GREECE: Recent Poll shows surge in popularity for anti-Muslim immigration party

Greece’s political barometer for September has revealed that while 54% of Greeks do not trust any political party, popularity for one nationalistic party, Golden Dawn, strongly anti-(Muslim) immigration, has shown a dramatic swing upwards.

Digital Journal  A report in shows that the popularity of the the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn has risen 10 points since May, winning the party a popularity score of 22 percent. Moreover, their share of the vote as evidenced in polls for September, now stands at 13 percent.


 According to Ekathimerini the popularity of Golden Dawn’s leader Nikos Mihalolioakos has risen eight points since May to 22 percent. Golden Dawn attribute their rise in popularity to their words and their actions that speak to Greeks: their opposition to the rising tide of illegal immigration: and disillusionment with the main political parties that lied to win votes.

As Golden Dawn become a more visible presence in Greece, politicians from other political parties are considering measures to reign in the authoritarian actions of its members. Athen News reported Interior Minister Nikos Dendias reiterated in parliament that “We will not have stormtroopers in this country.” This was in response to supporters of Golden Dawn forming battalions across the country.