Left Wing Fascists demand Tommy Robinson be prosecuted if he screens controversial anti-Islam film

At the speciously-named website, ‘Hope not Hate,’ leftie heads are exploding because EDL Leader, Tommy Robinson, has threatened to broadcast the film,  ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ the trailer for which is being blamed for inciting rabid Muslims to go on a violent rampage of killing, burning, and destruction of private property.


Hope not Hate  English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson is considering holding a screening for the  ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film, an expression of free speech which has outraged the Muslim world…AGAIN! The Hopey Hatey folks argue that if he carries out his threat to show the entire film, he should immediately be prosecuted for incitement. They claim the film has been produced by rabid anti-Muslim haters in the US and is deliberately designed to whip up tensions, hatred and violence. (Not that they need any provocation)

Below are Robinson’s tweets on the issue:

Since when is showing a film considered incitement? Incitement to do what? The film itself, apparently, contains no threats or calls to violence. And it can hardly be called racist, as Islam has members of every race, but is not a race in unto itself. Surely, if the filmmaker cannot be charged with a crime for making the (based on truth) film, as tasteless and amateurish as it appears to be, then anyone showing the film to a willing audience cannot be prosecuted for a ‘hate’ crime, either.

 Or can they, in the emerging Islamic Republic of Britain?


Apparently, the full length version of the film is now available on Youtube: