Iranian MUSLIM sleazoid Paralympic athlete refuses to shake Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton’s) hand because she is only a woman

MUSLIM Discus thrower, Mehrdad Karam Zadeh from Iran, pulled his hands back to his chest rather than shake hands after he was presented with his silver medal by Kate Middleton, because Muslim men consider women to be lower than dirt.

UK DAILY MAIL  (H/T Maria) An Iranian MUSLIM athlete refused to shake the Duchess of Cambridge’s hand after she presented him with his discus silver medal on Sunday. The Royal was warmly received on the podium by Paralympic GB’s gold medal winner Aled Davies and Chinese bronze medallist Lezheng Wang.

But when it was Mehrdad Karam Zadeh’s turn to step up, the 40-year-old failed to offer a hand to the Duchess, clutching them close to his chest. His decision not to shake hands with the Duchess was likely to have been a result of ISLAMIC cultural convention which bans such contact between unrelated men and women.

The Duchess appeared to have been briefed on the situation, because she did not offer her hand either.

The Iranian delegation in London have not been available to comment on the incident, but according to the Daily Telegraph, they have told Games organisers Zadeh was not making a political statement. It’s believed the athlete was merely conforming to Iranian cultural convention, forbidding men from shaking hands with unrelated women.