BNI Readers MUST SEE! THE BRUSSELS PROCESS – A stunning move in Europe to outlaw enforcement of Sharia Law

While the Obama Regime, represented by Hillary Clinton, supports the ‘Istanbul Process’ based on the pro-sharia ‘Cairo Process,’ which makes defamation of Islam a crime, enforced by the UN, Europe’s ‘Brussels Process’ would make enforcement of Sharia Law an international crime against free speech and liberty. What’s more, the declaration also abrogates the EU support for a Palestinian state.

FYI: The Obama Regime is using the Department of Justice to battle, in court, every state that has passed anti-sharia legislation in order to get them to reverse it. They have succeeded in at least one case.

The culmination of the International Conference for Free Speech and Human Rights on 9 July 2012 was the reading and signing of the Brussels Declaration. The Declaration set up a global strategic line of action against the worldwide Islamic enforcement program for Shariah Law.

In the video below, Alain Wagner (France) introduces the document, after which Ned May (USA) reads the text of the resolution and then Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (Austria) reads the eight requirements demanded of our governments. The signing of this document marked the beginning of the Brussels Process, an ongoing initiative which aims to protect free speech and individual liberty from being undermined by proponents of Shariah Law.

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After the French introduction, speeches are in English:



42 comments on “BNI Readers MUST SEE! THE BRUSSELS PROCESS – A stunning move in Europe to outlaw enforcement of Sharia Law

  1. Finally someone has the courage , intelligence , and commonsense to challenge the murderous , brutal , and uncivil Islamic sharia law . I only hope it isn’t to little too late .


  3. You heard the reading of a manifesto of Liberty, nothing more than a statement of morality and common sense which the authors seek to convert into national and international law.

    As such, I found it to be one of the clearest and most articulate statements on the subject of freedom of expression as opposed to Shari’ah.

    Obtain the text of the declaration, send it to your elected legislators, state and federal, and ask them to implement as much of it as possible.

    It started in Brussels, it continues with us or it dies. We must not let it die.

  4. Bonnie there are many videos of this conferance including our very own Tommy Robinson. They are at vlad tepes mrc tv site. If you were to ask Vlad nicely I’m sure he’d send you the link to them. NFSE!

  5. It took an India American to figure this out and he a real hero. Obama is not a Democrat or a Muslim he is an Anti-Colonialist. Which is Pro Third world counties against those counties that set them up and their allies; England, America and Israel.

    America or Obama clearly will not help Israel in the coming conflict with Iran or the Islamic Cultural War. In fact Obama may hinder Israel in its defense of its self.

    There is no place for Islam in our contemporary World.
    This conflict is an Islamic Cultural War.
    Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture
    Western Culture must destroy Islamic Culture.
    It is a Genocidal War.
    Or we must change their culture. There is no other choice.
    Muhammad Islamic Culture = Evil :: Western Culture = Civilization
    Choose Freedom or Slavery

  6. There is hope now of eradication of Islam and Sharia Law from Democratic countries with out blood shed – I hope. I do NOT want to see my Country Australia and Grandchildren go down the pathway of the Evils of Islam and Sharia. This is truly great and bold move that MUST be adopted the FREE world Over!!

  7. I think it should go further and ban islam and boot out any muslim that practices it and burn all korans. If they want to follow it, they can do so in a muslim country.

  8. While some may fail to realize, the civilized man has no reference to the vipers resolve, I fear a great calamity is about to hit the entire world. Some call it payback, some blowback. while others reserve the right to call it justified, most feel in their hearts and minds: it is right and they are justicied in their anger, “whoa unto those who proclaim good as evil, and evil as good, who prefere to seek out not the truth, but are pleased in their sins” over this issue.

    What is missing in this discusion is this, who died and told them ( the soldiers of aliah-alah) they are in charge of being the god of the universe, anyone have an answer this? I am stunned, baffled, even to the point of a hard lesson, when is doubt, shootm’ all, let God sort out his and devil have his too. If the western world wants, no preferes to pee on themselves, thinking they are going to take me along for the ride while they are at it, they had better be as prepared as I am and go to the extreme I am willing and able to go, because if not, no mercy, no quarters and no survivors will take note of the end result will be entertined because of their cowardice. Am I glad to read this, why yes indeed, it clearly shows, someone is having a bad hair day, and it ain’t the civilized men among man. If this is being designed as an appeasement to the choir, bad move, it is only going to lead to more resolve of the barbarians ( within the gates) to push even harder at their conquest of world domination under the umbrella of tyranny. If they are serious of their attempt to push back, resolved to right this disaster known as islam, muslims and their oppressive dictates of tyranny, free the world populations of their brutalities, good move but, lets not get too far ahead of ourselves because we all know from experience, especially the past ten years or so, politicians are first and foremost liars, secondly deceivers of the public trust, and thirdly, only raise issues of resolve to get reelected once again to repeat the cycle for the dummies and their useful idiots.

    Maybe this will be known as the day of the beach being breached, may turn out to be a faked you suckers out, I hope and pray for sanity to gain strenght and resolve, but fear, man is in error, always has been, always will be. SO I won’t allow myself to get my hopes up to high for the fear of not retaining resolve in the midst of evil. Somewhere I have seen this movie before and can anticipate the end, there is always going to be losers and winners and sometimes evil is allowed to conquer as a lesson, sometimes, it is exactly what is needed to bring the people about to an understanding, a come to Jesus moment if you will. Who knows?

    Semper Fi, to the infidels the world over, my Patriotic friends and every man. woman, and child who has ever had the misfortune of understanding evil and it intentions, may the Good Lord, the host of all host relieve us of this stain on humanity called the ‘religion of peace’ forever and ever-amen.

  9. I don’t think this would be considered hate speech. It’s only stating that sharia must be banned from every civilized country to keep our rights in tact. I’m sending it to several countries. It’d be more if I had friends in every country. I don’t care what Hillary or idiot obama wants, who does?? Send it to congress, prime ministers & everyone in authority. Press it, push it. Many states in the US are trying to get legislation passed to do exactly this & the admin keep trying to stop it. Don’t let these pigs win. EVER……. God Bless America, free speech, liberty, human rights, & all free people.

  10. No, there’s still a lot more Belgians than muslims but the city of Brussels and some of their other larger cities have large muslim populations. I’ve heard that Brussels might be a muslim majority by 2030.

      • If I recall correctly, that was done judicially (by a judge). Can that be over-ridden and/or appealed?? I sure hope so – and no less, that Obama loses the election (and as many leftists as possible get cleaned out of Congress to boot!!!). If he then resorts to martial law, at least the American people will have done their share…

  11. This is a great piece of news, that it is on the net. But it’s a toothless tiger in reality,
    because it is not a law and all the hate speech laws over ride it.
    I think that if one was in court. As part of your defense you could use the Brussels Decoration.But until it is passed in to rock solid law, it doesn’t mean a thing.

  12. Fantastic! Won’t it be great, when islam is finally recognized worldwide as the joke that it is?

  13. It is amazing to see Hillary, obama, holder get away with their actions and the press does nothing about it. This should be front page news. Everyday.

  14. I just wish they would go further and ban islam and kick muslims out if they follow it or cause trouble, threates and intimidation. But this is a start!!!!! I bet there will be trouble though. muslims are not goint to like this one bit.

  15. It sounds good but there are more Muslims in Belgium than there are native Belgians.
    Muslims have taken over by stealth and by population. I can’t see how this will work if Mslims have the upper hand in the political process. It’s coming.

    • Are you REALLY SURE that the proportion of Moslems in Belgium is >= 50% of the total population??? I thought that it was more like 8 to 10%, though that still is a HUGE number more than amply ready to wreck the society in which it is festering…

      ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST, period!!!!

    • A nice start, but “it’s a long, long, LONG way to Tipperary…” I’ll believe it when it truly becomes law, especially via the EU Parliament in Strasbourg – and even more when it starts being ENFORCED IN FULL!!!

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