TURKEY: Text message delivered to a teenager’s cellphone: “You have blackened our name. Kill yourself and cleanse our shame or we will kill you.”

‘Honor Suicide’ – How to get rid of a disobedient daughter without having to honor-kill her yourself.

The so-called ‘moderate’ Islamic nation of Turkey desperately wants to join the EU, so they have reluctantly made honor killings illegal. As a result, Muslim families are forcing daughters whom they believe have dishonored them, to kill themselves, in a new phenomenon called ‘honor suicide.’ This way, no family member has to do the dirty deed and then be charged with murder.

A father in Turkey,shows a photo of his 14-year-old daughter who recently committed suicide.

ONTD Political  The main reason girls are being honor-killed in the Muslim world is for being disobedient wives, even when they are miserable from having been forced to marry first cousins while they are still children themselves. Other reasons include dressing too Western, speaking to a boy who is not a relative, or worst of all, marrying a non-Muslim or marrying for love to someone who is not  of your parents’ choosing.

Honor killings in Turkey had reached record levels in 2005. But its campaign to become a member of the EU forced it to reform the penal code, which introduced mandatory life sentences for honor killers. In the past, killers could receive a reduced sentence claiming provocation. But in a sinister twist, soon after the law was passed, began the emergence of ‘honor suicide,’ as the number of female suicides started to skyrocket.

Girls and women who are told to kill themselves are usually given one of three options – a noose, a gun, or rat poison. They are then locked in a room until the job is done.