MOSQUE-GO! Angry Moscow residents come out in masse to protest proposed 13-story mega mosque

RESULT? MOSQUE CONSTRUCTION CANCELLED! Says one outraged Muscovite, “I am firmly against it! We are flooded with these Muslim aliens, and now they want to have this insult standing virtually under my window… Let them build it outside of Moscow… ’bout somewhere near Mecca?”

RT  Up to 2,000 people rallied in a Moscow neighborhood after local authorities announced the building of a Muslim cultural center and mosque in the area. The protest ended with officials being forced to cancel the planned construction.

The impromptu demonstration on Wednesday evening was gathered through social networks. Residents of the Mitino district came to voice their fears over the plans to build a Muslim cultural center and mosque in the neighborhood, which would be able to accommodate up to 60,000 believers during a service.

The would-be Muslim prayer house is subject to much speculation, even though construction project is far from being finalized. The rumor mill describes it as “a 13-story mega mosque,” which would broadcast calls to a morning prayer all over the neighborhood.

(Photos below show how Muslims lay all over the streets in prayer, blocking pedestrian and vehicular traffic, to force the city to allow them to build ugly monster mosques)

The protesters living in the residential area were concerned that its infrastructure would not be able to deal with increased traffic after the mosque is finished. This would result in terrible traffic jams during Friday prayers and large Muslim holidays, they said.

There are also fears that the inflow of worshipers, many of whom would be guest workers from Central Asia seeking their fortune in Moscow, would drive up crime rates. Disaffection towards Muslims was evidenced in some online comments on the event.

The rally lasted for about two hours. People, who came in their hundreds, signed a petition against the construction project and voiced their concerns to municipal officials, who came to try and alleviate fears.

Despite attempts by the prefect of Moscow’s North-Western administrative area, where Mitino is located, to curb the public outcry, the crowed remained adamant. 

“There are quite a lot of Muslims living in our area. They too need a spiritual place, a mosque. We cannot deny them,”Vladimir Gorovetsky said, as he answered questions from readers of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

However, on Thursday, it was announced that the Muslim cultural center will not be built there. The demonstration was not sanctioned, but some 100 police officers present turned a blind eye on the fact and did not try to disperse the crowd.

There has been tension for years over how Moscow Muslims celebrate major holidays, which include mass praying in the streets and slaughtering of animals for a feast. Less-tolerant Muscovites are objecting to what they see as an invasion of foreign culture into their lives, and it is a difficult task for authorities, religious leaders and civil rights activists to find common ground on the issue.

Moscow wanted to construct a mosque in another district back in 2010, but the project was stalled due to public resistance.



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  1. Isn’t it time Americans take to the streets and proclaim America is for Americans not Muslims. First we need to throw that piece of shit out of the White Mosque. Today Morsi and the leader of hamas were meeting, and soon Morsi will be at the White Mosque. How long till hamas is invited to the White Mosque.

  2. I’ve been saying this for several years now – the muslims seem programmed to push, push, push, all over the world – building mosques, taking over streets to pray, making themselves generally despicable. This in turn will bring on a variety of backlash actions and it will get ugly. There will be many muslims who are not part of this Jihad who will also suffer. It will be a new type of Crusade but much more so. They are begging for it and they’ll get it.

  3. Thank you for standing up for human rights brother and sister non-Muslim Russians! Thank you Russians for standing up for non-Muslims everywhere!

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    Now hidden in Latin America, awaiting ‘operations’ against U.S.
    “We must get ready for global operation. … Our fellow fighters are present in all five continents of the world. … An international jihad must be provoked; we must fear no one.”

    The Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence division runs operations out of mosques.

    Those operations include recruitment, reconnaissance and transfer of arms and cash.

    This source also verified then that all Imam Ali Mosques are controlled by regime intelligence operatives and that the cells are well placed in Europe and America for terrorist acts…

  4. BRAVOOOOO, Russians. When we Americans will go in BASS and shout America is for the Americans and NOT for Muslims. I know that the comparison (Americans and Muslims) is not proper, bu Muslims believe and behave as if Islam is a nationality.They believe that the entire world is Islamic!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rather interesting fact, that the Russian municipal officials listened to their people better and more wisely than the Murfreesboro TN commissioners listened to their citizens~!
    Sad as I am to say it, American leadership has the spine and courage of a well-cooked stick of spaghetti ~!

  6. Look at the second last picture (side view of the moslems bowing). I don’t think they are praying, but sniffing their neighbors shoes. Yuc discusting!

    National Headquarters: Hilo, Hawaii U.S.A.

    Islam wants to conquer the world and only individuals who are spiritually blinded are not able to see and understand that simple fact.

    There is no compromising with Islam, there is no debating with Islam and there is no living with Islam.

    Islam is incompatable with humanity.

    Islam needs to be opposed, fought against and defeated throughtout the world.

    Either Islam is totally defeated or Islam will someday rule the world with Sharia Law.

  8. Thanks Marylou, you’re rigtht. The Eastern Europeans and Russians may be more inclined to defend their relitively new found freedoms. Large segments of those people know very well what it’s like to live under a socialist totalitarian regime. If the Western European situation worsens there may be mass migrations to the east.

  9. And Canada for Canadians, America for Americans, Europe for Europeans, etc. Muslims do not deserve to be among civilized, peaceful Christian/Judeo nations and need to be put in their place….in the 7th century segregated from us where they can be free to submit to Sharia Law and kill one another off for the better of mankind. No more mosques, no more mass Muslim immigration. Kudos, Russians, keep up the fight and WIN.

    • It’s only fair, since these Muslims do not identify themselves as Canadians, Russians, etc., but Muslims first and foremost, and only take advantages of their “host” countries.

  10. Well done for the Russians to use public protest to stop the building of these mosques of conquest and stealth jihad. We must all do likewise to stop the building of these dens of crime, hate and chaos, to occupying our America.

    • Sorry dear, the Russians are very much under Pútjin’s thumb and that of his colleagues (enough of them still likely left over from pre-Gorbachjóv times).

      HOWEVER, BRAVISSIMI: they DID insist on protesting against the muzturds and they managed to stop the mosque from being built there – and even Pútjin’s police didn’t intervene…

      As to “Revere Rides Again” and his joke: how come that deer only attacked that particular couple’s Obama sign and not the other ones nearby?? [FAR too many leftists still out there…]

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