[UPDATED] PHEW! Barack Hussein Obama thrilled he can now blame Israel for massacre of U.S. diplomatic personnel in Libya

Islam is a cancer,” declared writer and director Sam Bacile, California real estate developer and Israeli Jew, who produced the ‘blasphemous’ internet film which accused Mohammed of being a fraud, paedophile and womanizer. Bacile has now gone into hiding.

Clip from the two-hour movie, ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors, said Bacile, who believes the film will expose Islam’s flaws to the world. 

H/T Daily Mail

UPDATE! Apparently it wasn’t an Israeli Jew who made the film. Latest report identifies a Coptic Christian. Oh, well, Obama will be almost as happy to blame the murders on a Christian.

Story here: US authorities identify California man as behind anti-Islam film amid mystery over movie

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