Why Muslim men must avoid looking at their own daughters

After the age of 4, girls start looking sexually provocative in the paedophile eyes of most Muslim men and could cause them to become aroused. (And we know what happens after that)


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  1. Rabidus Paedophilius islamis (Null-Sapiens Homo);
    This species of sub-primate which bears a superficial resemblance to Homo Sapiens (Humanis), should in NO way be counted as nor treated as one would a Human.
    Rabidus is capable of entering a violent rage triggered by impercievable stimuli, and becomes quite confrontationally aggressive.
    Rabidus is however only genuinely dangerous when they have superior numbers, as they lack (as individuals) sufficient Testosterone to generate the proper psychological state of boldness to engage in combat on one-on-one situations, unless the target is disabled, female, or considerably weaker.
    Rabidus has limited capacity for intellectual capacity and cleverly apes without true comprehension the activities of genuinely sentient species of the higher orders. They have basic command of fire, but rarely use it aside from habitat destruction against anything they see as non-Rabidus.
    Rabidus breeding practices are very offensive, and prove that the species is an evolutionary dead-end. Rabidus is widely known to engage in mating activities with infant females, often resulting in damage to the young, making them infertile at maturity, or killing them from sustained injuries.
    Rabidus, when it does engage in breeding with mature females, breeds heedless of sustainability of population, and many rabidus keep ‘harems’ of captive and abusively-subjugated females.
    Rabidus will attempt (frequently) to mate with corpses, outside it’s species with quadrepedals and engage very often in same-sex relations for sheer pleasure–seeming to have barely any tolerance for the female Rabidus aside from the instinctive necessity of propogation.
    Rabidus also faces the ultimate consequences of generations of compounded inbreeding, and that is a Terminal State genetic bottleneck that is irreversible at this point in the species existence, and condemns rabidus to slow extinction.

  2. They hate Gays ,they hate dogs,they kill innocent , fuck little kids ,How can their allah teach this,
    I am so proud the way muslims are embracing Christianity in thousands daily in Asia , Mohammad (Piss be upon him)

  3. I have found this to be true every time in my experience. Interestingly, programs about Islam and its horrors from a policing point of view are very explicit about the evil and harm Islam does in their countries. Denmark in particular. as well as France and other Scandinavian countries do not pull any punches about the subject or any subjects relating to Islam i.e. bashing and killing women, rape, sex with animals and in one show I saw, a Muslim father who had been sexually assaulting his own daughter, was having anal sex with her so he would preserve the integrity of his child’s vagina., These men are crude and totally nuts and don’t give a damn who, when or what they have to do to satisfy their greed for the pleasures of the flesh – their own kids included.

  4. All religions are bits and pieces of insanity but over the centuries most devotees of religions have ignored the more insane aspects of their religions while the religions themselves have evolved to some degree. Islam may have had a few more sane years in its 1400 year history but it has reverted today to its most primitive days and it is having its Inquisition and Crusade years. Until the civilized world doesn’t drop political correctness and stops wearing blinders, Islam will continue to become a bigger and bigger threat and it will take a global Crusade to get them out of our lives.

  5. what do you expect from an ideology that is based on sexual rewards for mass murder. sex is the be all with these degenerates or their ultimate fantasy rape an innocent, then murder them because they cant murder a virgin what a cowardly bunch of bastards

  6. Don’t forget, they also look at their children and get an erection thinking of what fun it will be to take a razor blade or rusty knife to mutilate her clitoral hood and saw out her tiny clitoris. God curse these slime bags and send them to meet their gods in Hell.

    If a man enslaves himself to a pervert religion founded by a godless, demon-possessed child rapist, can you honestly expect him to behave like a human being, instead of a rabid animal who can only think with his tiny penis? Islam is a terminal disease; it can be cured by conversion to a real religion, or else by proper application of nuclear medicine measured in megatons

  7. age of 4 please. you did not hear about the baby brides then. yes babies.and thighing. oh vomit. these men cannot be saved they are so beyond disgusting. and the parents of these girls. dont they have even the tiniest little bit of feeling for their own blood.

  8. The senior male family member owns ALL the female chattels. He may use them as he wishes. Sharia law makes proving rape almost impossible. Female chattels may be beaten and honor killed by the owner. Women are ‘domestic pets’ and ‘prisoners’ according to Mohammed.

  9. They sure like ‘asses’, even four-year old ‘behinds’. I’m telling you, muslim men have sex doggie-style. They simply can’t look a woman in the face when having sex.

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