MYANMAR (Burma): Muslims get a taste of the kind of ethnic cleansing at which they excel

Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it, guys? The most peaceful religious group in the world – Buddhists – strike back at the most violent religious group in the world – Muslims. And Muslims wonder why the world is silent about it.

Rappler  (H/T Rod F) Hundreds of Buddhist monks marched in Myanmar Sunday, September 2, to support President Thein Sein’s suggestion that Muslim Rohingya be deported or held in camps, in the biggest rally since the end of junta rule.

Lines of clerics wearing their traditional deep red robes passed through the streets of Mandalay flanked by crowds of supporters in scenes not witnessed since a monk-led protest in 2007, which was brutally crushed by the country’s then military leaders.

“Protect Mother Myanmar by supporting the President,” read one banner, while others criticized United Nations human rights envoy Tomas Ojea Quintana, who has faced accusations that he is biased in favor of the Rohingya, following deadly unrest between Buddhists and Muslims in western Rakhine state.

Wirathu, the 45-year-old monk who led the march, claimed that as many as 5,000 monks had joined the procession, with another several thousand people taking to the streets to watch. He told AFP the protest was to “let the world know that Rohingya are not among Myanmar’s ethnic groups at all”.

The monk, who goes by one name, said the aim was also to condemn “terrorism of Rohingya Bengalis who cruelly killed ethnic Rakhines”.


Speaking a dialect similar to one in neighboring Bangladesh, the estimated 800,000 Rohingya in Myanmar are seen by the government and many Burmese as illegal immigrants and the violence has stoked a wave of anger across the Buddhist-majority country.

Fighting in Rakhine state has left almost 90 people from both sides dead since June, according to an official estimate, although rights groups fear the real toll is much higher.

New York-based Human Rights Watch has accused Myanmar forces of opening fire on Rohingya Muslims during the violence, prompting concern across the Islamic world over the treatment of the stateless group, described by the UN as one of the world’s most persecuted people.

Myanmar has denied a crackdown on Muslims and launched an inquiry into the violence, while Thein Sein has accused Buddhist monks, politicians and other ethnic Rakhine figures of kindling hatred towards the Rohingya in a report sent to parliament last month.


But in comments to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres, published on his official website in July, he suggested it was “impossible to accept the illegally entered Rohingya, who are not our ethnicity” and mooted sending the group to a third country or UN administered camps.

Wirathu said Thein Sein, a former general who has launched a series of reforms after taking power last year, had “stood firmly” in his comments to the UN. Although he added that the Rohingya could become citizens, “if they stay peacefully”.

Rallies are expected to continue for two more days, including one in Pakokku town in the Magway region, which was the birthplace of the 2007 mass pro-democracy protests that became known as the Saffron Revolution because of the color of the monks’ robes. – Agence France-Presse









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  1. Play the “pity me” violin to the UN. a political udeology is NOT an Ethnicity or relugion. If the majority tells them to stop being nasty bastards then they should leave and nit cry “pity me” if the sentiment of the majorit do not want them. meaning “try converting us at your peril”

  2. It’s going to be funny when Muslims start retaliating. Then how foul will your cries be you ignorant beings. Imagine if a Jihad is called upon Myanmar for what is going on inside their country. Many Muslims will gather from around the world and then you will have some real problems. They better deal with this shit and bring back peace, or a fucking war will be brought upon them. You want war with the Muslim world, you can get it. Another Syria will be born.

    • “it’s going to be funny when Muslims start retaliating?”

      1. muslims are an idiot people that burned their own village to incite other muslims.
      2. muslims so called “rohingya” do not belong in myanmar. their bangladesh
      creeping illegals.
      3. if you anger even then most peaceful people on earth “Buddhists”
      youv’e outweighed your welcome in myanmar.
      4, factually, islam is not a religion of peace.
      quran and hadith can attest to that, and Buddhists are not stupid people.
      5. Myanmar are the ones supposed to retaliate against muslims burning their
      6. yet another proof of islam as a cult of ignorance and evil in a part of the planet.
      islam’s crimes against humanity is exposed.

  3. It is extremely funny to see how people say it is ‘karma’. Firstly if it was so called ‘karma’ it would happen to those individuals who have acted violently not to those thousands of innocent muslims. I very much doubt that most people commenting on here can actually say it to a muslim. Hiding behind a screen all the way. I am a white british citizen and love muslims around me. its the few extremists like all other religions have which give all beautiful and very generous muslims a bad name.

    • NY 9:11 London 2005 Boston 2013 enough. Islam, via many suras in the Koran provides a foundation for jihad. Islam is NOT a religion of peace it is a dangerous and intolerant ideology. In Burma, muslims are getting a taste of what they dish out around the world. I hope islam is wiped of the face of the earth.

    • not all brits are intelligent people, obviously your one of those
      reject and thrown for disposal products of UK.
      islam is a cult of ignorance and evil.
      if you want proof. try reading.
      if you cannot; then your stupid as all of islam survives on stupidity.

  4. let the muslims get a taste of their own brutality for a change, we the christians of middle east , namly the Assyrians who are the aboriginal people of IRAQ, have been suffering from muslims and islam for 1400 years, since 2003 they have bombed 60 churches, the youngest victim was named Adam who was only 3 years old, so do I feel sorry for muslims absolutely no, let them see how it feels, people complain about invasions, the islamic invasion has been the longest, much of the western countries are looking like Saudia Arabia I think the west needs to wake up and smell islam b4 it is too late.

  5. Muslims are being killed in retaliation of the raping of women and girls. Obviously, these people actually care about their women and girls, because muslims are raping women and children in Britain and many parts of Europe, but nothing from our men.

    I am sick of the violence.

    • They target Christian kids from broken homes so that there is little chance of payback. But, we are realizing that these poor little mites are ALL of our responsibility. So Muzzie rapists. LOOK OUT.

  6. Ain’t nuthin sweeter than the reckoning. Their only getting half of what they deserve so they should shut their pansy mouths about persecution, with all the torture and misery Muslims have caused worldwide, they deserve much worse. One day this will be happening here.

  7. Buddhist monks invented Kung Fu. I have the highest respect for Buddhists, they are slow to anger but like tigers when pissed off.

  8. I do NOT support genocide of any sort, especially my own people. TAKE NOTE! Muslims are here-by directed to visit “”. Here Muslims and be shown the chains of death they live under in Islam. Here former Muslims can help you. Muslims must be born again to see heaven, to begin to live free, as well as to begin living peaceably with the other peoples of this world. And no, God is NOT a pimp of virgins. Only by being born again can they save their souls AFTER their deaths. All Rohingya should be deported NOT murdered. But what goes around, comes around. ONLY by ALL countries refusing entry of ALL Muslims, will this cult of PedoMo genocide be extinguished. They should just stay home and stay safe.

  9. the Muslims lives are at risk? too bad maybe if they acted like human beings and didn’t go around raping and murdeering non mulims women and girls there wouldn’t be a problem. INSTANT KARMA IT’S A GOOD THING

    • God will payback. His is the only vengeance, but He allows Buddhists and others to do the work. Buddhists are some of the most peaceful people on Earth. They didn’t do this lightly.

  10. One can’t but help wonder if this isn’t going to be a trend in the near future. Any civilized country can’t help but see the scourge and culture wrecking, let alone the murders these fucked up muzzies inflict on the population of any decent country. The countries that have let these leeches in are paying for it dearly. The muslims can’t hardly function without bitching, pissing, or moaning about something. Or the assholes want something for nothing, like innocent lives of folks that think islam is a crock of shit. Which it is turning out to be worldwide.

  11. Go the Buddists. Its great that they are taking the matter into their own hands and not ko-towing to the corrupt UN (which is full of Muzzos so what use are they?).
    Ive never in my life, ever heard of Buddists getting that pissed they resort to killing. Only, just only the Muztards are the first and last peices of shit on this planet, whom have pushed the Buddists to kill, that tells is and the world something dont it just!!

  12. Thein Sein is overly idealistic. There is NO WAY for Muslim invaders to become “citizens”. Muslims are and always will be INVADERS, so long as they are Muslims. There is one law – SHARIA – to which the Muslim invaders will be loyal. There is one constitution – THE UN-HOLY QURAN – to which the Muslim invaders will subscribe. If President Thein Sein wants to keep Myanmar peaceful and wholesome, the Muslim invaders must be converted or repulsed and expelled. No exceptions.



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