“I’ll tie you all up and throw you all in a lake of fire if you show up at the Salahuddin mosque … every dog will be shot on the spot”

A Facebook page inviting people to walk their dogs outside an east-Toronto mosque is becoming a hotbed of hostility, with Muslims threatening to kill dogs and their owners if they dare show up for ‘Walk your dog in front of the mosque Day.’

TORONTO SUN (H/T Susan K)  The Facebook page emerged in the wake of the Al-Quds Islamic rally held at Queen’s Park just over a week ago. The yearly anti-Israel demonstration, started by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, was also attended by counter protestors, one of whom was a Jewish man who brought his 160-pound English Mastiff.

Allan Einstoss was arrested by police after getting into a scuffle when he was told by Muslim demonstrators to keep his dog away. His dog, Cupcake, was also kicked by at least on Muslim demonstrator.


Facebook administrators removed a posting from the he “Walk Your Dog at Mosque” webpage early Monday that threatened to throw attending dog owners in a “lake of fire” and shoot their beloved pooches on the spot.

Posted by Ali Shirazi, who identified himself as an Iranian-born resident of Toronto, it threatened all dog owners who plan to attend the Sept. 14 event at the Salahuddin mosque and community centre in the Kennedy Rd.-Eglinton Ave. E. area.

Facebook spokesman Meg Sinclair said administrators would keep an eye on the site for other threatening posts. “We’ll continue to remove specific posts on the page that violate (Facebook) terms, but the page as a whole is going to remain up for the time being,” said Sincliar.

He added that Facebook has received complaints about the dog-walk page but declined to say exactly how many. By late Monday, the dog-walk page listed 114 planning to attend the event and 1,550 still invited to take part.

Abdul Ibrahim, chief administrator for the Salahuddin mosque, said they would be ready for whatever trouble the dog-walk might bring.

“This is a community centre here, it has nothing to do with Al-Quds,” said Ibrahim, adding that around 3,000 Muslims attend weekly. But Ibrahim also did not rule out the possibility of confrontation, and called on government for help. “Let them come, then what will happen will happen.”






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  1. Comment…gov rick perry of Texas a few years ago was out jogging with his dog. A cayote ? Run up towards the dog. Perry , who has a concealed carry , fired one shot with I think .40 caliber, killing the coyote. A reporter asked why shoot the coyote? Perry responded “don’t mess with my dog”. Amem

  2. I’d like to piss on them myself, sometimes I wish I had guys equipment for such occasions. Touch my dogs I rip your face off and piss on it.

  3. Hope I can post this…there are many leftist on that web page bashing us, could some of you join to stand for that cause…Cheers Manny

  4. The culture war begins and it will only get worse the more of them immigrate to Canada and the USA. We need to ban all Muslim immigration but that won’t happen unless we get a real conservative nationalist. I realize that not all of them are bad but how can we know until they are here. This is one reason I believe in the Second Amendment.

  5. Canadians haven’t had their guns taken away from them. Canadians are armed and p*ssed off at all the muslims in Canada. Sure there are plenty of left wingnuts, but there are plenty of down to earth people who can’t stand pedophiles. Everyone with a dog should go out. Damned if these a-holes think they can tell Canadians what they can and cannot do. These muslims can all get the hell out.

  6. I wish I could be there with my 11 year old doxie, she is only 20 lbs. but if she were there she would raise hell! NOBODYmesses with mommy!

  7. Too bad i was’nt in Torontostan , i’d be there with Bubba the big Catahoula !
    I’d make sure i’d feed him lots of bones , so he could take a big dump right in front of the Mosque/Jihad HQ.
    Muslime oxygen thieves like to threaten ,but they never have the balls to do anything.
    Especially if the police are there. Muslimes are cowards, thats why they are terrorists.

  8. According to insurance companies, the most dangerous dogs are:

    1. Pit Bull
    2. Rottweiler
    3. German Shepherd
    4. Husky
    5. Alaskan Malamute
    6. Doberman Pincher
    7. Chow Chow
    8. Presa Canario
    9. Akita
    10. Wolf-Hybrid

    Anyone attending this protest needs to know this.

  9. Our troops, on many occasion, have spoken about stoning and torturing dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan. ASPCA, who brings many of the troops’ rescued dogs to the U.S. also spoke of the cruelty to dogs and cats in both countries.

    Muslims have poisoned dogs here in the U.S.

    The Muslim you speak of can’t love dogs that much, if he fights them.

  10. I can’t wait.I’m going to fuck up a lot of Muslims who come near me to show them what a patriotic Canadian thinks of radical Muslims.May a camel fart in their beards.

  11. Everyone who reads this please go to “walk your dog outside a mosque ” facebook page and leave a comment about islam , muslims and muslim symphatizers have completely hijacked this page and are trying to get this SUPER IMPORTANT even cancelled ,i was banned from posting for posting an israeli flag ( sharia in action ) by facebook muzzie lovers , please go to this page and encourage every freedom loving israel supporting person to show up at this event .

  12. “I’ll tie you all up and throw you all in a lake of fire”.
    Oh, come, come, now!! Aren’t you exagerrating just a little?
    Don’t ever promise what you can’t deliver. It will destroy your credibility.

  13. Allowing millions of dog-hating Muslim immigrants to settle in our country is a recipe for disaster. Americans love animals, esp. dogs. Unless Muslim immigration is stopped, I fear there will be bloodshed.

  14. Why are these hate-filled vicious Muslim killers in our countries? Besides having an insatiable lust for murdering non-Muslims, they also lust after killing our dogs. So very sick.

    God gave dogs to us as a very special gift. Rescue dogs have saved many lives. They guide the blind and help people with disabilities.

    Thank you, Awesome God, for your many gracious gifts!

  15. OK the Arabs called their government which is the Government of Canada. Owners will be arrested and cupcake and his friends will be taken to dog pound and maybe later killed at request of Canada’s Arab ‘s. As we know Arabs have all the rights. Like stupid Americans the listen to Obama the traitor.

  16. I would like to see that ali shiraziv tie up 1500 people and throw them into a lake of fire ,? = Who does he think he is ( CHARLES ATLAS)!
    Close all general stores= so he can not get any string ,
    where is the nearest volcano= lake of fire,
    Shoot all the dogs = Police look out for muslim with GATLIN gun,
    When does the film come out , DO DO has in the bird.

  17. I have 6 American Pitbull terriers and 7 Alaskan Malamutes I would love to bring they attack or attempt to hurt any of them i will turn them loose!

  18. I have a question. We always hear about how those turds hate dogs and kill them.
    But in an earlier post you showed some ragheads that owned dogs and one guy claimed his dog was his brother and he loved him. Of course he sent his dogbrother out to fight and die against another dog. It was indeed horrible but the retard in his own way acted like he loved the dog?! This seems to be two different concepts that I cannot mesh together or fathom. .???

    • jFp, there were dogs all over Iraq that did not accompany the troops. Many strays were adopted by our soldiers when they returned home. So obviously, many Muslims do own dogs which makes their collective hatred for them hypocritical, if not insane. However, service dogs or working dogs are allowed under Islam.

      I posted a story awhile ago of a Muslim family in America that had a dog but when the father got mad at the daughter, he threw the little dog into traffic and it got killed.

      • Some road rage freak killed a bichon frise in San Jose. He got the max, 3 years at one of California’s penal resorts where he could VERY acquainted with Bubba. What is that saying, “When the guards are not there, no one can hear you screaming”? When he gets out a civil suit is awaiting him. He will be the dog owners fiscal bitch til the day he dies.

  19. If that happened to me while I was peacefully and legally walking my dog, here, in the US, there would likely be a different ouutcome – all legal mind you but quite different.

  20. Off Topic A Little Good News
    A Court in Israel has determined that the treasonous flag burning filthy mouthed hijib wearing moonbat slut rachel corrie, AKA St. Pancake was not wrongfully killed when she was run over playing tag with a Caterpiller Bulldozer. Sort of reminds me of the Russian Tsarina who was killed trying to get stud service from a stallion. Nominated for a Darwin Award. Think of it as evolution in Action. An appropriate way to remember corrie would be to buy some stock in Caterpiller Company, continuing to provide Israel with high quality bulldozers.

  21. The only thing that upsets me is that they are allowed to build these mosque all over. How far is our government going to bend for these muslims. They like to move into the government jobs as this is the way they destroy within the walls. They like to use our freedom to get what they want and the sad part the Libs. always help them to achieve this. Then we have no rights at all, its all about them. By rights they should NOT be allowed to build a mosque period in Canada or any western country. Just like they have rules no churches. We are and will be going down the same road as United States and have the same problem as they do wait till the Libs get in the next time it will be all down hill the Libs are good at destruction.

  22. “every dog will be shot on the spot.”

    Is he admitting that they are armed, and ready to cause havoc? Hopefully the Mounties will investigate?

  23. Don’t forget people, this is Canada where following the example of Merrie Olde England, they allowed the government to take their personal protection guns for “safety”.
    The big mouthed raghead would have to think twice about shooting anything or anybody in the U.S.

    They may have been allowed by muslim apologists to build a terrorist training center but I’m sure that mistake wasn’t compounded by giving them permission to control the surrounding city.

    Another example of the cancer of islam and the mouthy, eternally insulted, muslim rabble.

  24. WE seriously need to be more informed as to what their “holy book”, the Qu’ran, says about “the Infidels” – that’s us; “do unto others” only tells them we can be subdued, not that they should or will reciprocate. The other part of this is their “right to lie in the interest of jihad”; how do you know when they are lying but by the 14 Centuries of telling behavior – they believe it, why don’t Occidentials?

  25. It sounds like a good plan but i know how much a dog suffers when it is dying of poisoning, there are dogs dying all over Europe and there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop it, not everybody owns a mean pit bull and i know my dogs would be an easy target for muslims, i’m afraid this protest will lead to nothing but animals suffering in the long run.

  26. Criminal code of Canada says…

    Under cc. 264.1 (1) Every one commits an offence who, in any manner, knowingly utters, conveys or causes any person to receive a threat

    (a) to cause death or bodily harm to any person;
    (b) to burn, destroy or damage real or personal property; or
    (c) to kill, poison or injure an animal or bird that is the property of any person.

    I hope the police have taken note.

  27. I wish I could be there with my 2dogs-I hope the dogs all pee and poo in unision on their sleazy mosque’s grounds,how dare they object to the dogs they were there first -anyone hurts my dogs -I would retaliate -seriously.

    • Me too. No-one touches my dogs. They ( in my humble opinion…free speech and alll that…) have more right to be in my country than any Muslim does. My dogs are civilised, sweet, loyal, trusting and loving. Unlike most Muslims.

      How dare these “people” a minority make such threats and demands. How dare they call the shots, how dare they use up our resources as a minority filling our prisons and even hospitals ( seemingly they are also VERY unhealthy, how surprising..not.. !!!….Nothing to do with lifestyle, little exercise, ignorance, bad diets , interbreeding or devouring themselves up literally with hate and jealousy, of course ?!)


    • Too bad Canada has become too damn Socialist to have armed citizens as in some concealed carry states in the U.S. Set the most vicious dogs possible on the filthy arselifters and be prepared to retaliate swiftly and surely if the intrusive obnoxious sonofbitches dare to attack the dogs and/or their owners! As for the muslime pukes:PISS BE UPON THEM!!

  28. god bless cupcake, he should be set loose on those perverts. canada are you waking up you are allowing these monsters to take over and condemn israel. its called payback – never been prouder of the folks going to protest with dogs for us here. i too take out 2 dogs every morning and we here are all walking our dogs everywhere. this one for the dogs. who let the dogs out we did to drive our monsters out of our lands. growl wuff wuff

  29. I’m glad to see that Canadians have the cojones to not sit back and take this shit.

  30. sounds like it’s time to get a bill board size cartoon of “cupcake’ pissing on the side of the mosque, AFTER he slobbered all over the quran…………………~!~! get’em cupcake..that a boy~~

  31. There is no rule yet, about walking your dog down a public street. I hope that there is a huge turn out of people walking, walking their pet pigs and their pet dogs. We will not be intimidated by muslim threats.

  32. Are pepperspray and chemical mace available for civilian purchase in Canada. I would suggest if so, that everyone planning to participate avail themselves of this self protection measure (not from the beloved dogs of course). Arrive and leave in groups.

    • same here – in the UK people still have their heads in the sand ‘sighs’ but my dog regularly pisses outside local curry houses! and they darn’t say a word!!

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