MUSLIMS DISCOVERED AMERICA? We know they keep rewriting their own dark and shameful history, but now they are rewriting American history

The Jumah at the DNC event went off without a hitch, (albeit with 200 attendees, rather than the 20,000 promised) but the Democratic leadership and liberal media are still trying to squirm out of acknowledging that the DNC ever sanctioned the program, which featured a number of Islamist extremists. Several of whom claim Muslims are the real native Americans.

GodfatherPolitics  (H/T Bernard R) Although there is a lot of spin surrounding the event, the fact remains that the leaders of the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA) claim the DNC reached out to them and invited their group to host the two-hour opening event Friday, as well as the officially sanctioned Islamic Regal Dinner that night.

The issue that really rankles many people is BIMA’s support of theories about the Muslim influence on American history, including the notion that a Muslim crew of explorers sailed up the Mississippi River in the 12th century and established a colony that entitles Muslims to call themselves indigenous Americans. Real Native Americans are not pleased.

During his remarks at the Jumah event, BIMA spokesman Jibril Hough said not only did Muslims visit America first, but it was a Muslim who led Columbus on his famous voyage of discovery.

Breitbart adds that BIMA is upsetting some Native Americans for claiming to be “indigenous,” including a passage from Miki Booth at the Western Center for Journalism:

Native Americans are very angry to learn that Muslims in the United States of America are being touted as “indigenous”, a complete falsehood.  The fact is, American Indians are the indigenous people of North America, as Hawai’ians are to Hawai’i and the Aborigine to Australia.  Organizations like BIMA marginalize native Americans in favor of Muslims, and Indians are not pleased.

In one of the photos of the event, where the men stand in front of the women to pray, one attendee is seemingly wearing a Yasser Arafat-style American flag scarf around his neck.

The claim is based on a Chinese artifact known as the “Sung Document” that purportedly reports on the voyage of a Muslim crew from T’o-Pan-ti to Mu-Lan-pi, which took 100 days. The main problem with the theory is that no one knows with any certainty where either of those lands is. BIMA claims Mu-Lan-pi is America, but many scholars believe it to be Spain. Also, the document mentions pomegranates being found, but they were not introduced to the Americas until the 18th century by the Spanish.

When Columbus set sail to find the Indies, he had high hopes of reaching Asia, but his travel plan was based on maps by the ancient Greek scientist Ptolemy, who had miscalculated that the Earth was a much smaller circumference than in reality.

There are other theories, some more likely, some highly improbable, about explorers discovering America before Columbus, including the adventures of the Chinese Admiral Zheng He in 1421 and the Vikings led by Leif Erickson. 

There also may be evidence of Polynesian, Japanese and even Roman presence in ancient America. One of my favorite old stories is about the Irish monk St. Brendan and the Welsh Prince Madoc landing in Mobile Bay, Alabama, in 1170 A.D., a tale that was actually used to press British claims to the East Coast.

BIMA, however, seems to be one of those historical revisionist groups that is trying to write Islam into parts of history where it never existed and exaggerate its influence where it did.

If Muslims truly want credit for the role they played in the opening of America to Europe, then they just need to look at the historic record.

Continued Muslim aggression in the Mideast and southern Mediterranean in the 15th century made trade with Asia via the normal land routes difficult. This inspired people like Prince Henry the Navigator to begin looking for new trade routes that would allow them to circumvent Muslim bandits and pirates.

In 1453, the fall of Constantinople to Muslim aggressors ended the last vestiges of the Roman Empire and blocked major trade routes to India and Asia. In 1492, less than 40 years later, Columbus set sail to find a route to the Indies, during which he literally bumped into the Americas.

If Muslims weren’t historically such a violent people, Columbus might not have ever set sail. So it’s safe to say that the land of the free is indirectly the result of Muslim barbarity. BIMA and their DNC collaborators can own that.

Even Chubby Muslim Convert Girl says Cherokees were Muslims


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  1. all muslim hate cristian; they want to take over our country we most be prepare to fight back; we are at war with tis animals

  2. Are you telling me you seriously care! Please you and your fellow phoney fucksters please drop the charade about caring about the native Americans. I am native American and I do not want your fake sympathy, you didnt give a shit when you wiped out our tribes and people and took over our lands. Where was your sympathy then. Lets be honest the only reason your having a go at the Muslims is because YOU and your fellow cretins are a racist bunch, you hate muslims, you will stoop to any level to have a go at them.

    • I don’t give a crap about Native Americans. You have reaped the rewards (tax free casinos, no income tax, free land) of anything that was done to you in the past. Ever hear of survival of the fittest? You were barbarians, now at least you’re somewhat civilized.

      Being anti-Muslim has nothing to do with race unless you can tell me what race Islam is.

      Get lost, we have enough sickening leftists making stupid comments, we don’t need you or your self-serving pity.

    • obviously you are a liar when you can’t even prove you are Native American and can’t even remember how savagely the Native Americans fought over land with their own kind. having a go at muslims is not some one sided sport. muslims love to fight thus you love to argue until you can justify killing people because you have still not learned to be civil.

      white people are not as racist as you pretend we are. you hate and kill white people because we FREED blacks SHARED with the natives and legally traded for their land NOT stealing it and we forbid slavery which Egypt a muslim dominated country invented slavery and we forbid your barbaric savage slavery in this country and you want to destroy it by blaming white people for your rampant stupidity. muslims are the ultimate retardation in that they got left behind while all other nations became civilized and only white people have any evidence of it because white people are repsonsible for all the good you take advantage of. muslims are witches, sluts and liars from hell and you will go back there. it’s where your kind dwells. remmeber dear children these are enemies of God they pray with their heads lower than a dog’s, they are children of the devil do not stoop to their level. muslims come straight from hell and it is where they are going back to. all muslims even in their anger are liars who justify their jealousy, stupidity and savagery. anyone supporting muslims needs to be rebuked as if you are rebuking the devil himself. I rebuke you you muslim liar. by the name of my God and the son of my God Jesus Christ and by his blood I REBUKE YOU MUSLIM DEVIL CHILD GO BACK TO YOUR MASTER AND DIE AS YOU DESERVE! May God have no mercy on you the same as you have no mercy on others. may God HIMSELF REBUKE YOU! go back to hell, witch!

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    • rewriting themselves into history is how muslims continue repeating history. it’s the new version of piracy proving that muslims are incapable of ever being civilized. they’ve repeated their history so many times they can’t even remember how to tell the truth. plagiarism is yet another form of savage piracy. piracy is what muslims do best, savage murdering, stealing hunting down their prey and through violence they steal anything they come across even if what they steal is history. they are true pirates none-the-less and taking credit for history and civilization and all the rest is just the newest version of the same old acts they can’t seem to undo because they can’t seem to get passed their own flaws. they never learn. this proves it.

      muslims are criminally and mentally insane, satanic occult practitioners of what is known as “black arts” such as shamanism, psychic predictions used to as a distraction in order to steal from you while they hypnotize you with their sex slave little girls and boys while these muslim bastards claim authority to punish other people for the same crimes they get away with. muslims are the demon concierge of hell and there they will dwell. it is where they belong as they here not a song from heaven above they can’t see the dove of Heaven’s peaceful light, so they try to rewrite their sinful past trying to erase the mass amounts of hate they bring with them through hells gates, it is their destiny to die without dignity they are children of he devil do not stoop to their level. remember that what lies beneath the oceans waves are the resident of Edens graves. muslim have forgotten that and so they continue their worthless spat. they will get what they deserve in hell they already have a reserve. do not stoop to their level they are children of the devil.

  3. yes islam did NOT discover america but you should just respect my religion and we will respect yours if you think we can not kill anyone it is a sin to us it also says it is a sin in the koran

    • You DO NOT respect any religion other than your own 7th century, knuckle dragging, pedophile, murdering and raping religion.
      You may go away now, we are done with you. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  4. fat muslim convert girl looks more like a catholic nun. (sister act anyone?) and the moment she said SKYWALKER……I almost cried from laughing so hard. was Yoda some ancient muslim immortal that died once Osama was born? will muslims remake Disney’s Aladdin to appease the muslim Saudi king? instead of being white with black hair, Aladdin will be black and 80 years old and jasmine will be some 8 year old he gets married to with ariel as black and Cinderella as phillipino and Belle as Indonesian and Snow white as a white skinned muslim outcast? I bet that arabs would even lie about supposedly discovering roswell? muslim ufo cover up……..stop laughing thinking about how related to space mutants muslims really are. both are ugly. enough said. will muslims tell us where they are hiding the smurfs and the pokemon?

  5. “a Muslim crew of explorers sailed up the Mississippi River in the 12th century and established a colony that entitles Muslims to call themselves indigenous Americans. Real Native Americans are not pleased.”

    –Oh dear. Muslims can make all the false claims they want about being “Native Americans” but their claim is easily repudiate by modern DNA testing.

    Bronze age crazies trumped by Modern science.

    D’ oh!

    Hearsay and unverified information is not accepted as proof of anything in the West like it is in the land of zombie Muslims.

    Note: See Geneticist Professor Bryan Sykes at the University of Oxford, UK and his Eve thesis.

  6. The First Nations people I know personally, and from them I have learned, that Native Americans are so furious that it’s Death to come onto Native Lands if your a muslim.
    They see muslims as ‘the new invasion’ and are NOT willing to accept it, tolerate it or do anything but ‘Make carpets of muslims scalps’.
    They’re not kidding, either, they’re deadly serious.

    • I am Native American, your hatred blinds you and will only bring you sadness. History speaks truth of Muslims in this land.We have no enmity towards Muslims. American Indians shared peace with Muslim explorers unlike the blood thirsty Europeans who came to lie, cheat, steal, kill, and rape.

  7. American aborigine asslifters?!…….OH HELL NO!! Take a flying leap……you ignorant Seventh Century lying muslimes!!!………….I’ll be passing this to some American Indian friends and see what THEY have to say about this BS!!

    • My ancestors are your Huckelberry, they are creek and Cherokee ( by the way ) American not your pretend crap ur trying to pull… Wtf ??? We Hate You… Not just dislike you, But, Hate You…My cousins are full Blood, and they served in Korea And Nam, You would not want to meet them… You Rotten Sharia Law Head Choppers
      Are freaking nuts…go bother Some Other Country Quit Trying To Steal Ours Ur To Lazy To Make Ur Sand Box Great So U Just Want To Come And think You Can Take A proud And Brave Country Away From Americans..???? Guess Again…you chopped off Daniel. Pearls head off on Tv… Do U Actually think this is Going To Make Us Like You Or Fear You??? We just look at you for what you r uneducated people who live in a sand box and lie all the time you can’t stay. In the We The People’s White House For Ever… we R Taking It Back Come Nov..When Mitt Romney Wins…God will be backin our whie House and schools and Mitt Will Salute Our flag..and we will separate church and government once gain.. So shoo shoo shoo, go away.. Shoo shoo shoo…

  8. Something a ragturd never wants to say to me is that.
    I will collect some hair to explain it.
    Then again if they ever want to reach a wide audience they should travel to any Rez and explain this theory of theirs. Please.

  9. Show me the DNA evidence. There is some DNA evidence that the Melungdeons
    of the mountainous areas of North Carolina and East Tennessee have some Spanish and/or North African DNA, this could be Christian, Sephardic or Islamic. If true, they had very little influence in American history or the American genetic makeup.

    • They are not pre columbian. Melungeons are the product of mixed race pairings in the 1600’s with White women. The law in Virginia at that time classified a child by the race of the mother. White mother, free person, Black mother, slave. Even so they were looked down on so they migrated into the cumberland gap area. Present day Melungeons self identfy as White and are generally Baptists.

  10. Hitler conceived the concept of the Big Lie. When you go lieing, don’t half step. Concoct a bodacious whopper and keep repeating until it becomes the accepted “truth”. This is such an example. It needs to be stomped on, caught in the merciless glare of ridicule before it starts appearing in textbooks.

  11. The weird idea that Cherokeees have some relation to islam is based on the current Cherokee alphabet/syllabry having a similar number of letters as the ROMAN alphabet. The original Cherokee alphabet/syllabry had 86 letters but it was winnowed down to 26 to accommodate ROMAN character type sets for printing.

  12. The Viking settlement is supported by remains of the settlement found in Canada. This is accepted as fact more then a theory. Chinese exploration and involuntary settlement in North Ame rica is supported by artifacts (Chinese anchors) found off shore at Acupulco and Los Angeles as well as what appears to be the remains of a Chinese sea going Junk (ship) in the Sacramento river with carbon dated wood indicating it was harvested about 1410. A report frrom a Catholic Missionary during the exploration and settlement of California claims indigenous Chinese speaking people in the area that is now Sacramento. Rice was found to be growing there by the first Europeans explorers. Descendents of a shipwreck? Conversely, there is no evidence of any kind for these absurd muslim claims. They are on the same intellectual level as claims for visitations by the saucer folk.

  13. When I first heard of “indigenous muslims”, I knew something was fishy.

    I think Muslims now realize that Sharia isn’t going to fly in the US, like it does in England.
    So they see the real “indigenous people”, the American Indians, and see how so many of our laws don’t affect them.

    As far as I know, AI have their own tribal counsels and many of their own laws, that they live by, on their reservations. There are even drugs that are illegal anyplace else in the US, except reservations, and are only legal if used by Native Americans.The federal government, by law, has to stay out of their affairs. They govern and police themselves.

    I think some of these Muslims see this and figure if they can somehow get “native citizen” status, by the federal government, they also will be allowed to have their little “muslim reservations” where they can enforce Sharia law (like the American Indians do), and no one can touch them.

      • I think Chester is correct too. I too believe this is a back door attempt to try and get Sharia established by fraudulent means, and as we all know, that is fiqh per the quran. I also find this scheme highly insulting to Native Americans. Indeed, insulting to all Americans.

  14. I commented on the previous story about Muslim i.e. Arab and Persian contributions to the world of science and intellectual persuits.

    Of course, the story about them discovering America is total malarkey! But even in the case where they did make legitimate discoveries, one of the prime reasons for progress in the Islamic world, that I forgot to mention, and it was, in fact, the most important, is that local Caliphs began to divest the Imams of power and their religious authority. The Caliphs didn’t want the clerics telling them what to do, and the Caliphs made their own rules, often against the rules set forth in the Quran and the Hadiths. And these regimes were actually more tolerant and beneficent. Persia and Andulus were such examples, ruled by liberal Caliphs that were not ruled by the clerics. Under these regimes, the societies were actually far more tolerant, and some countries under liberal Caliphs actually abolished the dreaded Jizya, that tax that was imposed upon Christians and Jews in Islamic lands.

    Bascially, even in the Middle Ages, the Islamic world seemed to flourish under strongman governments, i.e. secular dictatorships, rather than Islamic theocratic governments. And even in contemporary times, this is true.

    Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, all of which were under secular rule during the 1960’s and 70’s were far better off for most people. Yes, these were brutal regimes, but women still had far better rights, there was some scientific and intellectual development, arts and culture flourished under secular dictatorships in these countries. Look at pictures of local women in the Middle East in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s…not a hijab or niqab in sight, and no burqas! In these countries, women actually wore =gasp= miniskirts! The imams were in a dither at all the bare legs of women! Women wore swimsuits at the beach, fashion magazines were hardly the portrayal of Islamic modesty.

    It was communism that helped bring many of these regimes down and usher in governments controlled by clerics and create the Islamic world we see today. Communism worked hard to dismantle Western favorable regimes and replace them with Communist ones, but in the bargain, but often they were unsuccessful or they did succeed but then the West was forced to support popular rebellions against communism, which included Islamic hardliners.

    The results are with us to this day.

  15. Well, then, it looks like the Muslim expansion & conquest fizzled out pretty quickly in America. That should’ve been sufficient warning to any interlopers back in the 14-16th centuries, but Jefferson drove the point home on “the shores of Tripoli” with the establishment of his new Navy and victory in the Barbary Wars by early 1800’s. Some people are slow learners, others are covetous, but I repeat myself. So did OBL and his Muslim marauders on 9/11. Time for them to get a new story line that includes a good neighbor theme without stealing American history in the process. Time’s a wastin’!

  16. oh Vikings also found VINLAND but nobody really knows whee that was and may actually have traveled further down the coast. at least 500-300 years before Columbus.

    • L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland (Sp?) was found to be a Viking settlement in 1960. Greenland was abandoned during the little ice age associated with the Maunder Minimum disruption of the sunspot cycle leaving the Vinland settlement on its own.

  17. in case anyone really wants to know Vikings did find Greenland and the area known as Nova Scotia. remnants of thir houses have been found. also there is evidence that the JAPANESE may have traveled to South america amd further north. actually some cherokees are more genetically realated to JEWS and MAYANS are genetically related to northern IRISH.

  18. It is a well established fact that islamic culture is parasitic in nature. Not only do they make false claims to have invented things, concepts, and devices attributed to other cultures, i.e. Algebra (Greeks), “Arabic numerals” incl. concept of zero (Hindus), and all manner of other things, but they steal history itself, and they have done so since muhammad stole bits and pieces from the Talmud, Torah, and New Testaments to fabricate his masterpiece of lies, the envy of satan himself, the quran.

    Keep in mind, to seal the theft, the muslims, when dominance is achieved, then proceed to destroy all evidence of prior civilizations and culture as did the Taliban when they blew up those ancient statues of the Buddha in Afghanistan, and more recently in Egypt, with the burning of the museum of antiquities established by Napoleon Bonaparte. The Ikwan also has plans for the destruction of all Egypt’s antiquities, pyramids and all, and you better believe it. They will gladly give up the tourist dollars and foreign grant money to do this.

    This is nothing short of global cultural genocide of all that is non-muslim, or of no use for the furtherance of islam. There is nowhere in today’s world where islam is in retreat. It is full-on in the acendandcy on all fronts, actively enabled by the morally weakest and most depraved, decadent elements of our own societies. If we do not reign in these elements first and foremost, and put them in their place, we, along with our children and grandchildren, are doomed.

    When sharia is established, freedom and all positive, worthwhile human endeavors, are finished. Sadly, the solution to this mess of human misery and suffering is going to be the bloodiest enterprise the human race has ever engaged in. I would highly recommend we accept this reality, steel our resolve, roll up our sleeves, and….

    “Git ‘er Done!”

    • Muhammad devinci….that just sounds so wrong. oh did you hear that muslims now make no go zones to non muslims in the countries they occupy and muslims also want to destroy the building with the painting of “Dante’s Inferno” simply because it depicts moohammad as burning in hell? my GOD it’s a painting based on a POEM about an experience Dante had. it’s called DANTE’s Inferno and Inferno in Italian translates as HELL but with Dante’s name in front it literally was his own personal hell. who cares about Moonhammad burning in it. if he was, GOOD!!! RIDDENCE!!!

  19. I hate hearing this this BS crap and can never get through it all without getting sick. However, it is good to share their lies with the world because it continues to prove how ridiculous and dangerous the lying muslims of islam are and to what low levels of plagerism and deceit that they will lower themselves to try in vain to get some respect. Their lies only further tell us of their inbred stupidity. The only people who will respect these inbred liars are stupid people, just like the muslim convert.

  20. Speaking of islamofascistas and their leftist allies and cronies, with their Muamahad President Obama, are really reaching the limits of idiocy, better saying the insanity level’s

  21. Muslims have never contributed anything via their radical religion. they ahve been too busy raping little boys and girls, disrespecting and murdering their women, and beheading anyone who gets in their way.

    • when cloumbus discovered anerica in 1492 the muslim’s were living in the stone age . and stil are. they had nothing to do with the founding or developement of america.
      they have contritubed nothing to anything but chopping off heads .

        • in caves and tents. which makes any THINKING human being wonder, how did they get materials to sail that far across the atlantic while on rafts? would a floating vessel that small survive the atlantic? Islam wasn’t and isn’t a nation still, per say, it is an idea of changing the world by hostile hijacking with guns and nukes and children for soldiers. so when did those primitive arabs ever see a boat unless it was on the red sea or dead sea or those inland seas? I think islam resembles those theoretical Neanderthals closer than any race on the planet. Even the amish and ancient Mongolian nomads are more sophisticated than muslims. are muslims going to say that they discovered antartica too? isn’t that too cold for arabs? or did muslims go to the moon? or did muslims create stone hedge? that last one is maybe believable more than the moon only because of the way muslims obsess about death.

  22. Chubby Muslim convert girl is sooo stupid! She really should stop, its embarssing how stupid she is. No wonder she converted to Islam.

    I’ll be honest I didn’t watch the whole video, even the first few minutes were painfull

      • @BNI: Moooooo!! I’ll second that! Stupid Moohammadian convert. The bovine bimbo is hard on the eyes and ears.

        “Got Soy?”

        • I think arab’s favor that Humus stuff. yuck. but no one said you had to have a brain to join islam. that’s why they use guns and nukes and all other forms of weapons, even if just a rock suffices, instead of having any smart muslims. read up about how European countries have finally realized that the 2% or less muslim rule about infiltration is finally being recognized and (hopefully) reversed by those “multicultural” countries who have had the biggest wake up call ever. Muslims never wanted to be French or Swedish or British or German but those are just a few of the many Islamic occupied countries that are now throwing the leeching lazy ass tantrum throwing idiots of islam OUT! ……when can we AMERICAN’s expect to participate in such a celebration like that???? I will set my timer so I can break out some non poisoned beverage and go take a nice PEACEFUL WALK in the parks around my state without ISLAM, without fear. YAY! *waiting*

  23. When I read articles on BNI, I have on my hipwaders. In this article I had to go and put on my full scuba suit because the bs got real deep. Next the muslimes will tell us that there was a mohammed muhammed that signed the Declaration of Independence. I wonder if they continue to whack their heads against a wall until some way far out idea comes to them that becomes a “reality” to them.

    • We know that vikings were the true discovers of the America’s and we have evidence of this in the Canadian location of Labrador. We know that a Micronesian Tribe (Ie Easter Island) discovered South America. While Europe was in howling barbarism, Islam and China were in renaissance and did Travel to the America.
      I know these proven archeological fact don’t fit with many, But yes, Vikings, Muslims, and Chinese discovered the America’s before Columbus. I refuse to shut my eyes to what has been proven. I for one am glad the Chinese left, but the junks they sailed in are being unearthed in Oregon

      • actually no. you obviously believe anything you are told. and purposely ignore that Japan had a tsunami less than 3 years ago that I for one remember staying up and watching with my mom. Water not only corrodes but buries things rather fast under sand, mud, dirt, pretty much anything it touches. and those “unearthed ships” being found off the coast of Oregon are not Islamic in any way although muslims will probably claim that Buddha copied moohammand mutehammad as well (I spelled those that way on purpose). also, given that islam either steals or destroys anything it can’t have, (like Mexicans, which have no inherit dna even closely resembling Spanish descendants) will lie their ass off in every way possible or threaten you with any weapon they can that they stole to make sure you promote their obvious lie. basically they were caught in a lie and they told that lie for so long that even THEY believe it now. it’s sad that you would. assuming that you are in no way Arabic, but then it is all the more depressing if you were, proving that islam lies even to their own citizens. islam is not an actual country. it never way until the late 60’s “do as you please and never be punished” era. politicians ESPECIALLY know this and promote it. why do you insist on proving your lack of any intelligence? do you actually have a brain or just a “space for rent” sign between your ears?

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