Hate Crimes? Or Pity Parties? Uncle ‘Dougie’ reports on several ‘anti-Muslim’ incidents in the past week

As usual, most of the incidents, other than a mosque arson in Missouri, are typical of the self-imposed (by Muslims) minor vandalism and mischief which Hamas-linked CAIR uses to ramp up sympathy from the community and waste the valuable time of law enforcement officers and the FBI.

Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper of CAIR is pleased to report on a number of what he calls “hate crimes” against Muslims. A man in Chicago was arrested for firing shots from an air rifle which hurt no one and barely left a mark on the outside of a Muslim education center. A bottle of acid, which CAIR calls an “acid bomb,” was found lying in the yard of an Islamic school. In Oklahoma City, there was a drive-by spraying of paint balls on a mosque. In California, some women were seen leaving pigs feets outside a mosque. In Florida, a small brush fire outside a Muslim home is being called a firebombing.  CAIR also trots out Hezbollah-supporter, Nihad Awad, to bond with the Sikh community where 6 members were killed.