CALIFORNIA Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill that allows Muslims to hide their faces in the workplace

Yes, I know, this Workplace Religious Freedom Act also applies to Sikhs and Jews who wear headgear, but the real reason for this legislation is the constant lawsuits filed by the litigation jihadists from CAIR, on behalf of Muslim women who want to throw their religion in our faces, by covering theirs.

Even better, when Muslim women get their headbags tangled up in a piece of equipment and get injured, CAIR (Council on ANTI-American Islamic Relations) will have even more reasons to sue employers!

But bowing down to excessive Muslim demands is nothing new to the leftie politicians and law enforcement officials in California. Just ask LA County Sheriff, Lee Baca, who spends a lot of time in mosques, no doubt out of respect to his benefactors.


Daily Demcorat “This bill is dedicated to all those who have suffered the indignities of ignorance and discrimination in the workplace because of the tenets of their faith.” “No longer will it be legal to segregate a worker from public view because their appearance did not fit a corporate image.”

Changing demographics, both nationally and in California, has resulted in increased numbers of religious discrimination cases in the United States, especially in the Sikh and Muslim communities. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, religious discrimination cases rose 9.5 percent in 2011, contributing to the nearly 100,000 charges of employer discrimination nationwide. In California, employers faced over 500 such cases.