner a “fearless truth teller.” 

Before that, Hasner invited notorious Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders to Florida. “When I invited Geert Wilders to join me for a Free Speech conference in Palm Beach County, not only did the hotel cancel its plans to have him come in, but I was the one who was asked by the Hamas front group, CAIR, the Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations, to resign from the Florida House of Representatives, because I was an Islamophobe and a hater,” he said in the Fort Lauderdale speech. Wilders has made crusading against Islam his top priority.  

When Hasner caught flak for the invitation, he was unperturbed. “These are the same people who have been attacking me all session. This isn’t about being anti-Islam, this is all about the right to free speech and they are trying to stifle it,” he casually told the St. Petersburg Times in April 2009. Wilders personally thanked Hasner in his speech, saying, “We need strong leaders like we have here today, Allen West and Adam Hasner. We need strong men like that.”

Within just a few days of the Wilders speech, it was an event that Hasner did not attend that raised eyebrows. He boycotted an imam’s opening prayers at the state Legislature.

In 2008, Hasner helped found an anti-Shariah group called Florida Security Council with an activist named Tom Trento. While Hasner was never an official member, he touted his involvement with the organization, which later changed its name to the United West. “You cannot fight an enemy when you will not acknowledge that an enemy even exists, and that enemy has a name, and that is Shariah-compliant Islam,” Hasner told a local conservative group in March of last year. “We cannot allow political correctness and multiculturalism or appeasement to cripple our defenses at home or abroad.”

Nezar Hamze, South Florida executive director of CAIR, who was cut down to size by Allen West at a Town Hall meeting last year, gives his opinion of Hasner and West.