GREECE: Muslims riot over alleged attacks on them by citizens who are fed up with the Muslim invaders

“Don’t talk about my prophet, don’t talk about my quran,” shouts one of the wild-eyed Muslim protesters. (Or else what, you’ll kill them?)

The IslamoNazis allege there have been 600 attacks against mosques and Muslims in the past six months and are calling the attackers “Neo-Nazis.” If anything, the alleged assailants are patriots, trying to save their country from the flood  of North African and Pakistani illegal Muslim infiltrators and parasites, overburdening the social systems and stealing jobs from the natives. Fortunately, these right wing groups appear to have the support of police and government officials. One Pakistani thug claims to have been “humiliated” by police who cut off his mustache and called him names…or so he says.

And true to form, the Left Wing Fascists side with the IslamoFascist invaders and attack the offices and businesses of the anti-Muslim immigration Golden Dawn Party.

Islam vs Europe  The Athens Indymedia site contains a boastful claim of responsibility for two arson attacks recently conducted against Golden Dawn, one against the party’s offices, another against business premises belonging to one of its MPs. While the international media has been full of stories about supposed racist attacks on immigrants in Greece, it has been strangely silent on the firebombing of the Golden Dawn-connected buildings. 

NOTE: Please don’t be confused, the Leftist thugs who are the real fascists in this equation like to call Patriots the fascists

“Those who sow terror must receive our hatred. Alibis no longer sell…There are no deluded voters of the Golden Dawn. Those who supported this party have done so consciously. They are nothing less than fascists.

* On August 12th, we torched the Golden Dawn’s offices on Filolaou Street in the district of Pangrati, Athens.

* On August 22nd, in the district of Peristeri, Athens, we turned a commercial store and vehicle to ashes; both belonged to a business owned by the neo-Nazi bully Efstathios Boukouras, who is a Golden Dawn MP for Corinth.

Those who invest in the victim role, in order to gather ten more lousy leftist sympathizers in their miserable little organizations, only sow defeatism towards fascism.

As long as immigrants do not build self-organized structures for their self-defense against fascists and deplete their ‘guts’ in lousy macho disputes against each other and antisocial delinquency, they keep contributing to generalized social cannibalism.

The only ones who do not look for alibis anymore are the fascists themselves, who are overtly engaged in a murderous activity, under the cover of the state apparatuses and with an open or veiled support by the most rotten instincts of plebs, aka the fascist-minded lumpen petty-bourgeoisie.

As for us, we never looked for alibis. Our war against the Golden Dawn thugs is not some fashion in the context of their (alleged) ‘unexpected’ ascent to Power. We have been fighting them for years, in the streets, inside minds. We fight them because they are the most dreadful aspect, the long arm of our substantial enemies: Power and the Capital. And we never gave way to them.



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  1. I find a failure to discriminate the types of hate-crime to be a deciding factor.
    When some one calls Mo a Warlord or says that the Quran states he raped a child, this is a hate crime against muslims.
    When someone (me for example) says that in my culture, face coverings are only worn by bank robbers and highwaymen, that is a hate crime again muslims.

    However when someone bombs a newspaper office, that too is a hate crime.
    100 insulting words = 100 hate crimes.
    100 bombings, rapes, muggings, graffiti etc. = 100 hate crimes.

    Time to remember that we live in a democracy – words are never hate crime!
    They can be a crime as in “incite to violence” or “criminal libel” but must never be equated to a hate crime.

    Hate crimes are violence, not speech.

  2. The Greeks have a long way to go, I only hope they have the stomach for the fight; for its only going to get uglier! Muslims have been coddled, treated with kid gloves, for too too long. The Muslim mind-set of entitlement has been re-awaken; and Muslim blood-lust is seen at almost every incident.

    The Arab Spring has turned into an Arab Winter; Christians in Egypt, Iraq, Sudan and Somalia are fleeing their country because of Muslim persecution. The “Free” western world has stood by, “silent” and allowed “the evil of Islam,” to flourish; the murder, rape and destruction, is just the outcome of the Muslim superority religious mind-set.

    The whole world needs to join together and beat the Muslims back to their garbage hole in the Middle East (or wherever they crawled out of). Muslims and Islam in general have been empowered by the complacency of the West; sadly. The “Free” world has allowed Islam, this evil to flourish and we have not yet reaped the full cost of our self-centered selfish mind-set.

    And might I just add, “If” we don’t get rid of the cancerous growth, the Obamanation of Desolation which now sits in the White House, America will enter a new era of depression, destruction and loss of our Freedoms.

  3. Been unable to open or comment on BNI posts the last couple days. But glad to see this one, and indeed it is about time for the Greeks to say “ENOUGH”!!…..right along with the rest of us infidels (non-muzzturds). As you may have guessed I’m not at home at this time. Here in Taiwan, haven’t seen a single muslime, this being my fourth time here since June ’97. Nice to know that my friends, in-laws, nephews, nieces, etc. here have at least one major thing in common with me, a common bond so-to-speak. Due back in the USA on Oct. 21, in time to cast my vote against the Muslime-in-Chief!!……So long Muzzturd!! Acesed BNI this time by search engine.

    • Unfortunately not zero. 0.3 % about 45,000 registered muslims. Running in there neck and neck with Mormons, Bahais, Scientology and JWs. Christians are about 4.5 percent.

  4. Better for the Greeks to take the Muslims head on now or else end up with Millions more of these parasites leaching off the system while forcing their evil ideology upon all non believers.

  5. I hope the Greeks deport their Islamic scum. Time to clean house. I’m very glad to see that the Greek people have woken up in regards to the immigration issue. Their culture will suffer the longer the Asiatic hordes remain.

  6. The queation is why are they in Greece? There is lots of manual labor jobs available in saudi arabia. One point, Greece should make sure they are evicted from the European Union, no use kicking the can down the road.

  7. The lefties in Greece — most anywhere really — are frigging idiots! They demonize the people trying to protect their freedom and standard of living by calling them neo-nazis, and are now stooping to terrorist tactics such as firebombing buildings. Some people don’t deserve freedom and a higher standard of living, so they should move to an Islamic hellhole of their choosing, then they might come to appreciate the hateful “neo-nazis” who are trying to save their people.

    • One thing I must disagree with you upon, “cranky white woman”: lefties are not “idiots”: they are TRAITORS AND SEDITIONISTS out to destroy their countries in the name of their “perfect Marxism”!!!

      Just as the Moslems pledge their ultimate and true allegiance to Mohammed (their protestations in favour of “Allah” {real name Satan} notwithstanding!!!), so do Communists to Marx, Ljéñin, Stáljin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and their underlings like Markos (who nearly captured Greece for Communism in the late 1940s!!!), Ulbricht, Ceauşescu, Hoxha, Kún and the rest of those MONSTERS!!!! [And all of them really are, deep down (albeit sometimes unknowingly), S-A-T-A-N-I-S-T-S!!!!!]

      Either way, Communists ought to be at the minimum deported to North Korea, Laos or Cuba in perpetuity (just as Moslems need to be thrown back into their “dar al-Islam”), NEVER TO RETURN for at least 30 years – and even after then, if any want to return, it must be made as severely difficult as possible!!!!! The default should be that they’ll live AND DIE in their “workers’ paradises” – or in the Islamic world (same thing in the end)!!!

  8. The Greeks are doing what -all countries should have done when first invaded- and -colonised by this ideology of hate,instead of letting them settle and spread like a cancerous -growth, -they are the neo- nazi’s -we know about their grand mufti-Amin-Al-Husseeni- snuggling up to Hitler and his -thugs during ww11-and how dare they deny the holocoust-that is why General Eisenhower marched the Germans from nearby villages to bear witness to the – horror of what some men are capable of – and documented all they saw because he knew there would be -those who would deny the unimaginable atrocities -Islam and it’s -converts with it’s -Qua-an and evil laws of Sharia are more fanatical than the Germans in their quest for world dominance.

  9. I’m glad the Greeks are defending the mother land from these parasites and invaders. They are truly patriots and if this invasion is not stopped the Coptic Christians are a good example of the fate Greeks will face in the future. It makes me so angry, as a Greek American, to see the defiant faces on those Muslim protesters. It is like they are saying, “we are here whether you like it or not so take care of us or we will turn violent. Even though we entered your nation illegally we have a right to be here.” Baloney I say- deport them all!!!! “Borders, Language, and cuture- Michael Savage.

    • Yes, Anestis Canelidis, the Moslems are indeed saying and demonstrating just what you quoted: “we are here whether you like it or not, so take care of us or we will turn violent. Even though we entered your nation illegally we have a right to be here!” [What should have been added to that quote in my honest opinion is “We are your superiors, like it or not, because our ‘prophet’ Mohammed told us so and you’ll bow to him and us or we’ll sadistically kill you to the last man, woman, child and animal!!!!”]

      That’s what Islam TEACHES them from birth, even from conception – and it also teaches them that only they and their fellow-Moslems are worthy human beings PROVIDED THAT they force Islam down the throats of everybody else or kill them!!!!

      RIGHT YOU ARE to say “NONSENSE!!!!” They indeed need to either DEMONSTRABLY and PUBLICLY prove (and over the course of MANY YEARS!) that they’ve renounced Islam OR be deported back to where they came from without the least pity or mercy!!!! [Converts go to Iran or Saudi Arabia depending on whether they’re Shi’a or Sunni.]

  10. It is about time that the Greeks have decided to push back against the illegal muslim immigration. Send the savages back to the hell holes they came from. Thanks that we still live in a country were we still have freedom of speech. We must not take that freedom for granted but stay vigilent to protect our freedom of speech rights. In that regard, I say that the coran is an evil book of hate and that mohamad is a pedophile mysoginist murderer.

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