Tampa ‘dhimmis’ (non-Muslim submission to Islam) voice support for having Hamas-linked hate group CAIR in their schools to indoctrinate students with a whitewashed version of Islam

That’s why people in the Hillsborough County area of Tampa area are now seeing billboards on their highways which offer a $3,000 reward for reporting schools that invite terror-linked organizations like CAIR (Council on ANTI-American Islamic Relations) to speak to students.

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FFA  Six of seven Hillsborough County School Board Members made it clear during several meetings earlier this year that they will allow Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR Tampa) officials to inform students about their abridged version of Sharia law and Islamic “human rights.”

The Florida Family Association billboard campaign will counter that propaganda. Regardless of whether another CAIR official addresses public school students again or not Florida Family Association’s web site Welcometotampafl.org posted on the billboard will reach far more people with the unabridged facts regarding Islam and Sharia law.   

Hillsborough County School Board members decided  they don’t need to adopt any new guidelines covering guest speakers in the classroom because the district has policies already in place. The decision, which came without a vote, was a blow to those who have rallied against the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for weeks at multiple school board meetings.

“I consider it a victory for the community,” said Hassan Shibly, executive director of the local Hamas-linked CAIR group, whose presentation to a Steinbrenner High School world history class last year later drew objections.

 HASSAN SHIBLY was from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group with known ties with the violent Muslim Brotherhood. Their stated goal is to impose Islam on America by sabotaging the United States. Shibly is on record standing up for the terrorist organization Hezbollah and defended a radical Imam who was killed after shooting at members of the FBI.

CAIR alleges that Shariah law is just like the Catholic canon law or the Jewish Halacha law. Yet, neither of these authorizes lying, breaking vows, child abuse, violence towards women, or polygamy like Islamic law does. CAIR has also continued to defend positions that are considered contrary to our national security.

No group with known associations to terrorism should be allowed in any public school for any reason.  READ MORE: Hamas-linked CAIR in your kid’s classroom