Nothing says Ramadamadingdong like a good old fashioned church massacre

Adding to the growing tally of Islamic terror attacks and dead bodies during the ‘holy’ month of Ramadan, Boko Haram Muslim gunmen are suspected to have attacked another church and killed at least 19 people, including the pastor, in central Nigeria.

Ramadan Bombathon
2012 Scorecard 

Day 21

In the name of
The Religion
of Peace

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Terror Attacks




Dead Bodies




IB Times  (H/T TROP Armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles, the assailants stormed the church in Kogi state, near the city of Okene, during a service. The joint military force commander in Kogi state, Lt Col Gabriel Olorunyomi, said the gunmen targeted the Deeper Life Bible Church in the town of Otite, near Okene, the AP news agency reports.

Soldiers searched the church and nearby areas but no arrests were made. No group claimed responsibility. The attack comes amid a growing insurgency by the Islamist group Boko Haram in the north of Nigeria, which has targeted churches, schools, police stations and state institutions. The latest assault surprised security forces because Otite is in the south.

The group wants Sharia law imposed over the country and has criticised the country’s federal government for failing to tackle endemic corruption.