INTERPOL and Swedish authorities helping Saudis to hunt down Saudi woman who converted to Christianity and now must be killed

In late July, Saudi media reported that a Saudi woman named Maryam (28) had illegally both embraced Christianity and fled the country. Her case became known when her father filed a lawsuit against the two men for what he claimed was their role in influencing her and in helping her leave Saudi Arabia without his knowledge.

Continental News (H/T harryjo)  According to Gulf News, the Saudi envoy said the family had tried to convince the woman to return home amid assurances that she would be safe. (HAH!) Saudi Arabia adheres to a strict interpretation of Sharia law where a person committing blasphemy (conversion to another religion) is subject to the death penalty.

Her family have charged two men — a Lebanese and a Saudi national — with complicity in her conversion and escape. The men will face court on 15 September. Whilst a woman claiming to be Maryam told an Arabic TV channel that she was converted through a dream and has found peace in Christianity (See video below), Saudi media maintain it is all either fraud or coercion. The woman’s family has suggested she is a victim of human traffickers. Interpol is reportedly coordinating with the Saudi Embassy in Stockholm and Swedish authorities to find and return the ‘girl’ before her ‘kidnappers’ can move her to another country.

 According to the Saudi Gazette, the woman, Maryam, appeared on an Arabic TV channel saying she was tired of performing prayers and fasting during Ramadan — rituals that never brought her any benefit. She also criticised Saudi Arabia’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. She claimed to have been converted through a dream and said that though she was raised to hate Judaism and Christianity she has come to love those religions since finding peace in Christianity.

The totalitarian Wahhabist Saudi regime will be keen to perpetuate its lie that Saudi Arabian citizens are 100 percent Muslim and that the land of the two holy mosques could never produce Saudi Arabian Christians! Consequently it will be imperative that the Saudi woman, Maryam, be deemed to have been emotionally unbalanced and coerced and/or kidnapped — anything but a convert. Likewise the Saudi man must be deemed to be an opportunistic criminal — anything but a sympathizer.