BRAVO! Pro-Greece, Anti-Islamization party members take illegal immigration into their own hands

ATHENS: Golden Dawn patriots go through an open air market and smash the stalls being run by illegal aliens (the vast majority of whom are Muslims).

Islam vs Europe Footage posted on the party’s official website from the day shows about 40 Golden Dawn supporters, clad in black t-shirts and with many carrying Greek flags, requesting that migrant vendors outside the Panaghia Pantovasilissa Church show them their residence permits.  Members are seen violently pulling apart one of the stalls and smashing the merchandise. The two deputies, who joined the procession, said they felt it was their duty to step in where the police had failed to do so by rooting out illegal vendors.


Even worse, Turkey is intentionally flooding Greece with Muslim parasites.

Islam vs Europe  Turkey is using illegal immigration as a weapon against Greece and Europe, islamising the continent and exerting pressure to exact political concessions from the EU. This should provoke a devastating response from European governments. Instead, these spineless fools continue their policy of endless appeasement. Greece now has a million illegal immigrants in a country of 11 million, many warehoused in camps under atrocious conditions. 

In 2009, Turkey, without consulting anyone, decided to suppress visas for nationals of countries like Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia. Revolutionising as it did so migratory flows towards Europe. “Today, from Algeria and other cities in North Africa, you can get to Istanbul with a low cost flight for only 70 euros, says Giorgos Salamangas.

Now, hardly anyone risks the Mediterranean. Too expensive, too long and too dangerous. The illegals from Sahel and the Maghreb, like the Asians, now pass through Turkey and Greece. “Turkey has become the crossroads for illegal immigration towards the countries of the Schengen Area, especially thanks to the opening of low cost air links,” confirms the 2012 report of the European agency Frontex, responsible for coordinating surveillance of the external frontiers of the EU. 

Boatloads of Muslims from Turkey invade Greece on a daily basis



36 comments on “BRAVO! Pro-Greece, Anti-Islamization party members take illegal immigration into their own hands

  1. Thank you for showing the world the kind of racist asses some of you are in Greece. I hope you become insolvent so people can give you a taste of your medicine.

  2. Looks like a boat full of the excess, unwanted young bulls of polygamy. The old bullls need to rid themselves of young males so they have more helpless young girls to force into sexual slavery

  3. The tide is turning against these vile Muslim invaders. If only the rest of Europe would do the same – I believe that day is around the corner – the sooner the better. If our politicians won’t listen, then the people are eventually going to do what needs to be done.

  4. Turkey is smart to suppress visas for those people. Why can’t Greece, the rest of Europe, and the U.S. do the same? Too many moonbat politicians?

    • I think you misunderstood the report. Suppress visas means that they let the flood gates open for these meat bombs in training and their womb bombs to enter turkey and then procede on to Europe (through Greece).

  5. Our State Deparrtment is deliberately bringing Somali Muslims and others and saturating every single state. We have lots of them here and after the 6 months that the church takes care of them is over; they sometimes become wards of the state. We can ‘t sustain this@ We just can’t!
    What I think of of Muslims is this: They are like roaches , and they breed like them too

  6. good new for Greece. they have to something because the rest of the EU are demand more suterity measures. peersonally greece should have left the EU and taken care of their illegals by evicting them

  7. Islam is the work of the devil. Jesus is coming back and will save the true believers in Christ, all Muslims will burn in the everlasting fire because they do not believe in Christ. The EU needs to send them back to Muslim Turkey.

  8. Greece needs to complete that fence, electrify it and back it up with a dog run patrolled by off leash aggresive working dogs; Dobermans, Rotweilers, Shepherds. Removal of legal benefits for illegals, work restrictions and repatriation of illeagals to Turkey (don’t kick the can down the road).

  9. That’s why Obama like Turkey so much. Any one helping to spread Islam in Europe is a big fan of Obama’s. Obama is doing his part to bring thousands of these dirt bags here to America where they end up on the dole at tax payer expense. Obama’s building his own banana republic one Illegal alien and one Muslim at a time. Soon more people will be collecting a welfare check from Uncle sam then those working. Isn’t Socialism grand?

  10. WE best start taking matters into OUR own hand too! Nip these PsOS in the budd AS it happens, no waiting around with “Political Correctness” Enough of that BS!! PC does NOT work, this is our country, NOT theirs, not their laws, OURS! People seem to keep forgetting that!! Sick of it and sick of THEM!

  11. Greece is one country where the muslims won’t be doing anymore prayers in the street or demands for reasonable accommodations.

    Groups like this will be forming in the U.S. one day as well as in the rest of Europe.

    Islam will not dominate and muslims should be made aware of what they are sowing.

  12. In fact, the Turkish border MUST be sealed by both Greece and Bulgaria as well as it already is by Armenia – and until ALL the Moslems are expelled from the EU, the Schengen Agreement needs to be suspended!!

  13. If the government won’t deal with it then the people have to. Knowing what happens when Muslims are a majority I side with my fellow ethnic Greeks. I wish I could join them in throwing out these invaders

  14. Well done for the ‘Golden Dawn’ for standing up for the protection of their country. If the authorities will not protect the citizens and enforce the laws then cititzen, vigilante justice must begin. Europe must push back while they still have the majority vote in their governments.

      • I’m not sure it will go viral.. This website is the first that called this party by its real name.. Others call it neo-nazi, even counter jihad bloggers.. But the commenters at least pointed them out wrong

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