Did you know that Sharia Law has ALREADY replaced part of the Bill of Rights in America?

ShariAmerica: The U.S. Government now considers the burning of a ‘holy’ Quran to be a sacrilege, but burning the holy Bible to be the duty of the U.S. Government.

Simply, you DO NOT burn a quran because Muslims will go on a killing spree. But you DO burn bibles,  because if you don’t, Muslims will go on a killing spree. The U.S. Government has given the quran status above all other holy books, which is in direct violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment.


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  1. The foolish narrator of this video, who fails to identify himself, is elaborating a deeply paranoid belief that Shariah law is being imposed by the United States government, but the “examples” are all of individuals who are talking about what a bad idea it is to burn the Koran. They aren’t in these clips saying it should be illegal, and they aren’t decreeing it to be illegal, only saying that it is a bad idea to do it because of the violence it incites. Many people would agree, just as many people think that, though flag-burning is usually a bad idea and disrespectful to many people, flag burning should not be illegal. It is not illegal to burn the Koran or to burn the flag, but it is illegal to incite a riot, even if the way you incite the riot is itself a legal act.

    The notion that the moral opinions of individuals constitutes a government institution of “shariah law” is ridiculous.

  2. Do remember all of those who took the Oath, to defend and protect, got that? If the “powers that be” persist in thier evil ways, sooner rather then later, this evil much be destroyed, in obama’s bin lyn’ own words, by any means necessary” got that?, he told us, as in We the Patriots, that he, and his merry band of evil doers, are willing to go to any amount of corruption, and or chaos, to meet their defined goals, of a totalatarian system, like it or not, they are not going to be diswayed until their own blood is running in the gutters, some call them demonrat controlled cities, I call them a direct reflection of what they are made of and who they are, little wannabe dictators. He owns this one ( “they bring a knife, we bring a gun”) and by the Good Lords graces, I mean to finish what they intend upon starting. You see when I was young, I was raised in a God fearn’ manner, I took the words of a man, not the writen version of what he says he’ll do but, “his word as a man among men”, as gospel and fully intended to make them live by their words or as we were taught, live fully with the consequences of not doing so, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. We call it Honor, Duty, Country.
    and Bonni, please be more specific when stating, ” the u.s. government now considers burning the ‘holy’ quran to be sacrilge, but burning the holy Bible to be the duty of the Government”, this current grubmint is controled by whom? the anti-amerikans, as in the democratic party, never been known lovers of our Constitution, and or our religious heritage, as in a founded Christian Society, they are wholely owned self proclaimed anti-amerikans, of which you speak, if so, please distinguish the differences when calling them” the U.S. government”, hardly the view of most American’s of which I am fimiliar with. It means a lot to those of us who proclaim ” We the Patriots” if does make a differences to whom you are refering to and some cannot properly establish, nor do they understand the meaning of an establish Republic or democracy, the world view, verses the internal opposition to those of the demonrat party members, and those of us with the title Patriot. I know I am preaching to the choir here, but this blog has international consequences and the very distinctions of party and members might come off as, in the international scene as meaning everyone, not the case either. We must hand them their due for the mess they are creating the world over, they own it, lock, stock and at the end of a barrel, as “they” say. Please include the proper statement when posting this type of headline, ” the democratic controlled party offificals” of these United States. If not some may get the wrong impression because they do not know we do not represent the party of corruption, DEmonrat party, nor do we represent, overall, the district of corruption. Thanks and Semper Fi, your work is establishing a difference and that says a lot in these days and times. Forever grateful and respectful with the honor you deserve.

  3. This video is 12 minutes long, but well worth it to hear it all. Sharia is in our country now. The government burns Bibles but we can not say one word against the coran. We even have meat inspectors and laws supporting and punishing companies that do not follow the halal formulas. That is sharia. We have rules that the government enforces to ensure that muslim prisoners get to eat halal food. That is sharia. We have laws enforcing their 5 prayer times for employers to pay for. That is sharia. We have parking cops allowing the muslims to block roads during their prayer times and so on. That is sharia and so on. We must enforce our democratic laws. We must not allow sharia to be any part of our laws.

    • What company is being forced to used halal methods? It certainly is not universal so on what basis would a business be forced to do this. On inquiry I received an email from Foster Farms that non of their chicken products are halal.

  4. This needs the broadest circulation. Every American should see this before November. Romney should be using this – everybody knows he can’t fix the economy overnight but this gives him important and effective ammo.

      • So true. I watched it last year when I believe it was first posted, and circulated it to my contacts. That’s the only way to get out the message.

  5. I have viewed this video many times and it is still one of my fravorites. I love David’s wit and sarcasm.

    What woke me up to the clear and present danger of the Islamic threat in America was reading “The Islamic Antichrist” by Joel Richardson. I started visiting anti-jihad sites and reading more books. BNI is my all around favorite site even though it is not my style to willfully antagonize Muslims. I believe in completely banning sharia law and seditious acts by Muslims against our nation and freedom.

    I view Muslims as lost souls bound by an evil Antichrist spirit. I am not naieve. I know they are dangerous in proportion to their percentage of the population and we must deal with them with extreme caution and no political correctness.

    That said, we must first secure our national security and then let those who will reach out to Muslims do so in peace and safety.

  6. I always enjoy this guys videos. However, I blame centuries of Christians and Jews for knowing the true face of Islam and failing to warn everyone about the evil that it is. For knowing what the Saudi’s have always been planing yet still putting them in power.
    Christians and especially Penticostals have used up all their energy bitching about atheists and what Russians were doing instead of fighting a real devil like mohamed (I take a shit on his name).
    Raving Penticostal idiots screaming about boogy men over the decades is what caused 90% of those liberals to ignore what’s being said about islam now in the eleventh hour! And I blame Catholic leaders from the last century for scaring little kids about evil jesus killing jews instead of beware anything walking around in burqa’s and nightshirts. Also, Jewish film makers. A few less stories about Christians and white christmas and a few more, no, any, at least one movie about muslim pedophiles would have helped.

  7. What I would like to know , We in the uk hear about the american HELLS ANGELS,

  8. Here is an Egyptian who tore up the Koran.

    ‘This is the summery translation of what he said:

    “There it is, Allah’s book, this is the basic catastrophe. I don’t know what day it is of this disgusting month of Ramadan! You are making the tearing of the Quran such a big and dangerous thing.. it is instinctive to tear this book, those sons of b—-s- think they can threaten me and challenge me to tear the Quran, but I want to prove to them that they are nothing and what is the big deal in tearing this book?!! There it is (he starts tearing up the Quran) in the trash. Are you feeling better now?! You cannot touch a hair on my head! We keep blaming Hamas and Gaza, but it is not them, it is this son of a b —-h book that I am stepping on right now. That book is the source of all evil and the real catastrophe. There is nothing new here, it is not Omar Abdel Rahman, Abbud or all the others, it is this garbage that is causing us to run in a demonic circle that will never end.”‘


  9. To ADHD,
    Yes, you’re right it MUST be stopped! But the problem is that we the American people, are lost in our laziness, our lukewarmness and sadly our ungodliness.
    We have been taught by those who hate this country (Socialist, Communists, liberals, Atheits and now Islam), to hate what and who we are; and we’ve bought into the lies.

    We took God and prayer out of school, and the diciplinary problems went from spit balls and rubbands to metal dectectors. Teachers no longer teach reading, writing and arithmitic. Teachers teach the policically correct mandated educational criculum; mandated by those who want homosexuality, Islam, humanism and conditional ethics taught. And that’s when teachers can teach; a good portion of their time they are little more than truant officers for kids who’s parents have never diciplined them.

    We the People won’t even take action against the a corrupt presidential administration that now sits in the White House, Obama. Obama should be imeached, and the questions as to why he hasn’t is a myster to me.

    Obama has committed Over 50 impeachabe offenses. I’ve been told by people Obama won’t let us impeach him, so trying is futile, really … well, there might be some truth to that, but why are we such cowards. Also,the same people, with brain deadness, state they are waiting to “vote” him out in November. Ok, ahhhh …. so come November, Obama’s just gonna, what … give up … except defete … leave office …. I don’t think so! Everything Obama has been doing this last year tell me “the fix is in” and Obama knows it.

    For one thing Obama hasn’t so much as slowed down his destructive activities against America, and two, Obama is recruiting from every group he can, illegals, and homosexuals are but just a few he is playing to. While he does that he is trying to limit the vote of military personell and there’s a move out there to scrap the “electorial college” and make it just a popular vote election. Now, I’m not a great fan of the electial college, but it does give each state a voice.

    You want your country back, stop putting it in the hands of people to hate this country, and you for supporting it. You will need to stand-up, take responsiblity and take the authority that our fore father’s gave us and remove any and all corrupt governmental officials; and if that’s not possible, then let the Revolution begin, that’s right your gonna have to fight, or live as a slave and like it.


  10. ‘Inciting a riot’ is being used to excuse trampling on our rights from walking our dog, to peaceful protest.

    This recognizes that Moslems are commanded to be violent when they don’t get their way and MURDER when the pedophile pirate is accurately depicted as a bloodthirsty TERRORIST and CHILD MOLESTER.

    • Under the rules of Sharia, based on the Koran, only Moslems are innocent under sharia laws, and all non-Moslems are automatically guilty (of whatever the loonies don’t like). This is the basis of Islamo-loonies rampaging world-wide and killing hundreds because a Dane made a cartoon of Mohammed. Because one non-Moslem did it, all non-Moslems are guilty and should be punished. This is a fundamental of dhimmitude.

  11. They tell me the Bible speaks of an anti-Christ of sorts, I wonder if obamarama fits the definition of the anti-Christ. It seems he and hillary kiss a whole lot of islamic ass. Maybe its the taste. Regardless, they both suck as being where they are in this country. islam is a fucking cancer that should be dealt with the way the assholes are dealing with Christians overseas, and starting their muslim bullshit here in the U.S. shouldn’t be tolerated by the citizens of this country.

  12. I do not support burning of any religious book, but I wonder how many Bibles and churches the tolerant Muslims have burnt over time. I need to find out more about this legislation by Graham and how we can fight it. Like I said I don’t generally support the burning of the Qu’ran, but if it become illegal and one could go to jail then maybe nation-wide we should have a Qu’ran burnathon. Fight the Power that be Tea Party style. They cannot arrest us all- remember Spartacus!

  13. This makes me ill! It makes me absolutely ill. I’m a Christian, and I’ve NEVER been offended by somebody burning the bible, nor am I even offended if you talk bad about my religion. I’m of the opinion that it is your right to accept my religion or NOT accept it, but to find out that our government panders to the Muslims in this manner is absolutely sickening! Seriously, can somebody please tell me what these idiots in the government are getting out of this? Were they offered power???? It can’t be riches, they already have enough money that they conned out of our own pockets and machines that print them as much as they want! It has to be power.
    The video was very informative, and amusing…”Fight the Power”…that song is now stuck in my head…thanks for a very good article and video!

  14. i agree with you ADHD a judge in Texas has warned that if obama gets re elected there will be a new civil war. but even if his defeated there’s the time period between nov7 and jan 20 2013. rmember this as well there will be no sunrise on Dec 21. the sun will be one degree above the equator in the dark rift. this only applies to the northern hemisphere.

  15. This MUST be stopped and reversed!!!! The individual states MUST be prepared to secede if necessary (assuming Obama gets re-elected, GOD ALMIGHTY FORBID!!!!!)…

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