Muslim and Left Wing Fascist mobs bring violence and chaos to peaceful English Defence League rally in Walthamstow on September 1st

The EDL were denied the right to gather in the place agreed in advance with the police, because rather than deal with rampaging violence aimed at them by Muslim and far-left extremists, the police found it expedient to block and ‘kettle’ the law-abiding demonstrators, tell EDL leader that they would be murdered by the mob if they held their rally where they were scheduled to hold it.

British Freedom Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech died in Walthamstow on September 1st 2012. This was the date that Britain officially became a Police State.

In Walthamstow on Saturday afternoon, English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson addressed supporters from the front seat of a police van. “Why”, you ask, “why was he sitting in a police van? Why wasn’t he standing on the platform speaking to the crowd at the demo? Was he arrested? Did he break the law?” These are all good questions, and none of the answers reflects well on the Metropolitan Police or the civil authorities. 

Tommy was not arrested. He broke no laws. The leftists and the Muslims threw bricks and bottles at the EDL, but they weren’t arrested.

After weeks of negotiation between the English Defence League and police liaison officers our democratic right to hold a peaceful outdoor meeting was trampled on by Britain’s ruling totalitarian class. Whether this was due to police incompetence or politicised senior policemen taking their orders from David Cameron’s government is unclear, but the end result was the same – democracy died.

The EDL meeting had been arranged well in advance. Tommy Robinson, Kevin Carroll and Paul Weston were scheduled to speak. Hundreds of supporters from all around the country had made the sacrifice of time and money to travel to London to hear them.

But the British police had other ideas. An advance team from the EDL arrived early in the day and set up the speaking platform, generators and PA system. The three speakers also arrived early with a small security team of six men.

The total number at the speaking area numbered twelve men and three women. The police then allowed a growing number of Muslims and UAF to assemble at a distance of only twenty feet from us. As their numbers grew, so did their violence. When there were about 200-300 of them the violence began in earnest. Bottles, bricks, sticks and coins started coming down on us. The faces of the so called religion of peace and their leftist Useful Idiots were contorted in hate and blood lust.

Then the following picture was shown of the damage of a Muslim attack on an EDL member, as Skittles Truth UK (Who gave a witness account of the events) stated: ‘They only stopped when one of them (Muslim attackers) said “You have gone too far you’re gonna kill him, he’s had enough” the police did not help the man or make sure this man was taken care of properly.’

But the police line held, just. After the first attempt to lynch us had been temporarily held back, Kevin Carroll asked the senior police officer present why this violence was allowed; why nobody had been arrested and why all the cameras present were trained on us under a barrage of bottles and bricks rather than on the people actually throwing them.

The officer replied it was “unsafe” to arrest anybody in such a hostile environment! But the hostile environment was entirely of their own making in allowing such numbers of clearly violent people to get so close to us. Meanwhile, the main EDL contingent, numbering between 400-500 had been kettled in a side street about 1,000 feet from us.

As the Islamic/ leftist alliance tried to break through the police line again, we were told the situation had become uncontrollable and the meeting was cancelled. We were then escorted away from the stage and down to the main EDL contingent.

At this point the police officer in overall control informed the EDL ranks that the meeting was off, that they would be escorted back to the tube station or face immediate arrest. Rather than turning on the police this is exactly what the peaceful EDL boys did.

The three speakers plus the security team were escorted out of Walthamstow in the two vehicles they had arrived in, but not before the UAF photographed the number plates. The police refused to confiscate the film, despite knowing the security implications of addresses linked to the owners’ names.

The main EDL contingent were then kettled for several hours without water or toilets, including one pregnant woman who was clearly in physical distress but who was told in no uncertain terms that she was not going anywhere to throw up.

After several hours EVERYONE was then searched for “offensive weapons” and had their personal details noted by the police. Many were arrested and taken to various parts of London where they were then “de-arrested” and told to make their own way home.

This did not happen in Nazi Germany nor Communist Russia. It happened here, in London, in England.