GERMANY: Rabid Muslims beat up Rabbi in front of his young daughter

About 1,500 people rallied in Berlin Sunday in support of a rabbi who was brutally beaten in daylight in front of his six-year-old daughter, allegedly by a group of four Arab Muslim youths.  The attack on the 53-year-old left the Rabbi hospitalized.

Expatica  During the attack, one youth smashed Daniel Alter, 53, in the face several times after asking him if he was Jewish, apparently because he was wearing a traditional skullcap, police said. The four assailants fled, but not before hurling death threats at his young daughter, according to police. Alter’s father survived Auschwitz concentration camp. The attack prompted a seminary to advise its Jewish students not to wear skullcaps in public.

Anti-Semitism in parts of Europe with large Muslim immigrant populations is at the level of pre-WWII. Most Europeans do not support Israel, but ‘Palestine.’

The protest against anti-Semitism and racism took place near the scene of the attack on 53-year-old Daniel Alter in the western district of Schoeneberg on Tuesday.

Alter, who attended the demonstration, thanked the crowd for the “wonderful outpouring of moral support” for his family. “My cheekbone was broken but these guys did not break my will to stand up for dialogue between religions,” he said. Police have launched an investigation but made no arrests in the case.

The Jewish community of Berlin’s point man on anti-Semitism, Levi Salomon, welcomed support from local leaders, noting that Mayor Klaus Wowereit wore a Jewish skullcap late Saturday at an event showcasing the German capital’s diverse religious groups. The attack comes against the backdrop of frequent altercations on German streets over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The caption below represents the same problem liberal Jews had in pre-WWII Germany, where anti-semitism was rampant, much as it is today.  Jews think they can get their avowed enemies on their side, if only they reach out to them. The question should be, why do they live in a country that wanted to exterminate every last one of them, not so long ago? Surely, there are many Germans, even today, who harbor those same feelings, as do most of the Muslim population there.