Letter from BNI Reader in Spain

Even 11 years ago, England had become too Islamicized for some British citizens. This is the story of Jack, who left England for the sunny shores of Spain. (The same Spain that centuries ago was conquered by Christophobic Muslims who turned all the churches into mosques. One would think they had learned their lesson about allowing Muslims in again)

Hi. 11 years ago I moved to a small village in southern Spain near Almeria for the good life after watching the UK become more and more Islamicized, thanks to the massive influx of Muslim immigrants from third world countries. 
Spain was lovely and a good place to bring up my kids. But not for long.

The Muslim plague that was destroying England soon began infecting Spain. Now, the village in which I live in Spain has become 70% Muslim.

In my own neighborhood, Muslims spit at us. They have attacked my kids more than once. They verbally abuse my wife and they have even tried to kill me, for which we are in court at the moment.

More than 30 Muslim kids and only one Spanish kid were on the school bus that my children used to ride. I had to take them out of that school because of the constant abuse they were subjected to by the Muslims. 

Muslims in my neighborhood live 10 plus to a small house.  The Muslim women are always pregnant, averaging 7 kids per family. We have seen them shit in the street in front of their government-funded free housing.

We are terrified to even go out in our own neighborhood because Muslims are everywhere.

And we can’t move because no one will buy our house in a neighborhood full of Muslim welfare-recipients who don’t own their own homes. 

Muslims have damaged my car and they throw stones at my dog, and at us.

Muslims have made are our life Hell and we fear for our lives daily.

Muslims all share social security cards to claim benefits illegally. They drive unlicensed, unregistered cars, and believe they have more rights than anyone else.

They call me English motherfucker and threaten my kids regually.

Can I move to America, please?  


Jack from the UK