What would Sweden be without Muslim immigration?

Muslim immigrant says: “We have brought food dishes, music, culture, football, and everything positive to this country. You should not be racist and say we do not get to come here and become more than you because we contribute 100 times more than all the racist Swedes do.”

CAUTION: Racist, foul language

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In Sweden, immigrant crime and violence are out of control, breaking European records. There is a low level civil war going on that is affecting hundreds of communities. All have large numbers of immigrants from North Africa, Arab, and Muslim countries.

Most have no basic understanding of local rules, traditions, and culture, cannot read or write, have never used a toilet, elevator, or trash shute. They have paid a large sum of money to be smuggled into Sweden to be able to live of the social welfare system.

The social system is collapsing under the pressure from hundreds of thousands of immigrants that have flooded the country in only 20 years. Crime is rampant, social services are reduced and slipping away for Swedish citizens as Muslim invaders get preference before Swedes. The welfare offices can’t keep up with the demand and are running out of money meant for  Swedish citizens.















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  1. What would sweden be without muslims? It might be able to return to its progressive attitudes and be a safe country, with the beautiful countryside and a very old seafaring history….but sadly, i think that all of scandinavia is now fucked by the muslim vermin who continue to defile your once lovely place to be…..but then, they are swimming into the usa, like rats, bringing disease and violent crime and islam with them….god help us all, because this influx will surely kill us all, at which point the muslims will just move on to the next country full of freebies…..

  2. I am not saying this to incite or invite anyone or anything, but that being said, it is only a matter or time before people decide they will not take it anymore and strike back with extreme messures. Right now, there are certain groups that are protected by liberal “idealist”, political correct people who write about “what should be” instead of “what is”. That is why it is called political correctness, because factually speaking, it is incorrect. If it was actually correct it would be simply called “correctness”. If people think they majority is going to sit back and play hear no evil see no evil while their wife and daughters are getting raped and murdered, then you are just filling yourself. All that needs to happen is for the wrong person to violated, and by wrong person I mean a liberal cheerleader, once that happens, the gloves come off and the new holocaust begins. Except there will be no Jews on these trains except the ones driving.

  3. sweden needs to separate from E.U, WHY IMMIGRATION AND CRIME IT’S TOLARATED?, the US goverment and EU are financing globalization multiculturalism and immigration but who are behind U.S and E.U, they are the richest families and bankers on the planet, rockefeller, the morgan, ford etc, they are building a new world order, they need caos, crime anarchy on the streets, they need drug dealers, intolerant and violent people for this like muslims, sorry 4 my english its not my language, read the books of g.edward griffin, ron paul, read philip dru administrator

  4. There are very good people from all races lets face it. I just want to note there have been alot of attacks in ottawa the capital of canada women are being raped when they call a cab and take the cab alone. One man was moslem the other they are still seeking, the owner is arab and I think ALL the drivers are too. I have been alerting women when I see them to not take taxis after 1100 pm until 700 am as this when all the illegal criminal scums are driving illegal cabs (they work for cash). I tried to contact the local media and I got a journalist who is young and a minority herself she wont touch the story! Its the liberal media! Its their stupid mentality I dont know where they get it from porn videos or tv but only a small percentage of white women are like this. Its also happening in toronto. A woman was almost raped but she got away, she contacted the police and they wont do anything. Now there is a big web site. All women are targets really.

  5. I read everything that you guys wrote and i am with you to a 100% even though i’m half African and half Swedish. I’ve been called an immigrant and i really hate hearing that all the time. Also immigrant slang words that i’m not fond of at all, But i’m pretty sure that if everyone weren’t against colored people, call them niggers and such, i’m sure that more people would support this subject.

  6. Obama is a piece of shit! We canadians dont no like him! He is a racist against whites and he also is a moslem lover- I have no idea why !

  7. canada has the same problem. We have so many whites who are out of work now because alot of the moslems are catered too for jobs and housing and welfare. Its pathetic. And they are so rude to us too, very racist in most cases. I dont know why they dont stay in their home nations! Its so bad now in ottawa we have a rash of immigrant crimes- you cant go out at night hardly- alot of rapes, attacks, robberies etc and I think there are 7 different ones right now and its all blacks or moslems not born in canada. We had someone attack parliament hill last week. Two days ago a moslem had something on a plane he was from iran and he had fake names etc and we had a woman hit with a hammer while walking and we had a woman waiting for hte bus raped by 3 somali men in the day time she did not now them and there have been other attacks too and I think all the names are foreign moslem names. This city is not so big is 300000 to have all this crime…..its unprovoked so that tells me they are racist to us canadian……

  8. When will the Swedes’ rise up ? …. May be never. How many more acts of violence, murder, rape and destruction will Swedes take? Apparently, its “unlimited”!. For
    Swedes, are not just tolerating muslims, but they are supporting the very people .. religion, who wants them killed .. annihilated.

    The question of why a people who have/had,
    1. a beautiful country
    2. a great economy
    3. wonderful working conditions and housing
    4. educational opporunity, plus
    5. retirement benefits and
    6. every benefit one can imagine,

    the right of immigration, by foreign parasites, .. muslims, can not be explained sanely, by a sane person. Its inconprehensible, its insanity!

    Then there’s America … why would American’s vote not just once into office, but twice, a man (Obama), who openly supports Islam and Muslims? Especially, since Obama’s election came only eight, “short” years after “911”. An attack upon American soil that killed over 3,000 innocent people, which was done by Islamic terrorists. The very religion .. Islam, and people .. muslims, that Obama supports … and supports … and supports. Please don’t tell me it was because of “Bush” that just adds to the insanity! You don’t elect a man .. Obama, who openly advocates .. supports, the very people who want to annihilate your country! YOU FIND A DIFFERENT SOLUTION!! Obama was and is not the best of two evils.

    The truth is, this a picture of the whole world .. Europe, the Americas’ the “whole” world! The whole world is on fire … death and destruction are everywhere. People who say “no way” are delusional. We don’t just lock our doors at night We lock our lives because, “Islamic war” has come to the peaceful places … the churches, the “malls” the parks and joyfull events of life. But, instead of rising up and fighting, “we the insane,” choose to believe the “lie” that its “not” Islam or “true” muslims, who have and are committing these atrocities and barbaric acts.

    The world can’t take much more of this insanity, and I believe Jesus Christ is coming back, and I mean “soon”! For all those who say no way, fine that’s your choice. I hope you’re all prepared! Call me insane, but its an insane world we live in. Right is wrong and wrong is right.

  9. Did any one of you ask the immigration office which accepted and which refused ???..Why they make a deal with Iraqi government in 2008 to force the educated Iraqis (Engineers , Doctors ,teachers , ,) to back to Iraq (Mean the trash will accepted and stay in Sweden) -Pretext they will help to build Iraq !! while who don’t know Arabic reading or writing got resident permit and Sweden want him/her learn Swedish !!!!Go and ask immigration office to give Swedish prospectus about that , OR It secret !!-is that the meaning of refugee OR it will Swedish vision of refugee?? Don’t blame Islam brother. But look what is your GOV in Sweden selected. They take (SOSIALEN) salary and work in black side-Send money to Iraq-while you and other Swedish work and pay tax-tax go to them Eat + Sleep all what they do Mostly .They let them to do what they like to do and remember worse not coming yet
    Hope you understand

  10. If people and government are not defending themselfs,
    If people adn government are not retaliating,
    then “they deserve it”

  11. My heart is broken… I so love Sweden, it’s culture and people. it has been my life long dream to one day visit the most beautiful country. How can the great Vikings allow this to happen to them. There can be only one solution… Take immediate action and send the trouble makers back to where they came from.

  12. This is typical of the liberal bulls**t that politicians, living in their rose colored dreamworlds foist onto people forced to live in the real world.
    My solution is for the people to revolt against the government. Have a ship take ALL the muslims back to their crap – hole countries.
    On that same boat, herd EVERY politician. Make them live out the rest of their lives in those muslim countries then we’ll see how quickly their minds change about muslim savages emigrating to civilized countries.
    This goes for Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, England, Spain, Greece, Italy, Scotland, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

    • Being from the U.S I would have to agree with you 100%; and our Asslifter-in-Chief should be loaded on one of those boats with all his muslime pals and dumbass dhimmi supporters;then the U.S will be granted a reprieve from destruction for a few more years!!

    • You are absolutely right! I wish Canada would do that. Whatever was Canadian culture is completely GONE! We used to have the Lord’s Prayer, actually be able to say Merry/Happy Christmas, now, Muslims pray in public schools, they pray at work, they dress in their shit clothes and claim discrimination if they don’t get paid for the stupid Eid. They got rid of anything Judeo-Christian to give rights to Muslims. Our constitution actually was built on Judeo-Christian laws. Being a born Canadian, I have no rights in my own country! I can’t say Happy Easter without Muslims getting pissed off. I can’t pray in the so-called Multi-faith rooms because Muslims get pissed with you for praying WITH THEM! I can’t get any social assistance being a student with permanent disabilities because I am born here and not Muslim. Over 45% of people out of 100 are Muslim on welfare. That’s nearly half of all people on welfare!

      • Thats why Ontario is now broke and a have not province. Alot are leaving here now. Gangs are running the streets. Toronto is much worse. Go east lady- its cheaper and hardly any immigrants- beautiful people, canadian culture and language (English), u get alot of respect in the east coast. I am returning there in january as soon as I can gather enough money I am in ottawa now its a moslem and somali shithole here. The leftwing lies and covers the true crime. Did u know alot of people are being killed for nothing of all races in toronto. ONe fireman was having a cof fee and a black immigrant came up and stabbed him he died for nothing………it was unprovoked. There is a black man going arou nd hitting women with hammers. 3 somali men raped a white women waiting alone for the bus on a sunday morning, she didnt know them, they robbed and almost beat her to death after, thank god a security guard heard. The more they bring the dumpier canada gets, so much disrespect and old people are terrified!

        • The crime statistics speaks volumes. The east coast is all white with 3% minorities. There are no gangs in the east coast. Ontario has 290 ethnic gangs. Quebec has 70. BC I am not certain but Ontario has the most. So its racist immgrants causing the problems….

  13. Sweden like Europe and England (put America in there too), has done this to themselves. And until and unless We the non-muslims of the world stand-up and take back our “God given” rights this will continue to get worse.

    The Qur’an and old Mo told the followers of Islam that that they are surerior . Sharia Law basicly paves the way for Muslims to live off the sweat of others and own slaves (disposable people). The poll tax gives Muslims the earnings of non-muslims and provides Muslims with unearned money to live off of.

    Nothing is happening in Sweden that Islam under Sharia Law doesn’t mandate. The question we the people here in the United States should be asking is how do we prevent this from happening here.

    And anything we the people do is going to have to start with remove the Obamanation of Desolation from office and stand-up and back our rights.

  14. The Swedes need to cut off both the electricity and the gas to these Muslim ghettos and then make sure that no food gets into them. After that they have to start shooting. If they cannot defend themselves, are not willing to defend themselves then the rest of us need to bomb the out country out of existence.

    • I am Iraqi Christian & I just want to tell you something very important about Islam. Islam is worst ideology in the world. If you don’t do something to stop this bullshit, they will destroy your beautiful country. Do you want sweeden to be like Baghdad?

      • They are ruining canada too! I have to live ottawa now its unsafe for women to go out at night between the moslem rapist and africans and somali scumbags – they give them free houses in canada when they land here and our people live in rooms and dont get big cheques etc and they give them good jobs that we should be getting we are already educated and its our nation!

  15. In the language of the ghetto, “Some Mother-F8888er oughta put a cap in his ass!”

    And… they probably will

    • It’s already here. Just think about the 100+ Muslim delegates at the DNC, the influence of CAIR and all the other terror supporting and funding groups who “advise” the regime of the Failure-in-Chief about which documents are allowed at CIA, FBI, Pentagon to avoid insulting Muslims, the Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration of the current regime and even the Islam-appeasing Republicans (e.g. Islamie… uhm Christie, the GOP version of Huma Abedin with Moochelles butt, befriended himself with a Isamist, has no problem with Shariah, etc.).

  16. Wow, and do the elois of Sweden rush the stage when he sings that rap? Don’t the Swedes keep electing the same socialist losers? Yes Do the elites in power do everything they can with their mighty power of govt. to keep the Swedes from catching a whiff of the stench form the garbage they are importing into their cities and communities? Yes.

  17. Muslim immigrant says: “We have brought food dishes, music, culture, football, and everything positive to this country. You should not be racist and say we do not get to come here and become more than you because we contribute 100 times more than all the racist Swedes do.”
    And my answer to the Pig/Dogs is “But there still Swedes and your NOT”

  18. Anestis has an excellent argument against Islamization of Western countries…we don’t want to visit your country (SWEDEN) if the Moz has turned it into the RAPE and CRIME capital of Europe!!!!!

  19. This is absolutely disgusting and I don’t mean just the black “rap” asshole. Every political “elite” needs to be put on trial for treason and every criminal who refuses to obey police, shot dead. They’ll have to do it sooner or later , may as well make it sooner.

  20. Sweden is an example of what’s coming generally with high levels of Moz-jihadist immigration. They really want to turn prosperous Western paradises into Moz HELLHOLES like Somalia, Pakistan and Chad.

  21. I have always wanted to visit Norway and Sweden but now I am skeptical. It is so sad to see this happen but if our government keeps allowing Muslim Immigration into the USA then we will face the same threat. At least we currently have the Second Amendment but if Obummer has his way that will be taken away.

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