BREAKING! Canada cuts all ties with Iran, closes embassy, orders diplomats home within 5 days

God Bless Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He is a hero for the free world. Barack Hussein Obama considering cutting all ties with Canada. (Just a hunch)

OTTAWA CITIZEN  (H/T Susan K)  Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird delivered a diplomatic bolt from the blue Friday, abruptly and unexpectedly severing ties with Iran, shuttering Canada’s embassy there and giving Iranian diplomats in Ottawa five days to get out of the country.

Baird rattled off a litany of long-standing grievances with Iran during a hastily organized news conference in the Russian city of Vladivostok, where he and Prime Minister Stephen Harper are participating in this weekend’s meeting of Asia Pacific Co-operation leaders.


“The Iranian regime has shown blatant disregard for the Vienna Convention and its guarantee of protection for diplomatic personnel,” Baird said. “Under the circumstances, Canada can no longer maintain a diplomatic presence in Iran. Our diplomats serve Canada as civilians, and their safety is our No. 1 priority.”

The move came as a surprise, one Baird justified with complaints that Canada and others around the world have been making for months, if not years. Baird cited an eight-month-old attack on Britain’s embassy in Tehran as evidence that Canada’s own diplomats there are in danger. He also accused Iran of providing military assistance to the Assad regime in war-riven Syria, failing to comply with UN resolutions regarding its nuclear program, and “materially” supporting terrorist groups.

And, for good measure, he accused Iran of “routinely” threatening the existence of Israel, engaging in racist anti-Semitic rhetoric and incitement to genocide, and called the country “among the world’s worst violators of human rights.” “Canada,” he said, “views the government of Iran as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today.”


He said the Canadian embassy in Tehran has been closed, while Iranian diplomats in Canada have been given five days to leave. Ordinary Canadians were also warned to avoid any travel to Iran. So sudden was the news, Baird later felt it necessary to quell conjecture about possible military action. “Unequivocally, we have no information about a military strike on Iran,” he said through a spokesman.

Canada’s relations with Iran have been iffy since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. After Canadians spirited American diplomats out of Tehran in 1980 during the post-revolution hostage crisis, the Canadian embassy was closed for eight years.


The two countries slowly moved back to normal diplomatic relations with an exchange of ambassadors in 1996.

But the relationship chilled in 2003 after Zahra Kazemi, a freelance photographer with dual Canadian-Iranian citizenship, was killed in custody in Iran in what Canada described as a state-sanctioned murder. Canada recalled its ambassador.


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  1. correct switzerland acts on our behalf in Tehran and Pakistan on Iran’s behalf here! HMMM Pakistan representing Iran’s interests here in Th USA are we surprised now that Bin Laden hid for 10 years under their noses?

  2. HARPER may know serious judgment is about to fall from on high. Canada was in minority @ UN voting NO on violating the Everlasting Covenant & “Palestinian” non-member STATE observer status. Can’t have a STATE without land and a capital, so today’s vote begins a slippery slide towards destruction… Maybe Harper knows something about blessings & curses.

    PSALM 2: The one enthroned in heaven is LAUGHING!! He will have them in derision… Silly little crafty counsel confederacy- voting on their own death warrant!! Lucifer – the dragon is about to be cast down to earth. Should PALESTINA really celebrate now?? Read ISAIAH 14. Best be Rapture Ready!!

  3. stay strong against adversity mr Harper. we are proud to see you resist evil and do not bend your knees to obama and still believe in the God of Israel. stay strong and the God of Israel will be there for canada. he will keep us.

  4. Is it O.K. if I’m a little jealous ? Canada gets Harper, a guy with common sence and a bucket full of testerone, and we get a fraud with no gonies, and a bucket full of — never mind !

  5. I’m American, Congratz for Canada. Only hope a true future leader would speak-up for us Americans as well and to wake-up our nation to be aware of the threat at hand too.

  6. I Love This Man Harper … Praise God for Canada … TY Jesus … now maybe HE can help get obama out of US territory .. Wow … wishing I had been just a little fly on the wall to witness that moment and him with P.M. Netanyahu ….. Priceless!!!

  7. Way to go Canada!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you for your stand !And I’m proud to be French Canadian on my mothers’ side of the family .(her parents were from Quebec and immigrated to Ware, Massachusetts)

  8. Another thing about Prime Ministered Harper, he knows what the threat is. He even pissed off western media outlets, muslims and liberals alike that islam is a growing threat. I don’t recall any leaders of the free world having the guts to tell the truth about islam. The only past leader if he was alive would also probably recognize this threat… Ronald Reagan.

  9. AussieHels,

    I agree, I hope Australians are smart enough to get rid of Puppet Gillard at next election. Americans to get rid of Obama; and British to toss out Cameron.

  10. Can only pray that in America Mitt Romney wins the election and we can follow the steps of our ally Canada. God Bless you our neighbor to the North.

  11. Our Prime Minister can take care of himself and his government employees. He does not mess about. I thank God on a regular basis for the fact that we don’t have a Liberal Government. They would probably have invited Amahdinejad over for a tour of the country.

  12. Well done to this brave Prime Minister assuming he is not a Lefty? maybe his move should follow suit with all the other countries under the Commonwealth (hello UK?!) plus all other Western countries. If the Moslem ShitforBrains (excuse the language) is voted out in November no more finger pointing and shsking from him, Im hoping the world sulute his dismise with a middle finger gesture as thats all this evil asshole is worthy of. Out of curiousity BNI and my US friends, hows the race between Obummer and Romney going? I ask you guys directly as alot of misinformation is written in the media here “down under” whom are hypocritical Lefties/Dhimmis/”Khaffirs to the “Muzzos” dimwits :)

  13. When obama points his bullying finger, he has three of his dirty taqiyya fingers pointing back at his own lying chest. Well done Canada. Well done Prime Minister Harper. Thanks for standing up for and speaking up for the truth of iran as an evil islamic country. The shia muslims of iran are hated by all sunni muslims. Nothing better than to see shia’s murdering sunni as they are doing in syria. We are all sick of the empty threats that iran gives to Israel and all of the western countries. ‘im a nut job’, the insane leader of iran is a lunatic following the lunartic moon god allah. God bless Canada, God bless Israel and America.

  14. Muslims are bankrupting the world. Canada just figured it out. When the hippy’s run out of bucks for weed and Xbox games they’ll wake up angry wanting to pound somebody with their joysticks.

  15. That picture of Obama with Harper is very telling. Watch any video of an imam lecturing people and they are constantly pointing and stabbing the air with their finger, just like Obama ALWAYS does…he learned from his ideological masters as a boy in Indonesia.

  16. good, now they’ll just have to deport all of the muhammedan animals from Canada and the chinese from vancouver, then they’ll be perfect.

    • Why deport Chinese??? Many of them integrate outstandingly well into the West and go on to be exemplary citizens!!!

      As to calling Mohammedans “animals”: NO animal is as VILE as a devout Moslem who embraces his ideology’s calls to terrorism, murder, rape, lying, pædophilia et al!!!! Only MAN can be as vile as He can be noble!!! Even a bacterium or virus is better than a real Moslem!!!

      SHAME ON YOU!!!

  17. Bravo, Canada! I’m a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen and this move prompts me to carry my Canadian passport in my breast pocket. Until Uncle Sam rids himself of Obama, the U.S. passport remains in a drawer.

  18. so glad Canada did this!
    I’m so ashamed of how my country(USA) is being towards Israel. Hopefully Israel doesn’t trust ANYTHING obummer has to say. He’s a traitor and backstabber.

  19. 3 cheers for Canada! When is Australia going to wake-up and dump Islam period. Now for Saudi Arabia the heart of Islam; cut all ties- we don’t need the oil other substantial sources exist.

    • Well said Allan couldnt agree more. But doubt Dillard and the Greenies will do that as you know how much she and those hippy freaks love the Muztards. Hopefully Abbott will have the balls to do something about it when he and the Libs get voted in next Nov (cant come any sooner). Be interesting to see how that ranga Dillard will react if Obummer loses, I can imagine she will be in tears seeing her boyfriend get dumped from his job! And I can see also the “grief” pouring out in The Age newspaper and on the ABC and not forgetting the major Lefty/Dhimmi TV station -SBS.

  20. As a Canadian, my heart swells with pride. Harper is the best and the most courageous of leaders.

    I love that photo of Obama towering over a ‘seemingly’ contrite Harper. Now Obama knows what really goes through the mind of my very honorable Mr. Harper.

    Nobody bullies my Prime Minister, even less a twit such as Obama. Harper will bend his head, accept the insult with dignity and act as a world leader and not as a bully..

    P.S.: The video link has been removed.

    • Susan K, I am so very proud to read your words. I am an American, and I am so thankful that others, outside of the United States, feel this way about Obama. The United States has been an allie of Canada and Israel throughout history. I did not vote for Obama to become the (cough) President. He has RUINED our country and NEVER should have been elected in the first place. This photo of Obama is disdainful. It DOES NOT reflect the true feelings of the majority of Americans. WE WANT OBAMA GONE OUT OF OFFICE!! I am SO GLAD to hear this breaking news concerning Prime Minister Harper!! I, for one, and I am sure millions of other Americans, support Prime Minister Harper, Canada, Israel and ALL of our allies throughout the world, who stand together against Iran, Syria, North Korea and all of the other nations that threaten global peace.

    • Susan, as a proud American who is married to a girl from Ontario and is also embarrassed at the guy our country elected, now for the second time…..I would like to see him break that finger and then say don’t do that again.

      • But WHO else can run and help the US people??? Name me somebody, please! Do not say Mitt Romney!!!! We Canadians luv America too and snow bird there for the winter and absolutely luv it. Even the Mexicans are so great too! Why so many problems with your President? We in Canada think he is at least working, not making money and hiding it in Swiss bank accounts, right? By the way, maybe the power ball winners should help everyone in the US, you think?? Just a friendly comment from Canada. Come visit us!!!

        • Iris, how do you know he isn’t stashing money from his rich Arab Muslim friends in Swiss accounts? At least he is working you say? Working to destroy America as we know it. I’d prefer he be on vacation – permanently, it would cost the American taxpayers a lot less.

  21. Safety of the Dilomatic personnel is not the only concern. iranian “embassies” are centers for terrorism and espionage against the host country.

  22. I am Canadian and have seen the pic of Obama sticking his finger in Ben Netanyahu’s face, but I have never seen this pic with Harper.
    Harper looks like a little boy being scolded…LOL

    Harper is a man with some balls and integrity…way to go Steveroooo!!!

    (It just keeps getting crazier and crazier…!!!)

    • When I was growing up it was told to us “That a picture was worth a thousand words”.
      Today we have to look at a picture and ask if it has been photo shopped or altered electronically!
      I’m no fan of the Obama administration. I like seeing pictures of him looking like a bully or a fool. Unfortunately, in today’s world, I find myself mildly questioning the authenticity of many pictures that come across my computer.

  23. Wow, does Harper think the S is going to HTF in 6 days? Scary to think about. Just think what will happen to gas prices! If S does HTF, does that mean Obama is finished in November?

  24. Aljilúyja (Alleluia)!!!!!

    Well done, Mr. Harper!!!! It was the highest possible time to undertake this step – in fact, it would be good if ALL Western countries would do the same until Iran overthrows its SUPER-MONSTROUS Islamic-“Revolutionary” régime and FORMALLY apologises to the USA, the UK and everybody else it has injured and insulted ever since when Ruhollah Khomeini came back to rule Iran with the brutality it has ever since been under!!!

      • If you think I’m unrealistic, then try THIS:

        The RIGHT thing to do next would be to stop ALL further Moslem immigration, vet ALL those who’re already here and sever ALL diplomatic and commercial relations with ALL THE OTHER Moslem countries, starting with Saudi Arabia!!!

        ALL those Moslems who attend services in mosques on ANY sort of a regular basis (even once-yearly) are to be automatically disenfranchised and expelled with their families, no questions asked!!! Also, if any of them are related to terrorists (dead or alive) and refuse on the spot to BOTH renounce and blaspheme Islam PLUS condemning and renouncing such relatives in perpetuity would be stripped of their citizenship and deported likewise!! These are the ones we would start off with.

        We would then work through the rest of them and measure their integration (notably if they and/or their children were into skills, jobs and hobbies that would be discouraged or forbidden in “dar al-Islam”!!!!), their job records, their supposed loyalty to their new country versus how much of ties they keep with relatives in the old country or countries. So we would deal with those who’re to be treated as truly suspicious as opposed to those who would merely have to be monitored.

        There, how would that be in your opinion??

        • Not to forget: all those civil servants and other people who deal with the immigration/refugee question would have to be vetted beforehand for their previous job, political and other records. ANYBODY who’s a leftist would have to be disqualified from dealing with Moslems ‘ipso facto’ – with the least protests from such being grounds for further disciplinary and other actions, leading eventually if necessary to arrest, disenfranchisement and deportation of such Commie wretches to North Korea, Laos, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador or Vietnam.

  25. Good for Canada. Obama will now praise how well Iran is doing and he will send them billions! Obama can take his finger and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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