FRENCH politicians calling for military intervention in crime-ridden, Muslim-dominated Marseilles

The Socialist Senator for Marseilles, Samia Ghali, has called for the French military to be deployed to deal with spiralling violence in the city, which regularly features the use of Kalashnikov automatic weapons.


Islam vs Europe  “Today, confronted with the weapons of war used by the networks, only the army is capable of intervening. to disarm the dealers first of all. And then to block the clients from accessing the districts, as in time of war, with barricades. Even if that has to last a year or two, we need it,” declared Samia Ghali in La Provence.

“After this latest bloody summer, truths must be uttered. I think that the authorities are not aware of the gravity of the situation. The killings going on in Marseilles are becoming a national media attraction.”


Meanwhile, the French Socialist Prime Minister Hollande has rejected the call.

“It is out of the question for the army to respond to these dramas and these crimes. There is no enemy within.”

But Ghali isn’t the only politicians calling for military intervention.


Islam vs Europe  Seine-Saint-Denis is at the other end of the country from Marseilles. It’s part of Greater Paris, and has the highest immigrant density of any political district in France. It’s probably the most Muslim-colonised area in the country, although Marseilles will be the most Muslim-colonised big city. Is it a coincidence that these demands for military intervention are coming from the two most Muslim-enriched areas? Of course not. It’s also very interesting that the politicians demanding military intervention are leftists, a Socialist in Marseilles and an ecologist in Seine-Saint-Denis. Perhaps that’s not surprising, though, since the Muslims tend to vote leftists into power in all areas they take over. 

In calling for the intervention of the army in Marseilles to put an end to the bloody settling of scores in the city, Samia Ghali, the Socialist senator for the Phocean city echoes the demand, in June 2011, by Stéphane Gatignon, the mayor (EELV) of Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) to send blue helmets to his city to curb the infernal cycle of violence. “The only solution is a 24/7 presence, he declared last year. Until there is a change in the law, we cannot manage this situation. We need peacekeeping forces, blue helmets, like those we send abroad to prevent belligerents killing one another.”

 “We are confronted with an insoluble situation. There is a real sense of not being able to take any more, which we need to get out of but we are not able to, he explains. We are in a situation where politics needs to take account of the real state of society.









14 comments on “FRENCH politicians calling for military intervention in crime-ridden, Muslim-dominated Marseilles

  1. The French president is aiding and abetting violent crime by Muslims against the indigenous French by not deporting the Muslims. And much, much worse, the French president is enabling the cruel Muslim conquest of France.

    • when ever the muslim’s make it safe for a non muslim to go into there area then maybe the garbage and trash will be picked up untill then just live with it you should be used to it that is the way it is where you came from

  2. I should be sympathetic but i’m not france gow what it seserved. they elected hollande who refuses to believe their is a problem. Yet france is diictating policy to greece

  3. give it another twenty years and a few drug dealers shooting up each other will seem like the good old days,by then you will be shot just for been non muslim or gay

  4. We in North America can learn from the chaos taking place in France and the rest of Europe. In ten years or less we will have the same muslim chaos taking place in America. We must act now to stop all muslim immigration. We must deport all muslim illegals and all muslim criminals. It is too late for France but not too late for the US. We must get the Romney elected in November. That is the first step. God bless America.

  5. Hahahahahahaha! UN Blue helmets, Now that would be a joke! This operation would need full-on urban warfare ops with liberal rules of engagement. It needs to be violently executed, bloody if necessary, in order to have a ghost of a chance to succeed.

    …..And yes, flamethrowers would definitely be a force multiplier here. Now lets see if these socialists have the stomach for it. My money says they don’t.

  6. France is an important destination for millions of tourists. If the government continues to ignore this growing muslim menace, tourists will be unwilling to visit due to security fears.
    So, this is not insoluble. All the government goof balls need to do is embrace the concept of mass muslim deportation…But, they won’t so France will devolve into a country incompatible with life and progress.
    Where ever muslims are, problems follow.

  7. This could lead to the oppression of civilized folks, too. Muslims will require that other criminals be dealt with similarly. We must not let these criminals call the shots.

  8. I takes some folks longer to realize the obvious. Maybe they’ll come to life at long last and crack down on those animals. But they would have been smarter not to let them into the country in the first place. This is something that America and Canada should take note of, too.

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