BURNLEY, UK: American reporter gets pelted with glass for interviewing 2 British women in Muslim area

“We are prisoners in our own home,” says woman about the danger they face from living in a neighborhood where a significant number of Muslims (Asians, as the Brits call them) have infiltrated. “Our children can’t leave school unless they are in a group, otherwise they will be attacked by Muslims and have their belongings stolen.”

As a reporter is interviewing two women on the Islamization of their town and the effects it has, a Muslim mob gathers, signals each other and traps the reporter and his camera man before throwing glass bombs at them. Within minutes we were surrounded and someone threw several glass quart jars from a building across the road.

The Video has been removed by Youtube but you can watch it here: GLASS BOMBED IN BURNLEY

Body of Truth  H/T Jim Y