Hardline Egyptian tele-Islamist used anti-Mohammed film for ratings

Think of ‘Mr. Shitstain on his head’ as the Bill Maher of the Arab World. Sheikh Khalid Abdullah knew he had found ratings gold when he discovered an obscure, little-viewed, badly-made film on the internet called the ‘Innocence of Muslims.’

UK Telegraph  (H/T Rene R) His inflammatory chat show on satellite television has long prided itself on baiting liberals, Christians and Jews, but last week saw Sheikh Khalid Abdullah stage the broadcasting controversy of a lifetime.

It had actually been online since July, but nobody had paid attention to its crude libels against the Prophet Mohammed until Mr Abdullah’s show broadcast clips from it last weekend, calling for the film-makers to be executed.

Within hours the hardline Salafi Islamists who watch his programme, and who have been growing in strength since last year’s revolution, were demonstrating in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and outside the US embassy, which they stormed on Tuesday, burning the US flag.

Thus came the spark to a week of violent protests against the film, leading to the killing of the US ambassador to Libya on Tuesday evening and assaults on Western embassies across the Middle East, leaving at least nine dead and hundreds injured.