HATE CRIME? Four Teens arrested for citrus fruit attack on mosque

HAYWARD, CA — Four teenagers who police say threw lemons at a local mosque have been arrested on suspicion of vandalism that interferes with civil rights. (It’s amazing what kind of drivel is considered network news-worthy these days)

Mercury News  At about 10 a.m. Friday about 40 congregants had gathered inside the American Muslim Association, at 26320 Gading Road when four male teenagers threw lemons at the building and then ran, said Hayward Police Lt. Roger Keener.

The teens were arrested on suspicion of defacing property “interfering with the civil rights of those attending the mosque.” “We’ve had an ongoing issue of local juveniles harassing some of the mosque’s attendees during prayer time,” Keener said.

Leaders of the mosque, which caters to a mix of Pakistani and Fijian congregants, were unable to be reached for comment but there’s always a CAIR thug on the scene to whine for the camera. “While we are hopeful this is an isolated incident and not bias-motivated, we are of course concerned in light of all of the recent acts of vandalism and violence targeting Muslim and Sikh houses of worship,” said Zahra Billoo, spokeswoman for the Bay Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.