FRANCE: Muslims whine that they have the right NOT to be insulted. French officials say, ‘NON,’ you don’t!

BRAVO France! Not only do the French not condemn the latest Charlie Hebdo cartoons which portray pornographic, inflammatory images of the paedophile prophet Mohammed, or the anti-Mohammed film from America, they have placed a ban on further demonstrations/riots by Muslims against them.

No surprise, according to these commenters on Iranian-backed Press TV, the blame for the blasphemous film and the insulting cartoons, as well as everything else in the world that is offensive to Muslims, is all the fault of the Zionists.

See the ‘offensive’ Charlie Hebdo cartoons here: bravo-charlie-hebdo-offending-muslims-as-they-offend-everyone-else-and-never-apologizing-for-it


25 comments on “FRANCE: Muslims whine that they have the right NOT to be insulted. French officials say, ‘NON,’ you don’t!

  1. Well, I see that this is not right.. Even if it was entertaining. It’s still wrong. Even if the religion was wrong. This is still wrong. You don’t have the rights to insult anyone for any religion.

    • Ken, yes, indeed we do. It’s called the First Amendment and it means I can say whatever I want and you don’t have the right NOT to be offended. Stick around, we’d love to insult you.

    • Except “islam” is NOT strictly a “religion.” It is a tyrannical, dictatorial, authoritarian political system which masquerades as a religion for the purposes of infiltration and domination and insurrection – contrast this with communism, a religion with masquerades as a tyrannical, dictatorial, authoritarian political system for the same purposes. This is why they are so successful and must be stopped, no, eradicated from the face of the earth. But other than that I have no real opinion on the subject.

    • As long as radical Islam kills innocent Christians , they shouldn’t whine when there are cartoons about radical Islams , just like we have cartoons about all our politicians etc. quit killing our Christians

  2. (video of the manifestation in the Champs Elysées.

    Sorry, but it is in french…

    During the protest, they cried “SLIT THE TROAT OF ALL JEWS” (=EGORGER LES JUIFS in subtitles)

  3. @ Billy – agree thats what really pisses me off these inbreeds seem to think different rules apply to them. They are hypocrites infact of the worst kind. I cant understand their thinking or mentality but then when one is dealing with inbreeded scum with a retarded gene pool, no expert in the field of human physchology could figure out the minds of these non human shitbags.

  4. Yeah, but with Obama in the WH its not going to happen. Now the news media is saying Obama is up in ratings.

    Americans you will rue the day you gave Obama a second term, there will be weeping.

  5. Nice spin asshole. I don’t buy any of it. Question: how do you tell when a muslim is going to lie? Answer: look to see if his lips move. Who needs them? No one away from their sandboxes.

  6. Its great that France takes this stand, but I am confused. Its OK to rile 1.5 billion asslifters, but Kates ta-ta’s are off limits? I wanna see em :)

  7. Why do we listen to the muzzies? Why does the press publish what they say? Why do the cameras broadcast their childish temper tantrums?

    We should all IGNORE THEM and tell them to SHUT THE FUCK UP when they open their pathetic little mouths.

  8. WHOO HOO ~! ~! BUT~! A Word of Warning ~! ~!
    France had better be careful or they’ll blow the hell out of their reputation of being wimps and cowards~!
    WAY TO GO, FRANCE~! Keep up the Good Work,,, CARRY ON~!

    • What about the painting of Virgin Mary splattered with elephant dung. I didn’t notice Christians rioting and putting fatwa on the artist, killing, burning the museum where it resides, even though they had every right according to Islam way of dealing. What about Christians being murdered in Nigeria? Cat being crucified? Israelis referred to as vampires?? Why is everything so one-sided in their favor?? I HATE them!

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