VIRGINIA Rabbi teaches congregation how to be good little ‘dhimmis’

Nothing like inviting the fox into the hen house. The Sharia-compliant BBC seems to be the only media source that is rejoicing over this sickening story.

BBC  The BBC’s Katty Kay reports on how the Jewish community opened its doors because the area’s mosques could not accommodate all of the growing Muslim population.

Muslims around the world are gathering for Friday prayers, and in one neighbourhood in the  state of Virginia, the worshippers will enter a building that could hardly be further from a traditional mosque. (That’s funny, most synagogues hold Friday night services, too. I guess they had to give it up to accommodate the Muslims)

The Imam talks about “furthering the love and respect we have between the Muslim and Jewish communities.”

“Muslims have found an island of tolerance in Virginia (one-sided though it is) where we all share the same values.”

Rabbi Schmuck tells his congregants, “You wouldn’t hesitate to welcome our Christian neighbors. Why not our Muslim neighbors?” (You want a list?)