FRANCE: Muslims whine that they have the right NOT to be insulted. French officials say, ‘NON,’ you don’t!

BRAVO France! Not only do the French not condemn the latest Charlie Hebdo cartoons which portray pornographic, inflammatory images of the paedophile prophet Mohammed, or the anti-Mohammed film from America, they have placed a ban on further demonstrations/riots by Muslims against them.

No surprise, according to these commenters on Iranian-backed Press TV, the blame for the blasphemous film and the insulting cartoons, as well as everything else in the world that is offensive to Muslims, is all the fault of the Zionists.

See the ‘offensive’ Charlie Hebdo cartoons here: bravo-charlie-hebdo-offending-muslims-as-they-offend-everyone-else-and-never-apologizing-for-it