French woman gets in the face of a burqa-wearing (against the law in France) Muslim woman and her arrogant husband

Fellow non-Muslim citizens of the world: We have to take the war against Islam to our streets. Our politicians and law enforcement officials won’t/can’t do it for us. This is one-on-one combat of the verbal kind and we are all equally-armed for battle. Islam is evil and we must confront evil wherever we find it.

Most Muslims refuse to conform and assimilate into Western Societies. It is our duty, not to accommodate them but to make them feel as uncomfortable as we possibly can. They hate us. They hate our culture, our religions, and our way of life (except for the economic benefits they can get here) We don’t want Muslims here and we have to let them know it.

This is a story of a French woman who confronted a Muslim in a burqa, the wearing of which has been outlawed in France. (Note: the comments in Red are the translator’s)

From  Resistance Republicaine, and kindly tranlated by BNI reader, Alain:

This is what happened to Josyane Vienne last week while she was shopping at a big store. The two photos below are of Mr and Mrs Baghead:

“Tuesday evening, around 18h30, I was shopping at the Carrefour of Aix-en-Provence les Milles when, suddenly appeared in an alley in front of me a “Belphégor” [as we call bagheads in France]. I first thought she surely wouldn’t have her face completely covered up as well, so I approached her and, surprise, Madame was completely covered, and her bearded husband was guiding the trolley with the 4 kids inside. My blood boiled and I told the husband -as she visibly didn’t speak French since she talked to him in Arabic- that French laws forbade her outfit and covering of the face.

His answer was unequivocal: “I couldn’t care less about French laws, I do what I want and anyway, we’re leaving in two days.” [Good! And don’t come back!] I again told him his wife must uncover herself as full covering is unlawful and that if she doesn’t, I’d call the police. “I couldn’t care less about the police, do what you want, and anyway I’m French, you want to see my papers?” [Ha, French my ass, on paper perhaps but that as far as you’re French asshole!] 

“No, I don’t want to see your papers. You must respect the laws of the République and not yours, your behavior is unacceptable.”

“Then go madame, if someone has to leave here it’s you and not me.” [WRONG, this is OUR HOME, it’s YOU all scum who will leave!!]

Hearing our exchange, a few customers approach us, say that I’m right and one of them tells the couple: “You’re doing this on purpose to provoke us, and we’ve had enough.” 

I go to the store’s customer service desk and ask to see a manager. They send me the Maghrebin [north African] in service who takes care of security. “Nothing I can do”, he says, “I’m not the police and anyway, so what?”  [You’re security prick! So there’s plenty you can do!]


“So what, is that this bothers me and that this store is contravening French law. I want to see a manager of this store.” 

I wait 5 minutes and see the guy come back with someone in charge. I ask how come he lets someone completely covered enter his store when the law forbids it -not to mention the security risk this poses, since arms could be hidden underneath that thing…

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry from his answer, and the exchange between us that followed:

“I can’t know all the laws.”

“I hope you’re kidding! No-one is supposed to ignore the law. And you’re not answering my question.”

“I’m not the police.”

“Then call the police.”

“No. You do it, I don’t want to.” [of course not, a muz calling the police on another muz? That’ll be the day!]

“Why not? You’re afraid of reprisals or are you afraid for your store’s profits?”

“I’m not the police.”  [So you keep saying asshole! Guess that means we can all come steal from the store then, you won’t call the police either?]

“Still, you’re in infraction of the law by letting someone covered enter your store, and I’ll point out to you that I’ve got around 20 customers with me on that one.”

“I’m not the police. I’ll only intervene if she pays by check at the till.” [Of all the crap, that’s what he came up with!?] 

“You’re not taking much risk since you know very well it’s her husband who’s going to pay. So you don’t want to do anything?”


“Well then, I won’t set one foot again in your store, and I’ll leave you with everything that’s in my trolley.”

And I left, furious.”

[Boycotting of stores with such attitude, plus those catering to the muzz food are on the rise, and this particular chain store has just announced the cutting of 500 to 600 jobs]


30 comments on “French woman gets in the face of a burqa-wearing (against the law in France) Muslim woman and her arrogant husband

  1. I applaud her, most people allow all kinds of personal insults, broken laws, etc… Cause they are too afraid to cause any kind of attention upon themselves. You gotta call everyone out when they do wrong. I just called some rude bitch out at target for rushing ahead of me, cutting me off and not even attempting an excuse me. But, calling out Muslims is everyone’s duty if you expect to still be living free in a few years

  2. In America, I have made it a habit, whenver I am in this same situation, to go to security and report a “security threat.” They are all ears, until I begin describing the threat — the burka. Then they shift uncomfortably and try to get out of doing anything.
    EVERYONE should do the same!
    Go to security, describe the threat.
    If they do not take action — don’t shop there anymore.

  3. ADHD, you’re a prince, as usual. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note on RR, that was really nice of you. As for statements such as above, well, I’ve expressed myself often enough before and frankly, I’ve got more than enough on my plate here right now to bother with such crap. All I’d say to the likes of Shameless Sharia is; you come on here and spend some time with those actually actively DOING SOMETHING, see the situation and perhaps even see for yourself some of the blood that’s actually being shed with your own eyes, and then I’d ask you to look me in the eye and again repeat that statement of yours. I then would have all the legitimacy in the world to throw my fist in your face for insulting us in such fashion if you did. You have absolutely no idea what’s up here, so until you really do and truly comprehend, please STFU and don’t you dare tarnish the memory of all who gave their lives in the defense of my country, and they are legions.

    Other than that, Semper Fi to all Patriots as Ret Marine would say. Keep up the fight.

  4. Good for her! I wish she’d have phoned the police, though. Muzzturd hubby said they were leaving in two days…I hope it’s for good!

  5. Carrefour does of course do huge business across the middle east. Boycotting those stores and implementing all the actions suggested here would hopefully affect their business. Whilst in the US recently my husband and I wandered into a memorabilia/gift shop in a shopping mall looking for a British/American flag. To our surprise Arabic durge was playing and on further looking well disguised were Muslim crap was on sale. We walked out to the utter amazement of the store owner. We must all do this and bring these businesses down. Brits don’t seem to know that our so-called Indian restaurants are in fact Bangladeshi, and from now on I will never eat it one. Wake up Brits, you are likely funding terrorism as all those people will in all probability be paying jyzra to their muslim masters.

  6. WAY TO GO,LADY ! If only the rest of France and their politicians had your National Pride and backbone.
    Be sure to publicize the location of the store and the name of the manager locally. It won’t be long before corporate notices a drop in income. If they do, they will fire the creep.

  7. Go back to that store. Go with your cart to the frozen food Isle. Half fill your cart with random items. Then got to the fresh meat aisle and load more into your cart. Go down the aisles picking random stuff from the shelves until your cart is full. Find a corner and leave the cart and its contents then leave the store. Do this over the course of a few months until they won’t let you in the store anymore.
    That should drive home a message.

    • SS, that makes no sense. What you should do is whenever you see a Muslim cashier, fill your cart to overflowing, with all pork products preferably, and put everything on the checkout counter. The cashier might object to handling pork products, in which case you should leave everything on the counter and walk out. If the cashier doesn’t object, let them ring everything up. Before you pay, say, you’re a Muslim, aren’t you? Then say, I don’t do business with Muslims and walk out of the store without the merchandise.

  8. We can win with our wallets by boycotting all stores that hire muslims and by not using the services of any business owned by a muslim. Do not use tellers who are muslims. All of the time we go to other cashiers and refuse to use stores using muslims. We must stand up for and speak up for the laws of our land. All French people must stand up and speak out against the wearing of the bags and full face coverings. The government will not enforce the burka bans if we do not complain. Together we can win.

  9. Nice to see someone knows something about French History, ADHD! I have my opinions based on study of history and ancestral sympathy.
    One of my ancestors was a Prussian Jew who went to France and became Bonapartist after seeing what the French Revolutionary butchers of the Left were doing! He had a child with a woman who was a descendant of none other than Charles Martel, the real leader who founded France as a united nation as its War Lord, King AND EXPELLED THE MUSLIMS FROM FRANCE FOR GOOD! Their child was raised in the Jewish religion and married a Jewish woman later in NYC AFTER HE WAS FORCED TO FLEE HIS HOMELAND WHEN THE BRITISH STABBED NAPOLEON II IN THE BACK DURING THE FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR!
    I will say it France has never been happy under the Republican form of government, IT ISN’T FRENCH! The National Front of France has many monarchists and I personally believe that the French people and their cousins the Walloons from whence Charles Martel was born actually, MUST UNITE AND SAVE THEIR CULTURE FROM THESE BARBARIANS!
    Fact is Belgium is a false country. The Dutch or Flemish have their own Royal Family in the Netherlands and Geert Wilders is their greatest politician! The Royal Family of Belgium is the only logical choice for a return to monarchy and the Walloons coming into the French Kingdom WILL GIVE THE FRENCH THE POPULATION MAJORITY TO FINALLY DEAL WITH THESE WELFARE INVADERS WHO ARE DESTROYING THEIR HOMELAND!
    This patriotic woman shows the utter hopelessness of the French Republic! The Israelis have shown the world the only way to deal with the Sharia Muslims whereby nonMuslims can survive AND WIN! Europeans in general need to quit fooling themselves! Charles Martel of the most Glorious France and the Israelis of today have shown what needs to be done at the very end! You have to drive these invaders out period!
    By the way, the French were the best rulers Mexico ever had during that period! Maxmilian was a good, brave albeit kind of naive fellow! His weakness and liking for such liberal principles as freedom of religion were his undoing! He originally had the support of the Roman Catholic Church without which he couldn’t rule the country but tried to be a moderate and lost their favor! He should have given them what they wanted and they would have excommunicated and denounced Juarez. As it was Maxmilian had just about 50% of the country! What did him in was the USA which supported the exploitative and nasty Masonic element that ripped off and abused the Mexican people so horribly that there were repeated revolutions! The West has repeated this kind of foolish thinking as the USA in Mexico with the Sharia Muslims whereby we screwed the French in Algeria and the Israelis/French/British in the Suez Canal Crisis in the 1950’s!
    Today, the West in general is paying for these mistakes as the nasty Sharia “Jin” or Genie is out of the bottle and these Sharia savages really think they can get the Caliphate going with these countries under their control! That is what democracy means in a devout, Sharia Islamic country AND THEY TAKE THEIR FILTH TO THE WEST NOW AS THAT POOR WOMAN IN FRANCE IS EXPERIENCING IN HER OWN COUNTRY!

    • Unless I misunderstood you somehwere, I disagree, as Monarchy does not help and will not help Europe. All European countries with a monarchy are also infested with Muslims. Geert Wilders may be a good politician but Queen Beatrix dislikes him ( she loves i.e. The Turks) and prevented his entrance into the coalition Government when he had won the second hghest amount of votes. ( only one less seat in Parliament than the winning VVD) her powers have so-called, been reduced since then. We will see next election coming up soon. WIlders has been blamed for everything under the sun recently. !

      See this video I have placed here before, of Beatrix’s enthusiasm for Turkey to enter the EU ( starts around 4.40 , she speaks English)

      Then we will be over-run by 70 million Turks with a free pass into Europe and become Muslim Europe in a second !

  10. Someone should have opened a bottle of olive oil and poured it on her, accidentally of course. Or accidentally sprayed her with something else flammable. Remember it was the Muslims who collaborated with the Nazis and who should have been tried with them at Nuremberg.

  11. Anyone who dresses that way should be catapulted out of the country along with their entire family immediately. Not only are those black sheets a blatant symbol of islamic terrorism & misogyny, it is a serious security threat when the face is completely covered. There is zero reason to allow muslims to practice their disgusting beliefs in our countries.

  12. BTW, BNI, is there a video that goes along with this? It seems that way, but I can’t figure out how to activate it. Thanks for the good stuff.

    I just wish I had been in that store and accidentally ripped the face covering off that woman……

    I think there should be a spree of klutzy French accidents of people pulling off burqas. You can always smile and say, sorry…..

  13. THERESE maybe it’s becausethe French folded to soon? maybe France needs to implement fashion police. to give tickets and fine these women? maybe if the fines are big enough they’ll leave the country?

  14. Woe is me! From what I rad from French news sources, the French have to law to stop women wearing these smelly old rags, but sadly are not implementing the law. Why, France, Why?

    • Remember the French waving white flags of surrender? This is no different. They’re the Vichy French, except now it’s the Muzis instead of the Nazis.

      The French have backbone made of playdough. It’s very flexible, you can twist it till it nearly breaks, folt it, bend it, but unfortunately it won’t stand up on it’s own

      • Let’s not be too hard upon the French people: remember that in World War I they showed PLENTY of backbone!!! THAT was their hour of glory (unlike 1864-7 with Ferdinand Maximilian in Mexico – Napoléon III’s idea of a Mexican Empire foundered thanks to American insistence upon the Monroe Doctrine – or 1870-1, when Napoléon III and his Field-Marshal Bazaine were disgraced at Sedan).

        In fact, they exhausted themselves so thoroughly (losing 1 out of every 28 Frenchmen!!) that they couldn’t get ready and united in time for World War II: their defeat of 1940 and the Vichy Régime were as much the product of French infighting over what arms to use (horses vs. tanks!!), what kind of government (Bonaparte Imperialism vs. Bourbon {incl. Orléanists} Royalty vs. Republicanism), &c. ‘ad nauseam’!!!

        [For more details about this chapter in French history, please read William L. Shirer’s “The Collapse of the Third Republic” (a companion volume to his “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”).]

        Otherwise, good for the French people who stood up to those Moslem INVADERS, and especially for Miss Josyane Vienne who not only confronted the bastards but also the store management – and, leaving her trolley behind (!!!), told them that she’d never shop there again!!!!! THAT’S THE SPIRIT!!!! [And may that supermarket-chain go under – it would serve them right!!!]

        • Miss Josyane Vienne should have gone back into the store wearing a hummungous burqa, with headbag, and lots of bags underneath, she could fill them up and get her weeks groceries , lots of her friends should do likewise by borrowing her burqa, see how long the business will last with burqa wearing bandits hitting their store, they won’t call the police, will they! obviously the store is owned by muslims, that should be advertised and boycotted..

        • Nice joke, “aussiegirl”: any such shoplifters, thanks to the technology I regularly see in stores in North America, would be caught before they could leave the premises!! Then either the police – or the Moslems’ own Muttawa (religious police of Saudi Arabia) – would be called in… Ergo, your suggestion simply wouldn’t work…

          Nope, it’s best that such stores be publicly shamed and boycotted so as to be forced into bankruptcy!!!! [While we’re at it: we ALL need to shun having absolutely ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with ANY Moslems!!! No buying from them, no selling to them, no welcoming them to our communities, refusing to even speak to them whenever possible!!! The moment they try something, let them be thrown out. [Presumably, Mrs. Marlene Wilkins will have some more and even better ideas on how to drive Moslems out of our communities…]

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