AUSTRALIA: Parliamentary inquiry about multiculturalism gets flooded with anti-Muslim submissions

This should be a wake-up call to government dhimmis who keep taking in thousands of Muslim invaders, posing as political refugees – actually economic refugees – looking to suck the government teat.


Herald Sun

Of 513 submissions most contain comments such as:

“I do object to the current policy on immigration allowing predominantly Muslim so called refugees into this country they are the biggest manipulative group around, are lying deceitful and dangerous.”

Many of them have very similar themes that:

“multiculturalism has failed, that Muslims are to blame, that they threaten democracy in Australia and refuse to assimilate.”

The submissions have been accepted by the inquiry into the “economic, social and cultural impacts of migration which will make recommendations to maximise the positive benefits of migration .(There are no benefits to Muslim migration)

The anti-Islam Australian Defence League’s submission says they plan 

“To take every lawful action and use every lawful means to inhibit Islam in Australia. It might seem like pushing poo uphill and beating a dead horse, but we are adamant that Islam is not welcome in Australia.”

The Christian group Salt Shakers call for an end to the policy of multiculturalism. Research director Jenny Stokes writes: 

“Multiculturalism has become a divisive policy in Australia. It has passed its ‘use by date’ and should be abandoned.” Ms Stokes would prefer more promotion of “our Christian heritage.”

People say they are concerned that Australia will turn

“into another Bosnia” or “will be known as the trash bin of the West.”

Andrew Jakubowicz is an expert on multiculturalism and race relations and a Professor of Sociology at the University of Technology, Sydney. He said he believed the chairperson “may have been spooked by those racist (what ‘race’ is Islam?) submissions”, but that they would take many other difference sources of information into account.

He said research showed that up to 20 per cent of Australians were actively prejudiced against people “who are not like them” but that most people don’t really care too much unless it “intrudes into their personal space”. “My guess is (the inquiry will) come up with a report that doesn’t have a minority report because (Ms Vamvakinou) has already said two crucial things: that Islamophobia is a big issue and that there’s no way there’ll be legislative outcomes from this,” he said.

Committee chair, Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou, said they had to be ‘open minded’ about the large number of submissions that held the view that Muslims wanted to take over the country and implement sharia law.

“We received a large number of these submissions … and we felt that from the very beginning we would adopt an attitude of looking at everything that was put in front of us. We were very open minded. We weren’t going to censor any material,” she said. “So we got this large number of submissions from individuals; a lot were templates.” She said people seized on events such as Saturday’s protests as evidence of problems with Islam, wrongly lumping all Muslims together.

“Muslims are not a homogenous group, a homogenous faith. Before September 11 we knew them as part of the migrant experience. We have to stop that (generalising), it’s just not true,” she said.  “(You can’t allow) a minority to actually determine a stereotype for the majority.”

Ms Vamvakinou said she could not discuss any details of the report or deliberations of the committee until the report was tabled, but emphasised that they were not considering allowing sharia law.