AUSTRALIA: So, is cancelling an Islamic protest against Islamophobia because you fear it will become violent, Islamophobic?

A key organizer of an Islamic rally that was to be held in Melbourne on Sunday has been forced to cancel the protest amid fears of a backlash and police concerns it will be overrun by violent activists.

The Australian  Swaybah Javed, who had helped invite supporters through social networking to a rally outside the city’s State Library, said she’d been forced to scrap the event.

“I am calling off the protest as I do not want more violence on the streets, as Islam does not promote violence,” (HAH!) the university graduate said lied today. “It is a shameful day for Australia when Islamophobia has boiled over to the point where it is impossible to carry out a peaceful protest.” 

Ms Javed hit back at the media, police and politicians for accusing her of not being genuine. “I originally began to organize the rally as I could not sit back and tolerate the Islamophobia which I have witnessed recently,” she said, citing the anti-Islamic film mocking the prophet Mohammed, the Sydney riots, which Ms Javed blames on NSW police, and terror raids in Melbourne last week. (But all the riots, embassy attacks, and killings by Muslims are not to blame?)

But she today conceded: “Any attempt to have a peaceful protest will end in violence.“I do not mean violence by Muslims, but violence focused at Muslims.”  (That’s funny, all the violence we’re seeing is Muslim violence)

She was concerned about an anti-Islamic text message circulating throughout Victoria since yesterday. “I have already had friends calling me and telling me that they have been racially abused on the streets of Melbourne with threats of violence,” Ms Javed said. (Yet, all those arrested in Sydney demonstrations last weekend were Muslims)

A spokesperson for Victoria Police said the force intended to remain on alert, despite emails cancelling the rally. Police said they would be ready for any groups planning to protest and would go “above and beyond” to ensure any signs of violence were quelled quickly.

Ms Javed’s site “Stand up against racism and rally in defense of Islam” was created on Monday and invited supporters to a peaceful demonstration at the State Library in Melbourne on Sunday. The page quickly attracted anti-Islamic slurs and was finally shut down last night by Ms Javed.