Forced into hiding, ‘Innocence of Muslims’ actress deluged with threats from rabid Muslims vowing to chop her up and kill her and her family

The first actress to speak out against the director of the incendiary anti-Islam film that prompted global protests is now fearful for her life after receiving multiple death threats.

The New York Daily News A California actress in the Muslim-mocking film that set off a deadly powder keg from Libya to Egypt told the Daily News that threats on her life are driving her underground.

Cindy Lee Garcia was quick to announce that she and the other actors had no idea that the film’s producer, who they knew at Sam Bacile but who is now known by his true name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, wanted to use their acting to create an anti-Islam film but now she is being threatened.

‘I’m getting horrible death threats over the Internet, people saying they’re going to cut me up, chop me up and kill me and my family,’ Ms Garcia said on Tuesday.

Her personal Facebook page, her professional modeling page, and the page of the Flame of Fire Outreach Church where she serves as an ordained minister have all been inundated with threats from individuals angered by the movie.

Garcia called the FBI to report the threats, but agents have yet to return the voice mail messages left at their bureau. The threats pouring into Garcia’s Facebook page were from posters firing off expletives at her, telling her to “burn in hell” and wishing the wrath of Allah on her.

In one menacing post, Ahmad Nazir Bashiri told Garcia she was lucky he couldn’t get his hands on her. “Otherwise I would have cut your head no matter what your country or lawmakers would have done to me,” he wrote.

Garcia said she is taking an assumed name and going into hiding. “We’re looking for a new place to live right now,” Garcia said. “My husband is really worried. All my family is in hysterics.” She said she’s even been exiled from her grandchildren for their protection.

In the incendiary film, Garcia plays a mother confronted with the proposition of marrying off her adolescent daughter to the Prophet Muhammed. “Is your Muhammed a child molester?” Garcia’s character asks in a scene she claims was manipulatively dubbed in by Nakoula in the editing room.

She contends Nakoula, a con man convicted of credit-card fraud and identity theft, pulled a con job on her and other actors by tricking them into doing a film that turned out nothing like the script they were presented. She said the partial scripts she saw contained no references to Muslims or Islam.