Since when do the words “RIP U.S. AMBASSADOR” constitute a ‘hate crime?’

When a terror-linked Muslim hate group says they are. CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) today called on the FBI to investigate graffiti vandalism on a Bay Shore, Long Island mosque, as a hate crime.

CBS According to CAIR, a message of ‘hate’ was spray-painted on a Suffolk County mosque and now police are searching for the vandals. The angry words on the Bay Shore mosque threatened a rising war. It’s believed that someone came over the fence and vandalized the building, police said.

A pair of spray-painted statements that were written apparently referred to the overseas violence against U.S. embassies and consulates by Muslim extremists. They appeared along with an ominous reference to rising war, but the messages were directed against neighbors worshiping peacefully.

(Under pressure from CAIR), Police called it a hate crime. “This is an attack on the community here in Suffolk County. It tears at the fabric of our community,” said Suffolk County Police Lt. Stephen Hernandez

Members of the mosque said they believe the actions are part of a pattern. “I feel scared they might hurt my brothers and all that,” worshiper Mohammed Laiqat said. “I’m definitely worried about this.” (Awwwww! Imagine how worried everyone else is about having  Muslims in their neighborhood)