YES! Kudos to the Turkish woman who beheaded her rapist for honor

A woman who killed a man that allegedly raped and impregnated her, then rolled his decapitated head in front of a coffeehouse in a village in Isparta province, has said she did what she did to protect her honor. “At least, now, my children will be able say they are the children of a woman who cleaned her honor,” admitted Nevin Yildirim.

Cevirman (H/T Susan K)  Isparta – Nevin Yildirim was raped at gunpoint and left pregnant by N.G. and subsequently killed him with a hunting rifle, decapitated him and threw his head in the village square.  Stating that she didn’t want to give birth to the five month old baby in her belly, Nevin said, “Come what may, an abortion should be done. I am ready to die.”

Nevin, a 26 year old mother of two, was raped at gunpoint and left pregnant by N.G., a 35 year old father of two. Last Tuesday at 10 PM, she killed him with a hunting rifle, and then decapitated him with a knife and put his head in a sack. Shouting, “This is the head of the man who played with my honor,” she threw it head into the village square. Afterwards, she was taken into custody by the gendarmerie and was referred to the court system yesterday.

Using her right to remain silent while in the custody of the gendarmerie, Nevin explained in her statement to the court that her husband works in Antalya, which is why she remained in the village with their two and six year old children. She said that five months ago, N.G. came to their house one night and raped her at gunpoint. Taking naked pictures of her, N.G. continued to rape her using threats and blackmail. Nevin explained that N.G. raped her repeatedly, and she was afraid she couldn’t explain what was happening to anybody.

The very graphic photo below isn’t the rapist here but we can only hope he looked like this when Nevin was done with him.