OMG! Obama Regime considering release of the Blind Sheikh, convicted terrorist and mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing attack

The U.S. State Department is actively considering negotiations with the Egyptian government for the release of  Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as the Blind Sheikh, for humanitarian and health reasons, says a source close to the the Obama administration. The Department of Justice, however, has stated that Rahman is serving a life sentence and is not considered for possible release.  (However, he could be considered for transfer as the Lockerbee bomber was transferred back to Libya)

The Blaze  The Blind Sheikh is currently serving a life sentence in American prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, but the newly-elected Islamist government in Egypt has been actively petitioning his release.  Many have pinpointed a cause of last week‘s unrest in in the country to be protests over the Blind Sheikh’s release — not an anti-Muslim YouTube video.

A veteran intelligence analyst and researcher for TheBlaze said he met with an official within the Obama administration who told him the transfer of the Blind Sheikh to Egypt is something that is being “actively considered” by the administration as a solution to the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. His source asked not to be identified, fearing he would be persecuted by the U.S. government. “He said, ‘you’ve got to help me,’” the analyst told TheBlaze.

When asked if the transfer of the convicted terrorist was being seriously considered, the intelligence analyst said yes, according to his source, who stressed that the move was not intended to take place or be announced until after the presidential election. He also said it is likely that the riots and unrest in the Middle East are related to efforts pressing for the release of Rahman, not the anti-Muslim YouTube clip that the Obama administration is adamant sparked the chaos.

“When radical Islamists in Egypt were calling for the burning down of the U.S. embassy this past weekend, before the riots took place this week, they said they were going to do this to push for the release of the Blind Sheikh,” he added.

Rahman, or the Blind Sheikh, is the former leader of the radical “Islamic Group” in Egypt, which now holds 13 seats in the Egyptian Parliament. The Obama administration recently hosted a member of the designated terrorist organization at the White House, where Hani Nour Eldin met with senior State Department and Obama administration officials. Eldin reportedly urged the National Security Council to release Rahman during his visit, the analyst explained.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, who was the lead prosecutor in the Blind Sheikh case, told TheBlaze that he does not doubt the accuracy of the report, saying “there are very good reasons as to why it could be true.”

McCarthy explained that Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has been calling for the release of the Blind Sheikh ever since he was elected earlier this year. He said it is a matter of “great importance” to the radical Islamists in Egypt and throughout the Middle East, adding that his transfer to Egypt would undoubtedly lead to the terrorist’s release.

“I think the plan has been to agree to the Blind Sheikh’s release but not to announce it or have it become public until after the election. That is consistent with Obama’s pattern of trying to mollify Islamists, he added. “Obviously, they did not want this information to surface yet… but sometimes a situation can spin out of control.”

McCarthy also said the way the Department of Justice worded its denial may prove to be significant. The DOJ said Rahman’s “release” was not being considered, however, the question was whether or not his “transfer” to Egypt was being discussed.

“Islamists in Egypt have been advocating for his release since we arrested him in the Summer of 1993 and have threatened and committed horrendous acts of violence to force his release,” the former federal prosecutor said. “The worst in Luxor, Egypt, where 58 tourists and 4 police officers were brutally shot, stabbed and the attackers left behind leaflets demanding the release of the Blind Sheikh, some inside the torsos of the victims.”

Former State Department senior official Christian Whiton appeared on Real News From TheBlaze to discuss the report, and stated that it is certainly a possibility. “Unfortunately, I think it is [conceivable].  And it’s unfortunate because it amounts to negotiating with terrorists…but after all, this administration was inching closer and closer to some sort of trade of terrorists with the Taliban, so perhaps it’s considering the same with [Egyptian President Morsi].”

He also noted that the administration could avoid what he deemed “political suicide” by “whispering” to Egypt’s President Morsi that they can move in that direction after the election. Buck Sexton noted that the transfer of the Lockerbie bomber was similarly unexpected. “As with so many things in the Middle East, we’ve accepted the unacceptable,” Whiston remarked.



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  1. Wow the republicans are getting desperate. Yes Egypt put in a request for him, nothing new. Now it’s time to spread rumors that the president going to release him.
    This would never happen

  2. Here’s one for you…I think the SHOULD release the blind shiek!
    But first, hang the motherfucker and then, in order to save freight charges, cut his ass up so he fits in a nice little box and pour is some pig blood and dog shit, then drop the box on Mecca…

  3. as far as that blind sheik is conceerned someone should lose the key. releasing or transferring him would be considered a muslim victory.

  4. Title 8 Chapter 12 of the amendment
    (iii) says ” Any Alien who outside the U.S. who has committed, ordered,incited, or assisted…etc

    The amendment usses the important words “Any” alien

    found on
    Heard about it watching a show on PBS called Nazi Hunt: Elusive justice on WWII, and the nazi’s who escaped justice.

  5. If and when Morsi visits Obama this month, it would be nice if his plane gets hijacked and he is taken hostage and held until Obama is defeated in November. Then Morsi is brought out to join his blind Sheikh in jail where they can both rot for the rest of their lives. Morsi is behind the killing of the ambassador in Libya and that will be proved later. The only way to improve on this dream scenario would be to impeach Obama before the election or to try him for treason after the election and let him join Morsi and the Sheikh in the same cell.

  6. To Mom5. thank you both, you & your hero husband, for the service to both NYC & this nation. I, too, feel the same about our treasured lives being sacrificed for countries, dictators, & people who don’t give a damn about freedom of mind, or liberty. Let them wallow in their Dark Ages muck & misery with my blessing. Send them back to their sorry flea-bitten beginnings & turn the sand into a giant glass factory. Bring our good & brave people home. To Hell with those cretins, & I just hope we can turn the corner & get back on a better track in November.

    Just be glad that Netanyahu is in power in Israel at this treacherous time.

  7. Billy Goat Gruff is not a legend. Now I see him!

    The quintessential role-model for the primitive, inbred, braindead, hate-filled, misogynist, supremacist killer zombie mozman jihadists!!!

    Poster boy of the religion of hate and intolerance.

  8. Hey BNI,

    What about applying The Holtzman Amendment passed in 1979
    to rid our country of muslims??????????
    The bill was passed by the immigration sub committee by Elizabeth Holtzman stated “to keep out or deport those who engage in persecution on account of race or religion”

    Maybe if you know an Atty who could look into this to combaqt the muslim problem in America.

  9. As Inspector Reneau said in ‘Casablanca’, ‘I’m shocked, SHOCKED….’ Nothing this traitor does surprises me any more. Unfortunately, with his built in illiterate unwashed base,unthinking Jews,liberal women, unions, & all the skeletons in a number of cemeteries we will be lucky if we
    can beat him. If we do then the troubles will really start.

  10. Now they are shouting about their FREEDOM And yet yesterday they were shouting TO HELL WITH FREEDOM, PICK AND MIX again , just like a parrot repeat what others do.
    They are MUSHROOMS kept in the dark and fed on shit.

  11. The only reprieve he should get is when they find his dead body on his bunk and they ship it back to Egypt- and send the bill for his housing and final expenses to the Egyptian government.

  12. Obozo is dangerous to America!

    I know that there are a lot of people who view this site, whose loved one was there on 9/11, in rescue mode, or died an innocent civilian, or died as a first responder, etc.

    By the grace of G-d, my husband who was a first responder BOTH times at the World Trade center, in 1993 and in 2001, survived both attacks.

    I just had a 2 week old, brand new baby girl in my arms, when the I was watching the news about the truck bomb in 1993. I had a panic attack because I couldn’t reach my husband all day. It sucked! I had two other little girls at toe, but all I did was worry until I heard from him.

    Same thing in 2001. I knew my husband was down there, I knew that firefighters and first responders were running into those buildings and I knew that some would not make it out alive. I had four children then, who were out of their mind with worry about their father. I was freaking out inside because of course, there was no way to get any information, as it was I didn’t hear from him for days!

    I left my house and stayed with my sister in law with all the kids. It was too much to be alone, especially if I received bad news.

    On Wednesday at about 3:00 AM, my oldest daughter and I were still awake watching channel 2 when right there, in front of our eyes, was my husband. Big huge
    flood lights were on, and he was sliding down a huge steel beam, his jacket open,
    his helmut on, his bunker gear on, and smoldering smoke all around him. The news caught a shot of him as he was decending into the deep pit to search for life.

    I got lucky that day, I wasn’t one of the wives who got the bad news. I want to keep it that way damn it! I am sick of this terrorist shit! I am sick of being worried! I am sick and tired of close calls! I don’t want that blind sand turtle out of prison and I don’t give a rats ass who sees this site and what I write!

    Obama had better not hand over this maniac! He shouldn’t even be allowed to live for what he has caused and what his fellow jihadist have caused. This is not moral relativism, this is about protecting the USA! Enough with other third world hell holes.
    Do you really think I give a damn, in life and death choices, American lives are all that matters PERIOD!

  13. Hmanitarian reasons, my (fill in your own anatomical references here)
    This filthy terrorist who is responsible for many deaths is actually being fed and cared for. If it was up to me, he would be offered a diet of ham, bacon, and pork chops. Eat ’em or starve!
    If he is “transfered” to Egypt, which is now a barbaric, throwback to the 7th century nation, he will live out his years in splendor and comfort being venerated and called a hero by the inbred masses of terrorist supporters just as the Pan Am bomber was.
    If he is transferred or released, let them venerate his dead body.

  14. Muslim terrorist-in-Chief is trying another dirty trick for the Muslims to riot. Release the terrorist, because he is Muslim. If it doesn’t work the crazy Muslims go in riots and destructions and killing. He (obama) is a terrorist. What is going on with those Americans who support the most dangerous enemy to help him LEAD us to disaster?!!!

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  16. And BO was so disgusted with GB for releasing the Lockerbie bomber ?? Sure, what a hypocrite !! Well we all knew this but do his voters really not see this ?They are even crazier and more dangerous than he is. Watch out there’s an Obama voter about !

  17. Maddening as this is, It doesn’t surprise me a bit. It is only a continuation of Obama’s pattern of appeasement and surrender to the forces of violence and oppression. What is needed however, is Obama’s surrender to the forces of the electorate, providing enough of us bother to show up, cast off our petty special interest concerns and entitlements, etc. and do what is right for our country, our decendents and the world at large by giving him his pink slip back to Chicago. Better yet, Ft. Levenworth KS for fraud and treasonous activity. Barring any of this, and he gets another four years, God help us all, because if enough Americans are stupid enough to give this imposter another four years, we deserve what we get.

    No, strike that last thought. We don’t deserve that because of the selfish actions of the special interests, and entitlement classes – the coalition of social parasites, takers, and race card-playing professional victims known as the left. If Obama wins this November, I hope to hear those French loan words to the English language, coup d’etat and regime change often, not to mention actually see it in action.

    Now that would be a real “hope and change.” One I could believe in.

  18. HELL NO!! :(
    Never release a Goddamn Muslim terrorist; execute them. Drown them in septic tanks.

    Do not show weakness; do not give them a propaganda victory.

  19. So……is anyone voting for Obama in your next election? >:(.what are the odds he will get in again?? The world waits and watches…

  20. Of course he is…Obama is a traitor to America…what is the first clue…this what our enemies want and he is pleased to lick them as much as they want…TRAITOR…

  21. “IF the political winds shift in an ugly direction, I will stand with the muslims”
    We did not pay attention,,, We did not Listen,,, We did not hear what was being said by the words spoken, and written,,,
    And our country goes down and down, like a man in quicksand,,,
    And Dancing With The Stars and SURVIVAL are playing~! Let’s Watch~! ~!

    • Yep, GF, I DO believe you’ve nailed it on this one; a people who go on not giving a shit WILL soon find themselves very deep in it and about to drown in that river of sh–!! As for me, if that bastard is reelected, I am going to do a turnaround and head back here to the Far East wiring money to an account in a bank here in advance!!

  22. And do you think the IDIOTS will be in an uproar over this, all his salvating dogs that think he’s just freakin grand – oh I know I can hear the spin “for humanatarian” Blah blah blah this is total BS!!! My god, releasing this POS, is he kidding, are they kidding. Okay let’s see first bow and kow, appease and apologize and now this; THIS is another slap in the face to America and Americans along with him just sitting like and asswipe while our embassies are being trashed and our men raped and MURDERED! Wake the hell up people! He is pure evil and he’s taking us to hell! Oh and btw “folks” (his words ugh) it’s OKAY to plan and bomb our buildings b/c I will release you, no problem there terrorists!
    My god!
    GET HIM OUT of our house!
    Do we think ANYONE will stand up and slap him down on this one?? Any bets – geeeez what an INSULT while our boys are being MURDERED!

  23. Traitor Obama thinks his Taliban ‘peace partners’ are golden allies, so why not show ‘good faith’ in releasing this terrorist? This ‘presidential’ POS is guilty of treason with American blood on his hands…Allah would approve, why shouldn’t Obama? Obama stands with Muslims over the infidel country he illegally rules. Why should we expect him to protect Americans and her allies?

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