ILLINOIS: Muslims are shocked, just shocked, to see their headstones desecrated with graffiti

Several headstones at a cemetery in Evergreen Park were found desecrated with anti-Muslim graffiti this week, and Chicago’s Muslim community is shocked….just shocked!

CBS   Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations)  says a Palestinian man went to pay respects to his deceased father at the cemetery, and was horrified to see several Muslim graves desecrated. Just horrified! “The Southwest Side has been home to a large Muslim and Arab American population for over 30 years; it is shocking to find such hatred, especially at a cemetery,” council associate director Ahlam Jbara said in a news release. Just shocking! Family markers were desecrated with ethnic slurs directed at Muslims and words that insulted the prophet Muhammad. Oh NOES!

“My father faced prejudice when he was alive, and the fact that somebody would take this to the grave – I mean, even after this person has departed the world – it’s a very sad exclamation point on the state of the bigotry out there,” said Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Chicago office of the CAIR. Some of the graffiti was also accompanied by gang symbols, including the six-pointed star and pitchforks of the Folk Nation – an alliance of several gangs – and a message reading, “Folks bitch.”

CAIR wants the offenders brought to justice. “This is completely despicable. It’s horrifying that someone would do this to any person’s grave, regardless of whether they’re Muslim or not. It’s something that should be, I think, should be investigated by local authorities,” said CAIR Chicago communications director Aymen Abdel Halim. “Law enforcement should be on top of this.” (Yes, they should drop everything else to investigate this. Call in Eric Holder, too)

Evergreen Park police said they had “no information” on whether there would be extra patrols following the incident. They said this was not an attack on all the Muslim gravestones at the cemetery, but was isolated to one specific gravesite. The same gravesite has been targeted five other times since March of last year, police said.