“One of the most disgraceful moments of this presidency,” says David Horowitz, author & editor of Frontpage Magazine, in explosive FOX News interview

Instead of condemning the  amateurish anti-Muslim film, the White House should be defending the filmmaker’s right to free expression. The riots aren’t over the film, but about Egypt’s demand for release of the Blind Sheik and the rise of Islamic Nazism in Egypt and the Middle East.”

An exasperated Horowitz wonders why the Obama Regime insists on focusing on the filmmaker after an American ambassador has been raped and murdered. He accuses Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, of being a ‘Muslim Brotherhood operative’ but Megyn Kelly quickly cuts him off on that subject.  To say that Huma Abedin is not relevant when it comes to the matter of U.S. Embassies in the Middle East is ridiculous. She has irrefutable connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and as a State Department official, she represents the Department whose embassies were attacked.