French woman gets in the face of a burqa-wearing (against the law in France) Muslim woman and her arrogant husband

Fellow non-Muslim citizens of the world: We have to take the war against Islam to our streets. Our politicians and law enforcement officials won’t/can’t do it for us. This is one-on-one combat of the verbal kind and we are all equally-armed for battle. Islam is evil and we must confront evil wherever we find it.

Most Muslims refuse to conform and assimilate into Western Societies. It is our duty, not to accommodate them but to make them feel as uncomfortable as we possibly can. They hate us. They hate our culture, our religions, and our way of life (except for the economic benefits they can get here) We don’t want Muslims here and we have to let them know it.

This is a story of a French woman who confronted a Muslim in a burqa, the wearing of which has been outlawed in France. (Note: the comments in Red are the translator’s)

From  Resistance Republicaine, and kindly tranlated by BNI reader, Alain:

This is what happened to Josyane Vienne last week while she was shopping at a big store. The two photos below are of Mr and Mrs Baghead:

“Tuesday evening, around 18h30, I was shopping at the Carrefour of Aix-en-Provence les Milles when, suddenly appeared in an alley in front of me a “Belphégor” [as we call bagheads in France]. I first thought she surely wouldn’t have her face completely covered up as well, so I approached her and, surprise, Madame was completely covered, and her bearded husband was guiding the trolley with the 4 kids inside. My blood boiled and I told the husband -as she visibly didn’t speak French since she talked to him in Arabic- that French laws forbade her outfit and covering of the face.

His answer was unequivocal: “I couldn’t care less about French laws, I do what I want and anyway, we’re leaving in two days.” [Good! And don’t come back!] I again told him his wife must uncover herself as full covering is unlawful and that if she doesn’t, I’d call the police. “I couldn’t care less about the police, do what you want, and anyway I’m French, you want to see my papers?” [Ha, French my ass, on paper perhaps but that as far as you’re French asshole!] 

“No, I don’t want to see your papers. You must respect the laws of the République and not yours, your behavior is unacceptable.”

“Then go madame, if someone has to leave here it’s you and not me.” [WRONG, this is OUR HOME, it’s YOU all scum who will leave!!]

Hearing our exchange, a few customers approach us, say that I’m right and one of them tells the couple: “You’re doing this on purpose to provoke us, and we’ve had enough.” 

I go to the store’s customer service desk and ask to see a manager. They send me the Maghrebin [north African] in service who takes care of security. “Nothing I can do”, he says, “I’m not the police and anyway, so what?”  [You’re security prick! So there’s plenty you can do!]


“So what, is that this bothers me and that this store is contravening French law. I want to see a manager of this store.” 

I wait 5 minutes and see the guy come back with someone in charge. I ask how come he lets someone completely covered enter his store when the law forbids it -not to mention the security risk this poses, since arms could be hidden underneath that thing…

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry from his answer, and the exchange between us that followed:

“I can’t know all the laws.”

“I hope you’re kidding! No-one is supposed to ignore the law. And you’re not answering my question.”

“I’m not the police.”

“Then call the police.”

“No. You do it, I don’t want to.” [of course not, a muz calling the police on another muz? That’ll be the day!]

“Why not? You’re afraid of reprisals or are you afraid for your store’s profits?”

“I’m not the police.”  [So you keep saying asshole! Guess that means we can all come steal from the store then, you won’t call the police either?]

“Still, you’re in infraction of the law by letting someone covered enter your store, and I’ll point out to you that I’ve got around 20 customers with me on that one.”

“I’m not the police. I’ll only intervene if she pays by check at the till.” [Of all the crap, that’s what he came up with!?] 

“You’re not taking much risk since you know very well it’s her husband who’s going to pay. So you don’t want to do anything?”


“Well then, I won’t set one foot again in your store, and I’ll leave you with everything that’s in my trolley.”

And I left, furious.”

[Boycotting of stores with such attitude, plus those catering to the muzz food are on the rise, and this particular chain store has just announced the cutting of 500 to 600 jobs]