San Fransicko Transportation Authority spending taxpayer dollars to deny that Muslim jihadists are ‘savages’

San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency has posted a counter campaign to Pamela Geller’s bus ad campaign – ‘Support Israel Defeat Jihad’ – because they object to the use of ‘savages’ to describe Muslim terrorists. Funny, they never posted a counter campaign to the ads that denigrated and slandered the state of Israel.

ABC  Muni has taken the unprecedented step of condemning one of the paid advertisements on several of its buses. It all started with a controversial ad in support of Israel that included some hot-button words like “jihad’ and “savages.” Friday, the transit agency got involved with its own counter-ad.

The dueling ads appear almost side-by-side on 10 Muni buses. The original ad popped up last week reading “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad.”


Friday, Muni came back with its response — a bus card saying its policy prohibits discrimination and it condemns statements that describe any group as savages. “Obviously we think the ads in place right now are repulsive and they definitely cross the line,” Muni spokesperson Paul Rose said. “So there’s not a lot we can do in light of the First Amendment.”


The group behind the pro-Israel ad calls itself the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Pamela Geller of New York heads the group and she says she’s now planning another Muni bus ad.


“Those ads will be calling out the institutionalized and systemic anti-Semitism of the government of San Francisco,” she said. “They’re clearly picking sides. They should be running disclaimers on every ad, not just mine.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations welcomes Muni’s counter-ad as a step in the right direction.  “A lot of the damage has already been done; we have heard from many community members both at our organization and other organizations across the Bay Area who say they don’t feel comfortable boarding the buses that carry these ads,” CAIR spokesperson Zahra Billoo said. 

“This is someone who’s thriving on creating fear of millions, if not billions, of Arabs and Muslims across the world,” Billoo said. (And this is a bad thing because WHY?)