This is what happens when you have an America-hating Muslim in the White House.





















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  1. …In a sense, yes, it is our government’s fault that the jihadists are attacking us every which way they can dream up, but that is because they grasp in a very feral sense that the U.S. especially has lost confidence in its own value. Yes, we’ve “angered” the savages because of our past and invariably botched interventions. But what was the nature of those interventions? It was the altruist policy to bring “democracy” to the savages. To “do good.” To prove our “moral worth” by sacrificing lives and treasure. This kind of policy began with Wilson. It continued with FDR when he chose to help the Soviets fight the Nazis.

    But the savages are not altruists. They are killers. They do not wish to “give back,” a la a craven altruist such as Bill Gates. They wish to take, and kill, and maim, and see their betters as mangled, blood-splattered corpses in the dust, raped, hacked into pieces, and extinguished with as much screaming pain as they can inflict. That is their notion of efficacy. I could call it many things. The Lara Logan effect. The Daniel Pearl effect. The Nick Berg effect. They believe in selflessness, too, as long as you, the Westerner, no longer exist.

    In every instance when we’ve acted out of selflessness, it has backfired on us, because the beneficiaries have always turned on us. The Soviets turned on us. The Taliban turned on us as repayment for helping them fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. The Iraqis have turned on us, as have the Pakistanis. The Egyptians. The Tunisians. Whatever. Altruism requires that we do not judge our beneficiaries. That is against the rules of the “giving back” game. And altruism has been adopted as the pragmatic way of conducting foreign policy. Altruism is the default morality.

    But altruism is a guarantor of death for the giver. Altruism can graft itself onto any other creed and accomplish the same death: Judaism, Christianity, Shinto. Every other creed but Islam. Islam is at root a code and means of nihilism. There isn’t a benevolent bone in its body. And that is what our pragmatic foreign policymakers refuse to or are unable to understand. It is only occasionally that such policymakers, such as Chris Stevens in Benghazi, see first-hand what it gets them. But the rest of us must pay the price every day, and not just in tax dollars.

  2. The ptcture for the Philippines really does not belong with the others. The picture itself shows a bunch of Police having a briefing behind the barracade. There have been no demonstrations as far as I know in Manila or at the consolate in Cebu. Not shown in the picture is a pick up with a heavy duty mounted machinegun under a tree and and Coast Guard cutters have taken flanking positions to provide heavy fire on the sides of the bay front Embassy. muslims are rare in the north. police will probably break up any attempt to assemble with water cannon. An actual assault on the embassy itself will be met with live fire as the police and military are 90% Roman Catholic and do not regard the muslims as selfsame.

  3. The only thing that will placate these demons is by unleashing a military force who will wage war against these terrorist without any politically correct imbecile blocking the way. I don’t see any other outcome to unrelenting attack on Western interests and citizens; these sub-humans have not yet evolved to understand that civilized people do not behave like this, thus they only understand brute force to keep them in line. This is the way their rulers have done it from the beginning (i.e. mohammed), and continues to present day (Assad). We as citizens of a free nation, with the right to criticize anything and anyone, should not allow out government to be cowed into compliance with these evil people’s demand for respect; they have not earned it. Long live the U.S.A, Israel, and any other country where democracy flourishes. Death and destruction to the so-called arab spring and “enlightened” muslim countries (i.e. KSA, Pakistant, Iran).

  4. I’ve long believed that as far as human behavior goes, psychological phenomena has it’s parallel in sociology. That groups can be afflicted with the sociological equivalents of psychological disorders. At 7:48 on the video, the point is made where many Westerners act out like some domestic abuse victims do and attribute blame to themselves for the abuse rather than the perpetuator, who indeed fosters such a mentality. Indeed, it is quite similar to Stockholm Syndrome as well. How apt a comparison to the classic liberal paradigm of blaming the victim, not the abuser. So the issue at hand is a “progression” of sort, from the psychological to the sociological. Gee, no wonder they call themselves progressives (progressively stupider).

    Michael Savage was spot-on correct when he said “…liberalism is a mental illness…”

    • And yes, muslims play upon this “blame the victim” game just like domestic abusers do, who incidentally, commit much domestic abuse themselves (muslims).

      • Yes, Randy, I agree. Sadly most of my mental health professional colleagues are themselves suffering from a Stockholm syndrome like submission to Islam and anti-Americanism. They tend to vote Democrat and pat themselves on the back for being so compassIonate and, of course, tolerant. All the while, they are completely intolerant of true American patriotism, the right of Jews to have a nation, anyone who votes Republican or even disagrees with them. This is bad for the culture at large as there is little writing by sociology or psychology on the concepts you mention. It is a gaping oversight. On the contrary, Conservatives have been maligned in (in my opinion faux)psychology research which has found them low in intellect and with personality defects. Furthermore, woe to the person holding non-liberal ideas who seeks individual psychological services from one of these dogmatic leftists. It’s a sad state of affairs when the psychologists have no insight into their own behavior.

  5. Death to Islam …you kill our people we make glass out of you…f off Mohammad you child molester weird pos who had sex with a dead person…and drank camel urine…

    • John, Terry is Pastor Terry Jones who created a firestorm for burning a quran and saying Islam is of the devil. Sam was the pen name of the guy who made the Mohammed film. ‘Sam’ was alleged to be an Israel Jew living in LA. But he turned out to be an Egypt Christian in LA. Terry Jones spoke out in support of this film.

      • Ok, thanks. It looked a bit random! I hear Holder is now looking for ways to incarcerate the film maker to satisfy shari’ah law.

  6. Whatever they do in their own countries is their affair but if and when they form mobs in the free world the proper response would be to bring out the tanks and flame throwers. First the flame throwers and then the water cannons – excellent crowd control aids.

  7. OMG ALL OF THOSE SCREAMING MEEMIES way way too much halal food we are at war and we can no longer insert head into ground and pretend the hate doesn’t exist.

  8. obama says we are not at war with them but they are at war with us.
    he would not let the marienes have live ammo to defend them self so what good were they ?

  9. Of cause it’s not all Muslims only a small minority that is radical and I know the Muslims living with us in the west, are as shocked and disgusted as the rest of us.
    If you don’t believe me. Then ask Cair

  10. Look at the photos! Honestly, did you ever see so many UGLY “people” (I use the term lightly)? Whenever you see pics of moslems they are ugly with pure hate coming out of their eyes and expressions. I sincerely believe these “people” are demon possesed. I pray that soon, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel will rise up and put an end to this false cult of satan and his minions (one who is occupying our white house and many others occupying seats in the house, senat and judiciary. God have mercy on America!

    • the are also illiterate and have the mind of a 2 year old all that inbred shit makes them that way as the bible says the angels opened up the gates of hell and there they were a plague on the earth

    • I have long noticed that too. They absolutely look like rabid, demon-posessed zombies. They have the look of pure evil. Muslims are clearly not normal humans.

      • correct–they are not normal humans. what does The A-mighty G-d of heaven and earth say about the descendents of ishmael? as told to His TRUE prophet moses; genesis 16:12:

        “And he shall be a wild ass of a man: his hand against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him; and over all his brothers shall he dwell.”

  11. Yeah well I’m outraged too. I’m going to print out a stack of these countries flags, place a koran filled with bacon on it and a bombhat picture of mo then burn it and piss on it.
    We should halt foreign aid to all those countries and close embassies there if any.

  12. Love the signs in Iraq… MoHAMmad – peace and propagandist!!! hahahahaha yep… propaganda is right! and we don’t respeet…. hahahaha… .and don’t mocking Prophet moHAMmad… hahaha they should stick to their own language… What a bunch of animals! I hope they riot and kill until they are all dead!

    • Excuse me, but you should at least recognize their efforts (Iraqis in this photo) to communicate to the West in our language, and if you look closely, these people do not look like savages like most of them do.

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