PAKISTAN: Muslim father, outraged that his daughter, 32, worked in beauty salon, hacks her to death

Police quoted the younger sister as saying  ‘My father tied her to a tree in the jungle near our house and swung the axe at her neck, killing her instantly.’

UK Daily Mail  A Muslim father allegedly bludgeoned his daughter to death with an axe because he was ashamed she worked in a beauty salon, said Allah Ditta’s children who watched him hack Shagufta to death near their home in the Adiala suburbs of Pakistan. Police said the accused was arrested and confessed killing his 32-year-old daughter, a mother of one. A blood-stained axe he was believed to have used to kill her, was also found. Shagufta had a young son and had divorced about three years ago.  The victim’s brother, Fiaz Ali, said in a police statement that his father was angered after a lady that Shagufta worked for as a maid, offered her a position in a beauty salon. The younger sister said that Shagufta was beaten by her father the night before her death when she announced her intention to join the salon.