Germany is being infected by an ‘ism’ worse than Nazism: Islamic Salafism

It’s an extreme brand of Islam that preaches hatred of, and violence against, Christians and Jews. As CBN News discovered recently, Salafism is rapidly growing in Western Europe’s most populous country.


Salafis model themselves after Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, and his followers and strictly follow Islamic sharia law. Salafis model themselves after Islam’s paedophile prophet, Mohammed, and his followers and strictly follow Islamic sharia law.


Their ideology encourages violent jihad and is shared by al Qaeda and many other Islamic terror groups. It’s now taking hold among a small but growing number of Germany’s 4.3 million Muslims. Authorities fear the growing Salafi presence will not only make Germany an even more attractive al Qaeda target, but an exporter of terror as well.

(Sadly, Germany has been made impotent by its own history. So afraid are they of being seen by the world as persecuting another religious group (Muslims) as they did so catastrophically to the Jews of Europe, they are reluctant to take the kind of aggressive action they should to defend themselves against a religion that really does pose an enormous threat to their country)


19 comments on “Germany is being infected by an ‘ism’ worse than Nazism: Islamic Salafism

  1. And the politician libersls that allow them in and set up shop practice
    “Massochism” where all have to suffer just to make mohammedans happy.

  2. Nazism: 6 million people Jews killed in 6 years.

    Islam: 80 million Hindus killed in 8 years.

    Conclusion: Islam kills 10 times faster than Nazism.

  3. Seems to be 4 girls and a boy in that pic. Who’s married to those girls. As for the boy when is he going to dance. A nice world they live in. Time to save the children and get rid of the zoo. The children can be saved not the elders. They suffer from a virus called hate and stupidity.

  4. I am sorry to say this ,BUT! now you Germans will know how the Jews felt when they where attacked day and night by the nazis/SS/gestapo,

  5. With something this serious, the police should be given the authority to use lethal force to defend themselves. When French police were attacked by muslim mobs last week, they didn’t have any firearms to protect themselves. Go figure!

  6. If they leave children with such weapons as shown in this photo, can’t the German equivalent of Children’s Aid move in to apprehend them?

    • Yep, along with most other Euro’s especially Swedes, Brits, Danes, French, Belgians.Sad a bunch of effeminate metro men allowing invaders to push them around like sheep, but pay their welfare bill.

  7. Hey! You Volks! You ober there in the Liederhosen! It’s time that you, instead of following madmen who told you you were better than anyone else to actually start telling yourself. Stop allowing this trash to litter your streets. Get rid of them. They preach death and disruption. Although historically, you have listened to much the same thing, it’s time to stand up and say NO MORE!
    Throw the ragheads out!

  8. This muslim savage’s life and his actions, speaks louder than his taqiyya words. He has 3 wives. (Is polygami legal in germany?) This savage has three wives, all beaten, 10 children and all of his costs are covered by social welfare because he is a lazy muslim, who expects to be paid jizah by the infidel, low life, german tax payers because that is his right as a better than you muslim. Is it legal to have sharia law in place of and taking precedence over german law? Do women lose their children and are wives stripped of their equal rights to household assets in divorce cases? Germany needs to worry about german muslims going to learn about jihadist methods of destruction and then returning to germany to cause chaos and mayhem in the name of islam. Germany would be wise to recognize the true threat of islam and stop muslim immigration and stop all illegal muslim activites. Only a strong response to the muslim threat will stop the atrocities. Unfortunately, I fear that it is too late for germanistan.

  9. Wait! Wait! Don’t export terror – export MUSLIMS! Yes, that’s right! Gather your locality’s Muslims of any stripe and prepare them for shipping to beautiful – SAUDI ARABIA! [Tell ’em what they’ve won, Vanna!]

    Yes, Saudi Arabia – the Kingdom of the two holey places! When your exported Muslims arrive in the Saudi, they’ll bask in the SAME HOT DESERT SUN that baked the pagan hordes in the time of Mudhammud! Yes, Saudi Arabia! The cesspool of Planet Earth where ALL of Islam must go – to DIE! Saudi Arabia! Ever more wretched, ever more hopeless and just about the closest thing to hell this side of Porkistan! SAUDI ARABIA! The endless nightmare of DESERT HEAT AND PITILESS SAND!! Send YOUR Muslims to the Saudi, TODAY!!

    Reason? We don’ need no steenkiing reason! Islam belongs in the 7th century SAUDI DESERT and Muslims who won’t come out of Islam belong where Islam belongs! DON’T KEEP THEM WAITING!!

    Dear King Saud has been exporting his filth (nooo, I’m not talking about his oil) for DECADES and it’s time we return the favor.

    This Christmas Season – and any & EVERY season – send MUSLIMS [to the Saudi Desert]!! And remember: HELL’s NOT NEARLY FULL YET!!

    [This message approved by “Giving Muslims What they Really Want”, INC. Tax, title and license fees may apply in some areas]

  10. Have to disagree here. NAZIs made genocide an impersonal industry. muslims like it up close, neighbor to neighbor. When the day is done if you are on the wrong dide of the stick, you are dead. It’s the difference between rabies and AIDS.

    • And not to forget Islam was the first form of fascism and Hitler loved Islam ! He and his cronies thought it a wonderful religion for the Germans.Hitler bemoaned the fact that Muslims lost to the Crusaders. His blueprint for a Nazi Europe was finally realised through the EU.
      All this was planned…..long ago…. by sinister satanic forces running the show in the background….Naziism..failed…then communism….failed…now Islamism…we fell for it. They don’t care how they enslave us or with what ideology as long as it is totalitarian.There is just much more to this than meets the eye, otherwise Western elites would not be encouraging islamism in our countries but be staunchly defending us against uncontrolled immigration and islamic Sharia. Why do they allow these people to break our laws through i.e. multiple wives, Muslims to get the best housing and huge welfare benefits ?? The UN has even declared ONLY Muslims to be given refugee status !

      This time, therefore ,an “elite” take-over without a shot being fired….( a WW2 veteran warned me 20 years ago about this ).until of course we reach civil war mechanism, and then all hell breaks loose, an obvious consequence and also most likely planned.

      • Islam and Nazism are one and the same, but for the fact that Islam disguises itself as a religion. That makes it much more difficult for non-Muslims to combat it.

      • A lot of people use faschist like a couple of urchins throwing your mother ephitats at each other without knowing what they are saying. The epileptic twitching drooling short eyes illiterate mo never came up with anything as sophistcated as faschism. The Hell’s Angels are more advanced in terms of social organization. Actually the first faschist was Han Fei, intellectual theortician of the short lived Ching Dynasty, about 226 BCE.

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