MINNESOTASTAN: Bloomington residents furious over Islamic Center’s late night prayer orgies

Build it and they will come….and come….and come….bringing with them, excessive noise, traffic and parking congestion at all hours of the night. The Al-Farooq Islamic Center opened less than a year ago and now they don’t give a fatwa about how much misery they cause their neighbors.

August 17, 2012 at 8:37 am

Sun Reader, Theresa Carter, says:

“Requests for comment from the center’s leadership, Dar al Farooq Community Center of Minneapolis, have not been returned.” That should be the first hint that they do not care whether they are being good neighbors or not. Good neighbors try to work things out.

Sun Current  Long before the Al Farooq Youth and Family Center opened its doors in east Bloomington, neighborhood residents lined up to cite countless reasons why the organization shouldn’t be granted a conditional-use permit. Despite the objections, the (paid off?) Bloomington City Council granted the CUP more than a year ago. In the months since the organization opened to Friday afternoon prayer services, among other things, the complaints have continued to occupy the council’s time. And at least one council member has joined the chorus of the disenchanted.

“I think it’s time to bring Al Farooq back in here and review their conditions on their conditional-use permit,” Councilmember Vern Wilcox told the council at its Aug. 6 meeting. “If they’re not going to obey the conditions, I’m ready to vote to pull the conditional-use permit,” he added.


Wilcox took aim at the organization after the council heard complaints about the late night activity taking place at the former school building on Park Avenue and the traffic volume generated by the building on Friday afternoons. Despite his disapproval of activities at the Muslim youth and family center, the city’s options to address concerns of the neighborhood may not be as heavy handed as Wilcox would like.

A recurring objection of the neighborhood has been the traffic generated by the building during Friday afternoon prayer services held at the Muslim center.

The city has observed the traffic volume generated by the weekly prayer service, according to City Manager Mark Bernhardson. He told the council that parking on Friday afternoons has spilled onto nearby streets, despite the appearance of adequate parking available in off-street parking lots. If parking demand exceeds the available off-street parking, the city may require that the Muslim center construct an additional 50 off-street parking spaces, Bernhardson noted.

Late night use of the building drew greater criticism, with complaints that the building is being used for gatherings that last until 1 a.m., according to Sally Ness, the primary spokesperson of the neighborhood. When the building was initially being considered as a Muslim community center, “that was not proposed,” Ness told the council.

The building was proposed as a Muslim community center that included a day care and school component in addition to Friday afternoon prayer services. “This building is a disguise for a religious facility,” according to Vi Rozek, a neighborhood resident. “(As always) they disguised their original intent from all of us by telling each and every one of us that this building was going to be a private, primary school and community center.

“They have not shown respect for the neighborhood.” (So, what else is new?)


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      • This is ABSOLUTELY not a Christian country. The whole reason American was founded was so people could have religious freedom. Check your facts. If you don’t like the very foundation of this country, you can always leave. I hear Antarctica is nice this time of year.

        Also, just so you know, Islam is founded on peace and respect for all living things. It is also the fastest growing religion in the world. You sound really stupid when you say it isn’t a religion because it 100% is, regardless of whether or not you like it. I know this is an old comment but I could not let such ignorance and hate pass without saying something. In conclusion, everything you just said was factually untrue.

        • Islam is not a religion, idiot. It’s a violent death cult that needs to be eradicated from every civilized country. Are you a muslim or just an ignorant leftist?

      • Oh great, another ignorant Neo-Marxist who hasn’t bothered to read the Islamic scriptures in the context of the biography of the fake prophet Mohammad.

        Once you read Mohammad’s canonical Islamic biography it becomes obvious that ISIS is acting exactly like Mohammad and his followers did in the 7th century. Then you must ask yourself exactly why “moderate” Muslims still maintain that Mohammad was the most morally perfect individual.

        Mohammad was the 7th century version of Hitler. The difference between “moderate” Muslims and radical Muslims is like the difference between nazi civilians and nazi military.

  1. You all sound very cooky. You would really walk dogs and blast “Jesus loves Me” to annoy people who are worshipping in the night?! They could be doing a million things, meth houses, crack houses, prostitution etc etc, but they aren’t. I would rather have people praying in my neighborhood than to have the likes of you next door. Grow up. Stop allowing your fear to rule you.
    You are a bunch of racist, ethnocentric, fear mongerers.

    • Sara, I used to feel the same way until I educated myself on the subject. To be against islam is not racist. Islam is not a race. We are against it because we have read the Koran, hadith and sunna, so WE know what we are talking about. You are the ignorant one. Muslims have started thousands of wars and battles in 1400 years. They have trashed every country they’ve taken. They have committed genocide against hundreds of millions and enslaved hundreds of millions of people in 1400 years and are the biggest perpetrators of human trafficking to this day. You know those fancy Dubai islands and buildings-it is a fact that they were built by slaves. Their literature calls for your murder, rape and enslavement. Muslims are misogynistic, conniving, lying manipulative parasites who plan on economic jihad for the US and Europe and people like you passing on their lies aren’t helping. Don’t take my word for it. Educate yourself. Read a full, real Koran, not the “friendly sounding, abridged version”, the hadith and sunnas. You can see for yourself.
      We are not phobic, phobic means “irrational fear”. We are aware of the Islamic agenda to take the rest of the world like they have 57 countries–by force. They want to take your freedom away too. We listen to what their imams and apologists say and it is ugly, hateful and depraved. Wake up.

  2. Al-Farooq mosque, yeah and where did we first hear of this cult and it’s members, oooh yeah that’s right, the very mosque out of NYC, where the blind sheik stagged a coup for the control of the monies coming in for the charities, actually financing of the al-queda forces desguised as charities for the poooor muslims, so we were told. Anyone want to bet these are of the same cloth as the blind sheik and his inprisoned gang? B- do you remember?

  3. This is just one of the many reasons that cities and towns and states must for fobid the building of Mosques in residential areas, whether it be apartments, condos, or single family homes. They do this to intimidate non muslims, and to incite their anger.

  4. muslimes LIE, they LIE about what the building is going to be used for, they LIE about wanting to be “good” neighbors. They are occupying the building – going to be hard pressed to stop them from using the building as they wish.

    I agree with the above suggestions, walking dogs, playing loud Christian or Jewish music while they are in prayer. A nice “Jesus Loves Me.” would hurt their ears.

    Post the “no parking” signs on your property. If there are cars parked on each side of the street, is that a violation because a fire truck may not be able to get down a street if there was a fire. In the neighborhood I live in, one side of the street is no parking because of that reason.

    I wish good luck to this neighborhood, they are going to need all the help they can get.

  5. This seems like an opportunity to launch an amplified session of recorded dogs barking at prayer call time. For variety, a recording of FARTS played at high volume should add ambience to the prayer calls… or perhaps a recordiing of a series of female orgasms with appropriate sound effects. This should be done from cars equipped with appropriate sound equipment such as the ones teenagers currently drive… The residents doing something like this will have little to fear from other residents complaining to the law I would think.

  6. these buildings should be converted into BBQ restaurants after they kick the vermin out.

    Also, why do the signs and shape of the muslim buildings look like a sq over a star of david?

  7. In the interim, I wonder if it would be legal for the neighbors of this mosque to post “No Mosque Parking” signs on their property and stating that violators will be towed. I’ve seen similar signs on residential streets in other cities for things like sports stadiums. It’s done so that residents can reasonably access their own property whenever they need to do so as well as a safety issue for the residents since increased traffic = increased risk of an accident. Business’s employ similar signs too, stating that their parking lots are for their customer/employee use only. That’s done so they can keep a good rate of customer flow coming into their business which helps them stay in business. This is important when there may not be much available parking nearby. If a potential customer has to walk a long ways to reach a business there’s an increase chance said customer may just go shopping someplace else which isn’t such a hassle to reach. Anyways, I sincerely hope the people of Bloomington who are having trouble with this mosque can get things resolved to their satisfaction.

  8. So if nobody will listen (obviously paid off pigs) why not have people sing all night long
    Christan/Jewish music? I personally if I lived there would not have a problem doing so.
    I would have it going on in my house and if the pigs (local paid off pigs) came to the house
    bitching about it I would just say to them in sign language….I have no idea what you are
    talking about…praise be to God. We can go from there. Blah..blah blah….turn it back on
    them, make them stay up all night…just saying……fuck obummer and his cronies, I will
    NOT vote for him again what a sucker I was……

  9. Americans needs to realize, for every Mosque built in a US City is a US City conquered by Islam.The sad thing is, our US Gov officials take Back Door Contributions from these Muslims, which in return our Gov officials will turn the other cheek and allow these Muslims to do what they want wherever they want. No regards to our US Constitution and our US Laws.

  10. The muslims obtained the conditional use permit on false pretense and are now violating code. What is the delay?? Revoke the permit, close the place, then tear it down. Id rather have a land fill in my neighborhood than a mosque or a “Islamic youth center” (aka Mosque aka terrorist training center).

  11. Off topic Musings
    Maybe iran cannot be stopped
    What to do after
    My suggestion
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  12. “Any problem with the neighbours, they want to work it out cause they want to be good neighbours?.” Yeah right, it’ll be on their terms or else litigation. It’s a pity how Islam is accepted as a religion of peace by the majority.