SCREW YOU! Obama warns Israel, “attack Iran and you won’t get squat from the U.S.”

No weapons. No military backup. No missile shields. If you defy the King of America, you’re own your own. (Hmmm, is he saying, “we will fight on the side of Iran?”)

Obama, who has repeatedly pledged his commitment to Israeli security, is the first American president to cut Israeli adrift against a major threat to its security explicitly posed by Iran.

US Gen. Martin Dempsey’s assertion Thursday, Aug. 30 that the US would not be “complicit” in an Israel strike against Iran, together with the drastic reduction in the scale of next month’s joint US-Israeli war game disclosed by TIME, add up to a blunt message from US President Barack Obama to Israel: You are on your own! See how you manage without special US weapons and US military backup, including a shield against missile counter-attack, if you decide to defy us and go through with a military operation against Iran.

Instead of the 5,000 US troops originally assigned for Austere Challenge 12, the annual joint exercise, the Pentagon will send only 1,200 to 1,500 service members. The missile interception systems at the core of the joint exercise will be reduced in number and potency: Patriot anti-missiles will come without crews and maybe one instead of two Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense warships, according to the magazine.

The US president has put his campaign for re-election next month at great albeit calculated risk. His rival Mitt Romney will not doubt follow up on the charges he made during his acceptance speech to the Republican convention Thursday that Obama threw “allies like Israel under the bus” and failed utterly to stop Iran’s centrifuges spinning.

DEBKAfile’s military sources: The Obama administration has put Israel on harsh notice that an attack on Iran to disrupt or delay its nuclear armament will be refused US missile backup – both in the course of the operation and to cover Israel’s back in the event of a counter-strike widening into a general Middle East conflict. The Netanyahu government will bear full and exclusive responsibility for the consequences of attacking Iran.

Obama may find the Jewish vote and campaign contributions fading. For Romney an incumbent president throwing Israel to the wolves against the ayatollahs is a dream come true.

In the last month, Obama has undergone a change of face: The top US soldier and ambassador Dan Shapiro were told to start treating Israel like a pest and telling its leaders that the administration is fed to the teeth with their clamor for action on Iran. READ MORE: DEBKA


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  1. Obama didn’t only throw Israel under the bus, he backed it up, ran over them again and is now in the process of dragging their bloody body through the streets, tied to his bumper.

    I really believe, especially after this “last straw”, that any Jew who votes for this traitor is totally, batshit crazy.

  2. I hate that jug eared, commie rat bastard koranimal.
    He was never a Christian, I can’t believe anybody fell for his shit.

    He is EVIL.

  3. Good thing that the GOP dispatched that idiot/enemy Ron Paul in the primaries! He never really had a snowball’s chance in Hell, but his “thinking” and anti-Israel policies would almost have been worse than Ovomit’s (mind-boggling as THAT would be to contemplate!).

    Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are hateful evil cores that must be eradicated from the American public discourse – and, I’m beginning to think (hope & believe!) that the hearts & minds of the majority of Americans are with Israel. I don’t have all that much faith in – let alone love for – Romney, but he’s our only alternative at present.

    What we must all have of in our hearts, of course, is a faith in God and in his promise to honor His Covenant with Israel, its people and, of course, their descendants – which now includes people from around the globe: Jews, Christians and so many others. I do believe that there IS Divine Strength when we all join together in common cause. Obozo is such a nothing, but, for now, he still wields enough power to wreck great destruction on all those – and that means most of us! – whom he considers his mortal enemies and the enemies of his rotten muzturd brothers…

  4. Romney, now is your opportunity foe backing Israel and gaining credibility for the Republicans and America Worldwide. Support Israel or we all die.

  5. This president even dares to attack or invade Israel will find the biggest revolt in US history at his doorstep y Christians and Jews and perhaps American public

    • Raiddan, he won’t invade or attack Israel,,, He will just not support Israel in its own defense~! And by the Promise of G-D given to Abraham, that will be a slam BAM on the United States,,, Those who are not supportive of the existence and well-being of Israel are against it, and the Promises of G-D,,,
      Read Genesis 12:3
      Genesis 12:3
      King James Version (KJV)

      3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

      For ANY Jew or Christian, there can be no equivocation of what the Word says,,,

  6. Pakistan imam held for evidence-tampering in blasphemy case

    Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Chishti, the imam of the mosque in Rimsha’s area who first handed over evidence, was arrested on Saturday after his assistants told a magistrate he had added pages from the Koran to the burnt pages to strengthen the case against the girl.

    “You know this is the only way to expel the Christians from this area”

  7. The sonofabitch is a muzzie dream come true. Martial law will come some day I’m sure, but not without some kind of a fight for sure. obama is a two faced dude that doesn’t have a record to run on at all. Stabbing Israel in the back will probably prove to be one of the biggest muzzie ass kisses of all time.

  8. Come on everyone, who didn’t see this coming, it’s an election cycle again, is it not?. I don’t for one moment believe Israel ever expected any support from this heathen dressed up to be a puppet of the left wing, or anti-amerikan clan. The Israeli’s can handle anything that comes their way, if they ignor the established liars calling themselves news-reporters along with their supporters of the United Nithings, U.N., and they know this as well. I believe this is an attempt to hold Israel hostage, if obama’s bin lyn’ gets ejected from his digs, into the history book as a failure, he has nothing at that point of losing. It will be nervous times for the Patriots of this Nation, of this I am sure, but not to worry, we CAN and WILL handle this fraud in a fashion he is instigating, the only losers will be his leaches of the public treasury, and believe you, me, it won’t be a great lose of any kind as he would and does throw them over the bus on a daily basis as it is. They are just too stupid and ignorant to understand, the abused are in fact them, not us the working and support groups of their fantasy idled lives.

    The Israeli, God’s chosen people, have a covinent together, for better of worse, our Heavenly Father will never abandom them, of this much we know, he has forewarned their enemies ( arabs in general, decendence of ishmeal, or satan’s own), and the World, of the commitement with them, and whoa unto those who do not heed his message.

    Some are inclined to cling on to the notion of this fraud-n-liar, obama’s bin lyn’, is going to try and effect a “red flag” type operation and it would be intentionally blamed and geared towards the Tea Party Patriots, but, that is not going to happen as he is fooling around with a powder keg as it stands. This is not likely to happen, but it is conforting to know there are millions of Patriots still standing tall and demanding the law be adhered to, even by this fraud and liar of the public trust. The one thing that can happen, and likely will, is if he refuses to back Israel in their time of greater need, the American Public is going to see this move as a weakness in the face of a deteremined foe, they will not tolerate this type of attitude, not for one moment. I still have full faith and confidence within the Patriotic community, many of these fine people are veterans who once swore an Oath to the Constitution who have never been relieved of this commitement, not to a particular pResident, nor any for that matter, they will do what is required of themselves in our time of need as well. It won’t matter who is trying to steal our livelyhood, our freedoms, or our heritage, they will be crushed by the sher numbers alone, and if they are that stupid to engage, one has to pray they don’t, but if they persist, watch out, the shit spreader is going to be going full steam ahead, best to get out of the way or get in the fight, either by supporting the Patriots in some fashion, or assisting their efforts, freedom is never free, and those of us who know what this truely means never have been quiters, not by a long shot. Pray for peace, prepare for war, it’s the only solution in perilous times. Try not to worry, it’s all in God’s plans and hands at this time. God Bless. Semper Fi

  9. I have wondered what the problem with BHO’s birth certificate was. Born in Kenya? I don’t think so. When Romney Sr was running for the GOP nomination being born in Mexico didn’t seem to be a problem. So, I think it is something else. The problem isn’t where he was born, the problem is who’s the daddy. There has been time to subourne people, make documents disappear and substitute other documents. I wonder if BHO is very careful of anything that has his DNA on it.

  10. Fuck you, Obama, Israel has God on their side they don’t need you!
    I’d like to say Australia would help – John definitely would have – but with the commie slag squatting in parliament house, I doubt it.


  12. We expected something different from Obama? Looks like he’s campaigning to head the new Caliphate most Muslim leaders are talking about – and if he can set-up Israel for destruction while bankrupting the “Great Satan,” he’ll have no competition.

  13. If Obama loses (and he will lose), after the election he will still be president for two months, and in this time he would be able to wreak havoc of immeasurable evil — God only knows what he might do — impose Martial Law, send all the patriots to concentration camps and order the murder of all the electees — the FBI and the CIA are in his pocket and do whatever he wants. A dictator never gives up the power once he has it — the depths of his twisted mind cannot be plumbed. I fear he will do something dreadful to harm our country and its patriots and God-fearing citizens — I’m sure he will never graciously accept defeat.
    And in January, if the newly elected people do survive and take office, and Obama and his minions are then just ordinary citizens, then he must be arrested and brought to trial for all his many crimes — our treacherous Congress will not impeach him, but the people can bring him to trial once he no longer is president. Impeachment would not be enough punishment, this man is a criminal and must be either imprisoned for 1000 years or hung by the neck until dead, dead, dead as a righteous judgment, for him and his accomplices. Like Martin Luther King, I have a dream — seeing Obama (or whatever his name is) in an orange jump suit and an inmate of Gitmo where he would be fed pickled pigs feet every day for dinner, and bread and water for breakfast and lunch. We the people are screaming for justice.

    • Oh my, good points ! I had not thought of that scenario if/when he loses, but you are right, we can’t put anything past that man. He could and most likely will cause terrible chaos and suffering. Praying for my US “cousins”.

  14. HEY OBAMA!
    Screw you! You Creamed Puff Peckerwood!
    The Ghetto Cracker Son of a Hut Jumping Strumpet!
    The Mulatto Princess at her finest and I can only imagine the hate that must be blasting through her/his Octoroon body.
    This boy ain’t nothing but left over Crackers and my gawd, the idiots who thought he would make a great President, how could they not know, are they that daft…is the human race actually regressing into little Muppet puppets for the clinically insane and inane???
    And what do they do, they support another Muslim Hugging neoconservative in Romney who is promising to build Islamic Charter Schools across the United States, Promising to install Muslim Judges into our court systems to make rulings over us, and his goal to put more Muslim Teachers in our school system to teach our children & grand children.
    And we are suppose to trust Eastwood after he voted for Obama in 2007, ding the dong Clint calling, I’m cured now, yea right, roll down the Big White Hunter and shoot some jackasses before I trust his judgement…
    Have we lost out bloody minds, he said these things on three separate occasions and they are going to make him our President. Already Lil Old Joseph Smiths Muhammy is working his way to the surface and Romney has already started his war with the Christians and we are sleeping it away….
    He kept every born again Christian out of his Convention but for Huckabee who threatened him right back and we do nothing but high the five each other. Damn shameful, damn dangerous and he’s our Obama now and I’m pissed!!!!
    We’ve got the whole damned world at our finger tips and we are still blind to the gawd awful and scarey truth, shame be upon us for it too…

  15. Do anything to get the muslim vote and the vote of the liberal leftard jews who would vote for a democrate even while the democrate was ‘putting them under the bus’. I hope that all Jews, Christians, business owners, intelligent people and so on, will vote for Romney and the GOP on November the 6th. We can not take 4 more years of obama pandering to the muslims.

  16. Israel does not need the USA. The USA needs Israel.

    “I, Myself. will take up your cause, and I, Myself, will save your children. And I will feed your oppressors their own flesh, and as with sweet wine shall they become drunk; then all flesh shall know that I am G-d, your Savior and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Israel.” as told to Isaiah 49:25, 26

  17. What both troubles me and pisses me off, is that all of our generals seem to be doing whatever Obama orders them to do. Yes, I understand the chain of command very well, but these traitors, both to the soldiers they command and to the American people seem all too willing to cater to his every whim and certainly have no backbone. Sometimes you have to make a stand, even against your commanding officer if you know he is wrong. I was just following orders is not an excuse, it wasn’t for the Nazi’s and it isn’t now!

  18. Evidently, his Arab masters broke in on his busy schedule of golfing and camaigning to give him his orders to stop Israel from bombing the stupid, homo hanging Iranians and their flea ridden Ayotollah to flinders.

    Now, as in the past three and a half years, he will act as if it is his own idea. What a cowardly, posturing, lying Jerk he is !

  19. Naw, liberal Jews wil still vote for this traitor in chief. Even if Israel is attacked by Iran, American Jews will still vote Democrap.

  20. If I were Netanyahu I would time my bombing raids in November, a few days before the election. This way if, indeed, he did need America’s help, Mitt would send it. Obama is finished anyway.

  21. The Muslim who sits in the White Mosque (White House) intensely hates both Israel and America. Barack Hussein Obama is rabidly anti-Israel and extremely pro-Iran. It is clear that the Obama-Clinton administration are eager for Iran to perpetrate a nuclear holocaust on Israel.

    U.S. leaders ignore the fact that besides Iran repeatedly vowing to “Wipe Israel off the map”, genocidal Iran has also vowed to “Destroy America”. America has many enemies. Muslim nations and Muslim terrorist organizations work with communist countries, plotting to utterly DESTROY America. God has promised His protection on only ONE nation: Israel. Because of America’s repeated hostile acts towards U.S. ally, Israel, America no longer has G-D’s protection. The American people love Israel and Jews. However, God judges nations – the acts of nations’ leaders. Jeremiah 50-51. Note Jeremiah 51:24. The judgments will be so horrible, God actually pleads with people to get out.

    For many years, America has given advanced military training and arms to the Muslim Terrorist Palestinian Authority Occupation Forces. The PLO/PA have used ALL of the U.S. military training against hated infidel little Israel. Over the years, America has demanded that Israel release thousands of Muslim terrorists from Israeli jails, eliminate terror checkpoints, make concessions to the PLO/PA terrorists and surrender the vital militarily strategic high ground of Biblical Judea and Samaria to Islam.

  22. America is being placed under judgment, from a promise made to Abraham thousands of years ago,,,,
    Genesis 12:3

    New King James Version (NKJV)

    3 I will bless those who bless you,
    And I will curse him who curses you;
    And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

    But the zero is so narcissistic that he cannot see it, or he is so full of satan that he WON’T see it,,,

  23. First off, God will protect Israel, of that I have no doubt. Secondly, that horrible pigdog in the white house does NOT speak for the majority of Americans. We DO support Israel and I can’t wait until his traitorous ass is tossed out come November. I wish he had never been voted in in the first place.

    • I am Jewish and even I know History, Israel has made God very disappointed over many instances throughout Biblical History, Obama is NOT the cause of Israel’s poor judgement in expansion, and God may turn a deaf Ear as he has in the past to Israel abuse of its power,position of so called” Chosen People”, and Doctrine of Exclusivity and what occurred in World War II, does automatically give any concept of manifest destiny, or forgive mis-treatment of other races and religions That Threat of Forsaken Israel also has a double meaning of how you treat fellow Christine’s, Muslims, Hindus all are Gods Children, so be careful how you wheeled that threat, don’t tempt thy God Israel, David learned that the hard way and see what that got him

  24. Well, well, well. Is anyone surprised? No!

    Absolutely disgusting and treacherous behavior on the POTUS.

    I just hope once and for all, that all the leftist/Democratic Jewish voters in NY and Florida abandon the Democrats and Obama in record numbers. SMH.

    • Very likely Obama’s plan is for martial law put into place upon some trumped-up excuse (e.g., war with Iran or Syria) and helped by the United Nations and Communist + Moslem forces sent by the likes of Castro, Chavez, Ahmedinejad et al.

      THEN he’ll dictate what he wants to the rest of the world…

      REGARDLESS of what he does, I still think that Israel MUST ATTACK IRAN – and if ANY attacks occur in retaliation, let Islam in itself be destroyed by plentiful use of nukes upon Moslem cities (Mecca and Medina being the first two)!!!

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