HERE WE GO AGAIN! Hamas-linked CAIR calls press conference to demand a hate crime investigation for what they call ‘racist’ graffiti on a car

Seattle Muslims’ rental car is the target of anti-Muslim ‘hate’ graffiti. Gee, I wonder how could the vandal have known the car belonged to Muslims? I guess he must have seen the group of nine Muslims prostrating themselves with their asses in the air praying to Allah in a public area. 

CAIR News  On Friday, September 7, the Washington state chapter of the Council on ANTI-American Islamic Relations (CAIR-WA) held a news conference in Seattle to call for a bias crime investigation of hate graffiti, including the slurs “sand niggers,” “doon [sic] coons,” scrawled on a rental vehicle used by a group of Seattle-area Muslims on a recent vacation trip to Chelan, Wash. The vehicle was also physically vandalized with numerous scratches.

If you can even stand to watch this entire video, you will hear the spokesMuslim for the group blabber on about the entire day, from the time he woke up, to the weather forecast, to the jet ski excursion, to the prayer sessions in public, to the shock at finding anti-Muslim ‘hate’ words on the side of their car.  He subjects the poor press corps to a detailed account of what started as a “fun trip to Lake Chelan over the recent Labor Day weekend and turned into an devastating ordeal for 25-year-old Ahmed Brown of Bellevue and eight of his friends.”

The Muslims believe the hate incident may have been triggered by a group prayer offered in a public area and the Islamic head covering (kufi) worn by one of the vacationers. (No, probably it was seeing all the Muslim asses in the air that set him off)