YES! Kudos to the Turkish woman who beheaded her rapist for honor

A woman who killed a man that allegedly raped and impregnated her, then rolled his decapitated head in front of a coffeehouse in a village in Isparta province, has said she did what she did to protect her honor. “At least, now, my children will be able say they are the children of a woman who cleaned her honor,” admitted Nevin Yildirim.

Cevirman (H/T Susan K)  Isparta – Nevin Yildirim was raped at gunpoint and left pregnant by N.G. and subsequently killed him with a hunting rifle, decapitated him and threw his head in the village square.  Stating that she didn’t want to give birth to the five month old baby in her belly, Nevin said, “Come what may, an abortion should be done. I am ready to die.”

Nevin, a 26 year old mother of two, was raped at gunpoint and left pregnant by N.G., a 35 year old father of two. Last Tuesday at 10 PM, she killed him with a hunting rifle, and then decapitated him with a knife and put his head in a sack. Shouting, “This is the head of the man who played with my honor,” she threw it head into the village square. Afterwards, she was taken into custody by the gendarmerie and was referred to the court system yesterday.

Using her right to remain silent while in the custody of the gendarmerie, Nevin explained in her statement to the court that her husband works in Antalya, which is why she remained in the village with their two and six year old children. She said that five months ago, N.G. came to their house one night and raped her at gunpoint. Taking naked pictures of her, N.G. continued to rape her using threats and blackmail. Nevin explained that N.G. raped her repeatedly, and she was afraid she couldn’t explain what was happening to anybody.

The very graphic photo below isn’t the rapist here but we can only hope he looked like this when Nevin was done with him.


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  1. Really? We didn’t need the picture. It wasn’t even of the man that she killed. I love your page, BUT…STOP with the graphic pictures.

    It’s disgusting to most of us. We get the idea. We DON’T need to see it. I’m sick and tired of see things that I can’t ‘unsee’.

  2. All women / men who are raped should seek justice like this. Even if it takes ten years. Unfortunately they must also accept that they will go to jail. The punishments we give to rapists and pedos are not enough. How can these people rejoin society and walk among us after what they have done? If there was proof beyond all doubt (rather than proof beyond reasonable doubt) some form of capital punishment should take place e.g. chemical castration and drugs to take away any sexual desires or ability. At the moment not enough is done to protect people when they are released or for the aggrieved to seek justice.

  3. If all women who were raped -turned on their rapist’s and took revenge-for –their -honour the rapist’s mightn’t sleep very well if they knew they were being-stalked -and it is -her -honour that is being -avenged -not the father-or the brother’s -but hers.-the men? of islam are becoming well known for their filthy rape and -run -they are without any honour.

  4. I have two advice for you ADHD: 1. Pls sincerely learn more about Islam to find out what it truly is and not to ridicule it; 2. Do not equate Islam the religion and Muslims the people embracing it. While Islam propagates peace, not all Muslims behave as propagated.

    • rb,… we don’t have to learn anything about muslim Pigs,… we know and understand what the koran says about the kafirs!

  5. Hip hip horaaaay , what she did was courageous . All rapists should be killed one way or another, then men will realise our bodies are our own and no one else’s ,

  6. I feel sorry for the lady and for the rapists two kids. Now those two kids have no father..what are they going to tell them your father raped a lady so she killed him by blowing his balls off.. his body has no head

  7. She went to extremes with this supposed torturer and rapist. And I very much want to believe that such violence and stress she suffered simply cannot go unpunished! However, what if the “rape” part had been fabricated by the woman to cover up her affair while her husband was away; and that after her attempt to get an abortion at 14 weeks, she realized that she was in VERY deep doo-doo – so, she was driven to this extreme act to cover for her own infidelity!

    I know that the “rapist’s” family will claim that it was a consensual affair and will do everything to paint this woman as guilty of an extra-marital affair, etc. (as might, too, her husband).

    So, the sad thing is we may never really know the truth! Whether or not it was consensual or not, the coming of a baby forced the mother to make a very desperate decision. Yes, it would make a GREAT episode of L & O/SVU!!

  8. ort ,bni told you”no abortion arguments.”
    I am sure you can find blogs dedicated to your belief,that all potential life must reach fruition.
    too bad more musliims don’t abort.
    many less parasitic barbarians ,for us to fear.
    I hope whatever that dude is gnawing on,its kosher.

    • Libra lady: BNI told kaafir, as kaafir opened up the proverbial can of worms, along with Emma. I don’t see you taking it up with them, just me. Is that because I am pro life and they are not? Rebuke Emma and kaafir and I will comply.

  9. Why are so many of you missing the point and getting all upset about her wanting an abortion. It’s none of your damn business to start with, I expect I may want to abort a baby if it was put there by a violent rape, by a subhuman almost certainly inbred piece of shit. Remember that baby has half his genetics. And imagine if the babies a girl, she’s doing it a favor by not having it as the babies life would no doubt be hell on earth, living as a female in that shithole country. And she’s a real badass to go handle that bastard like that. Everyone of those women over there should be so brave, rip their faces off and feed it to the pigs.

    • Natlie, I am pro-life but I totally approve of abortion in cases of rape/incest. Why would you want a child who reminded you of the worst day of your life, every day for the rest of your life?

      • Exactly BNI. That baby would also suffer knowing how they came to be here. I’d rather not be born than know my father was a violent rapist of my mother.

        • Natalie, I’m pro-life as well and agree with BNI. When I was in Yemen the Bedouins would kill newly born female babies all the time. If they felt dishonored by the mother not giving birth to a male, they would eventuality kill the mother if they didn’t produce a male child. They didn’t have ultrasound machines to tell them the sex of their children, so they waited until they were born to kill them. I saw this in Saudi Arabia and Southeastern Iran but not to the extent as in Yemen. All these countries condone rape, insect and interbreeding and we all wonder why they are all mess up in the head. Take a good look at the Saudi Royal Family, they are all a bunch of interbreed cocker spaniels.
          I’m so proud of this gal in Turkey. I wish more Islamic women would stand up to their men. Most of the men are just lazy cowards and I can hardly wait until they think they can come and kill us on our soil.

  10. GOOD FOR HER. hopefully turkey isn’t as barbaric as the other muslim countries and find what she did was justified. since CAIR leaders and others read this post and others i hope they get their panties in a was. ISLAM THE RELIGION THAT WORSHIPS THE PENIS
    has to with everything that is allowed

    • Thank you for reminding me both about that: I remember now reading about that somewhere but forgot about it!! So help me My Lord, I’ll not forget that again!!!!

      Truly, WOE is all those born as Moslems (i.e., into Moslem families). It helps me understand more about why a Moslem woman would be that much more willing to abort such a child – that ideology is so utterly DEVOID OF ALL COMPASSION, PITY, EMPATHY and everything else that’s positive!!!!

      That’s why I’ll write again, with all my heart: D-E-A-T-H TO ISLAM, now and forever and unto ages of all ages!!!!! Amen, Amen and Amen!!!

      • The first sentence of the reply above to Linda D. should read:

        “Thank you for reminding me both about that and – implicitly – about how Moslem men frequently do VERY LITTLE in terms of their kids’ upbringing!!!”

        Mea culpa…

  11. I applaud this woman and hope she lives a long and peaceful life. In a cult (islam) where women are nothing more than cattle, this is very refreshing news. The men seem to be some pretty fucked up individuals. The women and children are the ones that have any kind of future for this “religion of peace”.

  12. Wow, I predicted this some time back when I stated , ” there will be a day when the muslim women will stand up to render these little tyrants some well deserved payback” fair play, indeed. I will pray for this poor soul that the lord may forgive her in her time of torment. I believe she did what was required of her, whether or not it is acceptable for the rest of the inhumane bunch operating such a cult, islam. What did she do that was so outragous, she defended her honor, and for that, she’ll likely loose her life and leave behind children stuck in the same game of suffering and humiliations. A solid piece of payback, well deserved and completed, well done, even of it were for the wrong reasons, but, hey I’ll bet this little tyrant won’t be doing this to another now will he?

  13. This might stop some of the snivvling low down grubbs from raping if more raped women avenged themselves for -their -honour -at least he wouldn’t be getting away with it as he is now,she might still be imprisoned but at least he wouldn’t be able to rape again -they are just -filth.

  14. Woo Hoo! Thats effin’ awesome! I just hope she can get away with it. Doubtful though. It is truly sad and a real injustice the way muslims treat rape victims. Their blame the victim mentality is repugnant and morally reprehenceable.

  15. What a heroine, a Turkish Boudicca — maybe we should all write letters of admiration to a Turkish newspaper — Muslim men think rape is their right, it’s their most beloved pastime, and the victim is silent out of shame, and to protect her family. I wonder if this woman can get an abortion? That is surely her right, but women’s rights don’t count for much in Islam. May this act of courage be a rallying cry to all Muslim women — don’t be silent, make the monsters pay for their crime
    I wonder if this woman’s husband will stand by her? If he says he’s proud of her for what she did, that will send shock waves across the Islamic world. She was revenging his honor as well as her own. Because Muslims believe a rape is the fault of the girl or woman who is the victim, they believe there is something evil in the female of whatever age that causes a man to rape her, just for being female.
    They have to be taught they are wrong, the evil is in them.

  16. Meriba, to all Turkish women and three cheers for them too. I always told everyone how tough they were. I doubt she would get away with this in Saudi or Egypt, but because it is Turkey, she just may have a chance.

    • Amen!!!

      Too many people don’t realise what mental and spiritual – if not even physical!! – scarring results from rape, no matter what the circumstances!!! Things are that much worse in “dar al-Islam”, where a) women are subordinated to men to begin with, and then b) the women usually being brought up to hate themselves if such a thing happens because they’re automatically ASSUMED to be guilty of inciting the crime!!!!

      That’s one more reason to loathe Islam with all one’s being and to aim for its total DESTRUCTION as the MONSTROUS political ideology it really is (with a coat of BAD religion surrounding it)…

  17. Personally, I would vote for giving rapists a sex change, putting it in a red dress, and then turning her over to her former buddies. They only will be upset till they are actively taking advantage of her new sexual status and are “Packing-it-to Stan” so to speak. I would be willing to bet this would reduce mohammed’s sexual circle to his significant other goat…

  18. I have said many times, that the decline of islam will start with the women~!
    And as this story illustrates, the adolescent mozlem dogs have no respect for women whether mozlem or non-mozlem~!
    THIS story is the proof of it~!
    The mozlem male is ruled ONLY by his gonads,,, he has no other brains~!

    • I entirely agree that she’s a real heroine for a) doing the deed of vengeance and b) telling the whole truth in court!!! I hope she’s cleared completely (though I have my doubts with Turks being Moslems as well as a particularly brutal people to boot!! – the odds are that she’ll be committed to prison, where she’ll be raped and eventually die in atrocious circumstances – God FORBID, but that’s Islamic reality…) or else pardoned without one minute wasted!!!!

      [The only thing I’ll disagree about is her aborting the child: he or she didn’t ask to come into the world, so why should the one suffer for the father’s sins? No, let the pregnancy be carried to term, or at least enough so the kid can then be born alive and then given up for adoption. Given the one’s being a product of rape, at least his or her chromosomes won’t be quite as muddled as most Moslem kids would otherwise have them so a viable chance is there that – in the right hands – a decent human being could yet result.]

      • Until you are raped brutally by one man or gang raped ADHD, you will not understand why women would want an abortion. Look at the post near the top. It is psychologically damaging and some women never recover. No one should ber forced to give birth to a rape baby. NO ONE. In that instance, she has the right to abort. I would not want to carry round a baby and give birth to something that reminded me constantly of that horrorific event. NO, the pregnancy should not be carried to term. Some women can, but most cannot. Please do not dump on this woman, your views on abortion. She has to do what is right for her, not you.

        • Emma: the child did not have a choice to be conceived. It certainly couldn’t pick HOW it was conceived. That is no reason to murder that child. Answer my particular question, with no changing of the subject and no straw man arguments—-explain logically to me why this child needs to be murdered/aborted. Explain only that.

    • I don’t think it is a Frank but part of Frank. I wonder if it is Halal?

      “—-explain logically to me why this child needs to be murdered/aborted. Explain only that.”
      The child is conceived by rape, by a rapist. The rapist is the one that condemned it. I know I would not want a child that is conceived by RAPE. I would probably do the same. Peace to all non-muslims who wants islam gone.

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