LONDON: “Burn Burn, USA,” scream foaming-at-the-mouth, inbred Muslims in anti-American protest and flag burning outside U.S. Embassy

Infamous Muslim hate preacher and spokesterrorist, Anjem Choudary, led an angry flag-burning protest outside the US embassy in London today as the anger over a stupid, amaterish US film lampooning Muhammad spilled into Britain.

UK DAILY MAIL  The former attorney turned hate-preacher – a vocal sympathiser of the September 11 attacks on The World Trade Center – rallied some 150 hard-line Islamists in a march to the mission in Grosvenor Square this afternoon.

The demonstrators shouted ‘burn burn USA’ as an American flag went up in flames, in response to the obscure movie which portrayed the prophet as a womanizer and child abuser. Two people were arrested, though police are hiding their identities.

Choudary is the former UK leader of the al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK organisations – both of which have been outlawed under the Terrorism Act. He now acts as spokesman for the extremist Muslims Against Crusades group. He is an ever-more prominent spokesman for radical Islam in Britain, despite the fact that the two groups he ran with Bakri, Al Muhajiroun and Al-Ghurabaa, have been banned.

He has become well-known for his hard-line anti-West rhetoric and vocal support for Osama bin Laden and the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001. Choudary has previously claimed responsibility for a scheme that called for ‘sharia controlled zones. 

Holding flags and signs, one of which ‘Islam will dominate the world’, the group then set fire to an Israeli flag. One yelled: ‘Stop before it is too late, we don’t want anymore bloodshed but that is the route it is going.’ This was a reference to the death of the American ambassador in Libya, when the United States embassy was stormed by Muslims enraged over the video.

Another shouted: ‘They lost one of their ambassadors but about many Muslims have they killed in cold blood.’ Another called for Sharia law to be introduced in the United Kingdom and America.