Open letter from a Swedish woman about the scourge of Muslim immigration and multiculturalism

“My name is Isa and I am an ordinary Swedish woman, age 52. I love animals and nature, like to live in the countryside and work full time at a hospital. But there is something wrong, terribly wrong in Sweden right now. I walk around with a fear for the future and a lump in my stomach, all because of Muslim immigration and multiculturalism.”

The Muslim Issue  Young Swedish girls are harassed daily, assaulted and and Swedish whores.  Young girls and women suffer abuse and rape by Muslim immigrants and immigrant gangs. Swedish children and adults are constantly robbed of money and cell phones in broad daylight in the streets. Blonde Swedish women and girls have started dying their hair dark so as not to stand out as Swedes.

Old people are like prisoners in their own homes because they no longer dare to go out for fear of being robbed and beaten by Muslim youths.  Is it fair to our elderly, who have worked a lifetime and contributed to our prosperity, now be confined to their homes out of fear of assault and robbery? Is it fair that they did not even feel secure in your own home?

Muslim immigrants threaten the elderly in Scandinavia

H/T Maria

First-Responders are often met by stone-throwing Muslim immigrants when they try to perform their job. Plicemen, firemen, even mail carriers risk being stoned in Muslim areas. Muslim immigrant who come to hospital emergency rooms threaten hospital staff, often for not adhering to Muslim customs where only female staff are allowed to treat female patients.  The constant vandalism by Muslims to cars, homes and property are out of control.

Must our children be harassed in school which should be a safe environment? in which to learn for life? Must Swedish females be forced to hide under burqas to be able to go outside in peace? Must girls and women now be escorted by a male everywhere they go to protect them from Muslim street thugs?

Must our police, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, postal workers, etc. to be subjected to threats and other violence? Must they be accompanied by security guard every time they go out to do their jobs?

So what exactly is the purpose of this immigration policy? What is the actual condition of the Swedish legal system today? Are the laws not there to be followed by everyone?  How is it that the law now allows paedophilia and child marriage by Muslims? Will we become like Iran where the marriage age was just lowered to ten years old for girls?

Why do you allow refugees who came here to escape oppressive governments to live by their own Sharia laws, the most oppressive legal system on earth?  Are Swedish laws in Sweden not applicable anymore? Do you think we should have a parallel society? 

Muslim criminal gangs destroying Sweden

And why are we paying for these refugees to return to their home countries for holidays? Didn’t they flee those countries? One must assume these travel arrangements are financed by Swedish taxpayers because most of these immigrants are living off welfare.

The icing on the cake is now illegal immigrants (those you call “undocumented”), who have been tried in court and been rejected, and rewarded, when they are not required by law to be deported. As a reward to them [for entering illegally] at taxpayers’ expense they instead have the right to health care and schooling!

Do we have a bottomless treasure chest to scoop money out when it comes to illegal/legal immigrants. Elderly pensioners who have paid taxes all their lives now receive some 8.000kr net / month while an immigrant woman, single parent with three children, without lifting a finger, gets about 30.000kr net / month.

And what about  freedom of expression and free speech? If you criticize Sweden’s immigration policy, you are called a ‘racist.’ When an offender is Swedish, the media can publish the name and show “unpixelated” images of his face.  If the criminal is a non-Swedish, Muslim immigrant, no detailed decsriptions are forthcoming because it would be considered ‘racist.’     

Islam is not a religion that stands for peace, love and tolerance (even if you try to trick us into thinking this) but a vile, horrible ideology that advocates murder, terrorism, pedophilia and oppression – and as long as it refers to the Prophet Mohammed all atrocities are permitted. 

Goodbye Sweden

They are permitted to kill Christians, because they are ‘infidel dogs’, according to Mohammed. And dogs are ehh .. dogs, they can be tortured for his amusement, and then killed. The meat tastes best when they have suffered really well. Halal slaughter is banned in Sweden but halal-slaughtered meat is allowed to be imported.

Is it too much to demand that to the “refugees” who come here and get a safe haven, living generously on Swedish tax money to take adapt to customs of their host countries, to respect the Swedish laws and culture and learn the language and integrate into our society? No, it’s not!