GERMANY: Rabid Muslims beat up Rabbi in front of his young daughter

About 1,500 people rallied in Berlin Sunday in support of a rabbi who was brutally beaten in daylight in front of his six-year-old daughter, allegedly by a group of four Arab Muslim youths.  The attack on the 53-year-old left the Rabbi hospitalized.

Expatica  During the attack, one youth smashed Daniel Alter, 53, in the face several times after asking him if he was Jewish, apparently because he was wearing a traditional skullcap, police said. The four assailants fled, but not before hurling death threats at his young daughter, according to police. Alter’s father survived Auschwitz concentration camp. The attack prompted a seminary to advise its Jewish students not to wear skullcaps in public.

Anti-Semitism in parts of Europe with large Muslim immigrant populations is at the level of pre-WWII. Most Europeans do not support Israel, but ‘Palestine.’

The protest against anti-Semitism and racism took place near the scene of the attack on 53-year-old Daniel Alter in the western district of Schoeneberg on Tuesday.

Alter, who attended the demonstration, thanked the crowd for the “wonderful outpouring of moral support” for his family. “My cheekbone was broken but these guys did not break my will to stand up for dialogue between religions,” he said. Police have launched an investigation but made no arrests in the case.

The Jewish community of Berlin’s point man on anti-Semitism, Levi Salomon, welcomed support from local leaders, noting that Mayor Klaus Wowereit wore a Jewish skullcap late Saturday at an event showcasing the German capital’s diverse religious groups. The attack comes against the backdrop of frequent altercations on German streets over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The caption below represents the same problem liberal Jews had in pre-WWII Germany, where anti-semitism was rampant, much as it is today.  Jews think they can get their avowed enemies on their side, if only they reach out to them. The question should be, why do they live in a country that wanted to exterminate every last one of them, not so long ago? Surely, there are many Germans, even today, who harbor those same feelings, as do most of the Muslim population there.



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  1. Iklnow that my feelings and intentions lie 100% with the Jews. However, a casecan easily be made to say that the head bags which should be forbidden pose a freedom denied for one group that wearing the yarmulke(spelling?) gives to another.
    I think the semenarians were given good advice to tavel in groups and take lessons in stomping muslim butts. I’m not sure they wouyld do it due to the large number of Jews that refuse to protect themselves and prefer to remain future victims.
    In the meantime, they should refrain from painting themselves as victims until they CAN defend themselves. The sniveling coward muslims will always attack in groups and usually attack single targets. If it werein my state, I would wear a skullcap even though I’m not Jewish, just to see if I could provake an atatack and give myself an excuse to add a couple more orifices than God gave them to a filthy muslim or two.

    • If the Germans were like the wartime Danes, millions of them would wear the yarmulka, not to confuse the enemy, but to show solidarity.

  2. So these vile Muslims swarm in the free West wearing their ridiculous rags looking like tramps, especially the women, thereby making a statement to us all that we are Muslim, look at me, and yet our Jewish friends are being advised to remove the skull scap and Christians being advised and some cases here in the UK being forced to remove crosses! No, no, no we must not give in but but hung our crosses high, wear our Jewish skull caps and any other religious symbols with pride and to hell with muslims. Otherwise we will lose this war.

  3. I totally agree with Corrina. I wear a cross, 24/7/365 and I would never take it off even if I was being threatened by a muslim lunartics of allah. Wear your caps on every occasion with pride, honour, courage and with faith. muslims are cowards and bullies. Do not show fear in the face of cowardly muslims.

  4. Cheeta does not believe American citizens should have the right to possess firearms. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

  5. Instead of not wearing skullcaps, I would suggest the seminary students not go out inj groups of less then four and that the seminaries add training in the unarmed martail arts to their ciricula.

  6. “The attack prompted a seminary to advise its Jewish students not to wear skullcaps in public.” Does this mean they are in fact telling Jews:
    “Don’t whatever you do, incite Muslim hatred. if you do, by wearing Jewish apparel etc. then you deserve what you get”? Or:
    “only Muslims can wear their garb and practice their “religion” (and medieval culture) openly. We only respect and protect Muslims”?

    Then we (yawn) hear repeatedly the excuse that Germans are” scared” of being openly “islamophobic” because of their history, yet here they are repeating it this time through Muslim Nazi’s? This is okay ??
    Insanity rules.

  7. It looks like to me on a world wide scope, the muzzies are getting a tad cantankerous. I hope people get sick of the hesitation of putting up with these ingrates and start bitch slapping them back. It is past time to start fighting fire with fire. If a civilization is going to remain civil, the muzzies need to be put on their own planet. All the trash can do is the 3 b’s behead, blow up, and be assholes.

  8. This history of money lending has a lot to do with the European distrust of Jews inflamed by the Christian churches. Christians were never allowed to loan money and charge interest. The Jews were. Now, most people hate paying interest, most people hate the landlord and this was a lot to blame for the pogroms held throughout Europe over the last two centuries. It was Jewish money that paid for the release of Richard the Lion Heart from his prison in Austria. The first pogrom in Europe was in 1066 in Spain. It has rarely stopped. Not many helped the Jews then as in the Hitler days in Germany. Some did of course, but as a nation – no way.

    As Christian people can live in any part of the world they wish just like Muslims do today but when Jews do this, and they have every right to do so, they are condemned. I don’t know why. Judaism is a religion like Christianity or Buddhism. Jews have lived in Europe for thousands of years. They belong to different countries in Europe just as we honor the homes of our birth. They become that nation, they speak that language, and they love their country too.

    Many Muslims cant read or write and would never know these things. They follow blindly to what their crazy clerics tell them.

    But Jewish people should take heart. Muslims hate everyone who is not a Muslim and including the women of their own kind. The big problem for all of us is who is going to help us stop them.

  9. I shall never understand the “we must have dialogue and outreach” paradigm. This was an evil act and no amount of dialogue will ever change the mindset of muslims. The only way to change their supremacist mentality is “cold steel.” History is replete with such examples. There is nothing new under the sun, yet these folks (appeasement monkeys) carry on like the universe was born yesterday.

    I nominate such people for a Darwin Award.

  10. To begin with, if I were Jewish I wouldn’t live in Germany or France but if I needed to under today’s circumstances, I’d round up a number of lads who are not afraid to communicate with their fists or boots in the spirit of the Stern Gang or Irgun. Then whenever a situation like this one crops up we wouldn’t even call the police. We’d take care of it ourselves. Bullies are cowards and when word gets around that we break arms and legs, they’ll find other targets.

  11. I think that it’s about time that we wake up and finally realize that these hate crimes committed by Mohammedans in Europe have absolutely NOTHING to do with the government or policies of the State of Israel.

    They are the same age-old cancer of sectarian hatred that existed long before the Zionist concept ever even existed.

    • That is exactly what it is. If it wasn’t Israel and Zionism, rest assured the muzturds would find something else to rage about in order to justify their own existance and reason for being.

      “Cold Steel”

  12. Be it knowen to all muslims we see you where ever you go in this world ! Clean up your actions ,police your malcontents or face the rath of Patriots across this world . your god and you will be no more. So say I a Patriot who believes in revenge and will go in too Hell to get it.

    • Im with you brother fuck those cowards they don’t scare me. I hate them and every chance I get I let them and everyone I know how I feel. Fuck mo and his little coward retards.

  13. Do the Jews seriously think muslims will stand up for them? How insane is that? Has this man had common sense labotomy? Muslims want Jews exterminated!! But that is what happens when you let islam in en mass. The Rabbi has either lost his mind or is a tad too hopeful. Frankly, pink pinks will fly past before muslims in Germany help the Jews.

  14. Why do people hate the Jews so much when they contributed so much to our culture???? Even the Muslims, although a twisted version, believe in the Jewish Prophets or really to them they were Muslims and not Hebrews. I am not Jewish but I have sworn to fight for the Jews against persecution. Never again!! but we cannot just close our eyes to this new threat against Jews and non-Muslims but we must fight for our freedoms. No more dhimmi status for Jews or Christians!!

  15. NO! NO! NO!!! They should keep the skull caps on! Do not remove a symbol of your faith out of fear of what may happen! That is caving in to them, plus to me it is like an insult to your faith! You should wear your symbol of faith with pride! Be strong!!!!

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